Adam Chittum

Adam Chittum


My main purpose is to share songs that aren't the usual crowd favorites, but the ones you walk away saying, "man, I really dig that song!"


I am 29, married, and have been a Special Ed teacher for 5 years which I just love. I think what sets me apart from your basic everyday singer/songwriter acoustic clone is that I play a nylon-string classical guitar with no pickups, just a mic’d soundhole, that provides a more melancholy sound, which marries perfectly with the kind of songs I do. A lot of broken love songs, protest songs, lots of passion, and emotion, I cover very trendy artists but I use their more obscure songs, not the normal selection. I should be a better guitar player but I think I make up for it with my voice and my stage presence.



Written By: Adam Chittum

Dream a little more
And hold me so long
Wonder and wait
For the next song

It seems that I’ve picked up
a guilt free diet
full of possibility
go ahead and try it

What kind of world is this
when you enter without permission
when I already have what I need
Now that is the question


What kind of fate is this
for you to show up after
for you to leave a trail
of smiles and laughter



Hopefully this summer!

Set List

My typical set includes about 7 originals (so far) along with: DYLAN - ‘Masters of War’; DAVE - ‘Blue Water Baboon Farm’; DEAD - ‘I Know You Rider’; YOUNG - ‘Words’; BEN HARPER - ‘Drugs Don’t Work’; INDIGO GIRLS - ‘Romeo & Juliet’; ELVIS - ‘Can't Help Fallin' in Love; PEARL JAM - ‘Indifference’; NIRVANA - ‘Hung Him on the Cross’; JEFF BUCKLEY, DAVID GRAY, DAMIEN RICE, PHISH, Jack Johnson, J,LC, Neil Diamond, Milli Vanilli, blues instrumentals, etc…