Adam Cooke

Adam Cooke

 Burlington, Ontario, CAN

A fusion of pop, funk, rock & reggae. Strong, melody driven tight songs loaded with hooks. Top notch musicianship and captivating stage presence make Adam an unforgettable performer.


Think of a layer of Beatles, some Elvis Costello thrown in (and not just because of the glasses), bring just a taste of Stevie Wonder and cherry pick some Zeppelin nuggets for flavour. Add a hint of Bob Marley and wrap it up in a slick reggae/funk/rock package.
Adam is melody obsessed. It really is all about the song. However, he's one of those rare artists who understands what makes different genres tick, and isn't too shy about blending the lines. Whatever it takes to present the song right.
Born and raised in Burlington, Ontario, he's been signed to FRE/EMI and currently plays all over 200 gigs a year in and around Southern Ontario. A multi instrumentalist, he's been writing songs since the age of 9 and continues to hone his craft.


Body & Soul

Written By: Adam Cooke

I know you don’t believe
How much a part of me you are
Strange thing is I’m aware
Sleeping I know you’re there, I wake
To everything I need
My passion and my greed

Sometimes my hands they shake
I know that I can’t make it leave
Watching you move you see
Is like a drug for me I crave
It twists within my veins
And saturates my brain

Ch : Watch out here I go
Rising with your every ebb and flow
Swept within your body and you soul
Spinning now released in your control

Your scent upon the breeze
Floating and pulling me away
My pulse is quickening
Just from a single thing you do
Glancing out my way
Without a word to say