Adam Dodd

Adam Dodd


Adam's unique brand of edgy comedy has drawn comparisons to artists like Dane Cook, Stephen Lynch and a little dirtier Adam Sandler. His musical comedy and hilarious song parodies have made a him a campus favorite with students all over the Southeast, as well as one of the Top Myspace comedian.


Adam Dodd
With his extremely unique brand of musical comedy Adam has quickly become one of myspace's Top Comedians with over 20,000 friends and fans from all over the world. Adam's hilarious live performances leave every audience member at his shows wanting more. By mixing modern-day acoustic guitar melodies with hysterical, yet, a bit on the dirty side lyrics, Adam seems to get everybody involved, singing along, and not wanting the night to end. His creative wit and unsurpassed, raw humor is perfect for any college crowd.
A lot of his songs may be fictional in content, but then again some are completely taken from real-life situations that everyone can relate to. Adam is able to take generic life-stories to a twisted and comedic place that no-one has ever dared to achieve.

Drawing comparisons to Dane Cook, Stephen Lynch and a dirtier version of Adam Sandler's live performances, he has been a huge success at every campus he has visited. Please note that Adam's show is "PG-13 / R rated". It can be adjusted cleaner on request.

Set List

Typically does a 45-60 minute set consisting of original songs and parodies of popular songs by the Fray, Sean Kingston and many others.