Adam & Dave's Bloodline

Adam & Dave's Bloodline


Eclectic rock and roll in the vein of Guided By Voices and Neil Young- painstakingly arranged studio recordings with a loud and joyous live show.


The band began as two life long friends and underground music veterans Adam Garbinski & Dave Petersen making four track cassette recordings in a North Philadelphia rowhome.

Their latest recording, the "New Age Boredom EP" was self recorded and mixed by Bill Moriarty (Dr. Dog/Man Man).

Now with a full band backing them up, the live show rocks with abandon, sweaty and loud versions of the short, melodic pop gems that have been assembled with much care.


Adam & Dave's Bloodline (2007 Phidelity Records)
Substitute For True Love (2007 Phidelity Records)
New Age Boredom EP (2008 Phidelity Records)

Set List

30-45 min in length