Adam Derry

Adam Derry


Adam Derry is this generation's James Taylor. His melodically-delivered lyrics and open-handed guitar styles are simply unmatched. You will lose yourself in the rhythmic experience of Adam's intoxicating live performance.


Adam Derry has spent his days on the move. Born into a missionary family from Omaha, Nebraska, he spent a great part of his childhood in Mexico. After a series of life changing events, including his parents divorce, he ended up back in Omaha, where he buried himself inside a world filled with basketball and poetry.

In his early teens he gravitated toward hip-hop, identifying with its raw emotion and clever word play. It slowly became his passion. By the mid nineties, he had established himself as an unbeatable freestyle rapper allowing his pent up rage to spill out in bar after bar of emotion. It wasn’t until his high school art teacher and mentor gave him an old acoustic guitar that he actually considered making his own music. It took awhile. It was James Taylor and Lou Reed versus Public Enemy and KRS-One.

He kept freestyling with his friends’ band at their live shows, until one day he got called on stage and actually played a few original acoustic songs. Something felt right. Then he walked away from music altogether. He moved to the Grand Canyon and worked in the National Park. He moved to New York and worked with a children’s group. He moved to Guam and taught windsurfing and learned how to scuba dive. He backpacked for two months alone in Thailand and Cambodia. He got a job in a club in New York City. And then, one summer in Upstate New York, he picked up his guitar again. He wrote a song. And then another. And another.

In the early Fall of 2003, Adam took a Greyhound bus from New York City and headed West. For the first time in five years he went back on stage and played an open mic night back in his hometown of Omaha. He silenced the loud bar and captivated the listeners. Someone in the audience liked him so much that three days later they recorded a demo. He continued West on another Greyhound bus to Denver, where he recorded again. Four thousand miles later he had an album recorded and was generating quite a following. This album is appropriately titled, The Greyhound Sessions. Then he got on the radio.

Q98.5, the modern music radio station in Omaha, got a hold of his album and fell in love with it. Despite the stations strict guidelines about playing only signed artists, The highly rated Pat & JT morning show had him come play live in the studio and began playing his singles ‘Shotgun’ and ‘Polarity’ on a regular basis. The rest is history.

He has completed the music for two new albums, but is holding off their release until 2005. His music is captivating audiences of all ages. It is music you hear once and must hear again and again.



Written By: Adam Derry

She blames it all on bi-polarity.
She only really loves one side of me.
She says I’m drinking too excessively.
And I don’t seem to care.

She walks down Bowery with headphones on.
She smokes a cigarette and sings along.
She takes a train home at the break of dawn.
And I’m not even there.

Is it really me?
Is it really you?
Is there really anything that we can do, girl?
Miss popularity
Mister independently
I don’t think that we can be together.

There is a picture on the bedroom wall.
One night outside Radio Music Hall.
I held the camera out and stood real tall
I stared while she smiled.

But I keep making her mascara bleed.
She keeps runnin’ for the telephone every time I leave.
She says, I don’t know you, boy. Do you know me?
I say, you misdialed.

She says, I love you, when she’s insecure.
I don’t say anything if I’m not sure.
She won’t stop crying, when I look at her,
Saying, why don’t you love me?

She plays her records and her lullabies.
Pretty Mouth, baby, and Green My Eyes.
She hides her secrets, till I say goodbye.
She’s leaving me empty.


Written By: Adam Derry

It’s Vegas, baby, and I think maybe
I’m a put all my money on you.
It might sound crazy, but I’m feeling it lately,
So I’ll tell you what I think I’m a do.

Bet high, when I got it. Go low, when I’m not in it,
Oh, how the feeling it grows when I’m around you.
Show what I got, I got no hesitation,
I know you think it’s funny, just don’t let me go

I’m sleep walking and I don’t wanna wake up
Got dice to shake up and habits to take up
If I keep on talking I’m a say, say, say too much
I’m picking my chips up and taking you with us out of Vegas, baby.

I’m in the middle of nowhere
As if I got nowhere in particular I should be.

And all these lights keep on flashing
To check my reaction to everyone just making believe.

I’m holding you tight; I might fold if I try to go
Why don’t we just go where the sun never rises?
But you keep on spinning a whole new beginning
And I’ve got a feeling it’s worth us trying

I’m daydreaming and you’re wandering with me
I just wanna take you out of this city
I only want a another feeling to hit me
I don’t think that anyone here will miss me in Vegas, baby.

Its Vegas, baby.
The moonlight’s fading
And you are slipping away.

Our eyes are closing
But we’re both knowing
There’s some things that just have to stay
Here in Vegas, baby.

Open Road

Written By: Adam Derry

Down an open road
You don’t have to go
Very far to find the great unknown
I’ve outgrown, my only home
I’m not gonna find me till I’m all alone.
Down an open road.

God, I wanna thank you for today.
I think I’m a little bit lonely and a whole lot afraid.
I just want to know, am doing okay?
There comes a time when you’ve gotta go your own way.

Down an open road
You don’t have to go
Very far to find the great unknown
I’ve outgrown, my only home
I’m not gonna find me till I’m all alone.
Down an open road.

I hear a melody it’s singing silently through tiny spaces ‘tween the leaves of the evergreens.
All of the dust around me just falling to dust again and I feel the boy inside me turning into a man.

So, it’s this time. This sun shining. This way. This day breaking. It’s my chance. The one worth taking. It’s my life. My great awakening.

Here I go,
Down an open road.


"The Greyhound Sessions", Full length LP, 2004

"Polarity", single playing on full rotation on Omaha's premiere modern rock station, Q985. The first and only unsigned artist with that distinction.

Set List

Original Songs:

Open Road
Radio Flyer
A New Song
I Am a Lion
The Lost Boys
Semi-Automatic Nine
Don't Talk To Me
June For Sunshine
A Black Dress

Some songs I like to play, when I'm in the mood:

Creep by Radiohead
Hit Me Baby, One More TIme by Britney Spears
I Wanna Dance by Whitney Houston
Mister Jones by Counting Crows
Here I Go Again by Whitesnake
Beat It by Michael Jackson
Nothing Compares 2 U by Prince