Adam Darling

Adam Darling

 Santa Monica, California, USA

Adam combines heart-felt songwriting and funky, expressive guitar intertwined with explosive and rhythmic songs, bringing together elements of pop, funk, hip hop, blues, rock and soul.


Adam Darling is a singer/songwriter with music in his blood. "My mother sang to me every night as a kid and my father played guitar," says Darling. Before he could pick up a guitar, Darling knew he wanted to be a performer. His earliest memories of music were listening and dancing to Michael Jackson and Huey Lewis and The News. In fact, the Columbus, Ohio native has been writing songs and playing the piano since he was 6 and guitar since he was 12, when his father showed him how to play Jimi Hendrix one fateful day.

With an unyielding passion to learn music, Adam began to play guitar at school and church, studied jazz at a local college and played any opportunity that came his way. "On guitar, I began learning everything from Sound Garden and B.B. King to Steve Vai and Jeff Beck. I began studying songwriting and melody because of Sting and have studied the rhythms and textures of everyone from Stevie Wonder, D'Angelo, Timbaland, and Kanye West." Determined to share his gifts with the world, Darling moved to Los Angeles to continue his pursuit of music. He has played in multiple original and cover bands over the years and has written and recorded smaller albums on his own as well. It’s his passion and love for blues, rock, hip hop, jazz & soul music that inspired him to produce his first full length studio album.

Written entirely by Adam, his eponymous forthcoming studio album is entitled “ Ready, Aim, Fire.” The album explores themes of love and heartbreak, and the roller coaster of emotions that come from being in love. "I have always been drawn to songs about love and heartbreak, because of the real human experience of it. Whether it's a blues song singing about a broken heart or a beautifully crafted pop song about yearning, it's the human experience of love and all its levels that inspires me most, and I believe, inspires most people through music," says Darling. A dynamic guitarist and vocalist, Darling will perform at a select number of intimate venues across the country in support of his debut album slated to be released on Movata Records November 9, 2010.


'Break My Heart'

Written By: Adam Darling

She can fill a heart with a satisfaction
Most could never dream, let alone imagine
Make you feel you’re flying while your plane is crashing
Hook you with her love in the vein of passion
Went and broke my heart like I knew she would
Lost in such a devil never felt so good
The body of a woman with the soul of a crook
But her eyes can make you feel again

I can give my love, If you break my heart
If you break my heart, you can break my heart
There’s a truth that tears give a brand new start
In a rain that falls is a brand new love

She can make you fall when you least expect it
Tell you that its safe, push you over the edge and
Every single moment she can keep you guessing
With a face for love, mind for arresting
Went and broke my heart like I knew she would
Lost in such a devil never felt so good
The body of a woman with the soul of a crook
But her eyes can make you feel again


'Ready, Aim, Fire' Full studio album, which is being released on November 9th, 2010 on Movata Records.

'Love's Fine Lines' Studio album, Self released in 2005.