Adam Donmoyer

Adam Donmoyer


Adam Donmoyer is an unconventional and unpredictable artist who combines an ear for melody with a pop culture sensibility that celebrates the absurd.


Adam Donmoyer is an unconventional and unpredictable artist who combines an ear for melody with a pop culture sensibility that celebrates the absurd. His training as a stage performer has helped him craft a piano-driven, modern-day pop cabaret act that has won over audiences of all types, in addition to critical acclaim. The subject matter of his story songs runs the gamut, and they usually include an O'Henry twist that keeps listeners guessing until the end. "Similarities to Tom Lehrer and Randy Newman come to mind when I listen to Adam's music. His approach is warped and wonderful, and he is not afraid to be unique and himself," said Wilory Records recording artist Terri Hendrix. Through the satire, Adam's songs have been honored for their serious undertones. A song inspired by a schizophrenic cousin who believes himself to be Jesus Christ recently contributed to his nomination for the "Humbie Heart Award" from Humble Time: The Texas Songwriters' Radio Showcase. A favorite at Humble Time, Adam often leaves people laughing so hard, they cry. He calls his music "tragically funny." "Adam's like a car accident: you walk by, and you can't take your eyes off of him," says producer David Love of Love Monkey Studios. Adam's sensitivity to the spectrum of human feeling, interpreted with and tempered by humor, has acquired attention on, where he was highlighted as an "Artist Success Story." His songs have been featured on various internet sites and radio shows, adding to his international following. Adam is most enchanting on stage, where he forges an instant bond with even the largest of audiences. His new album Naughty Bits was just released. He hopes the album will be an opportunity for new listeners and devoted fans alike to hear at home what they love when they see him on stage. Adam has a BFA in Musical Theatre from Otterbein College. He hosts "Songwriters in the Round" on the Austin Music Network; plays in the house band for Humble Time: The Texas Songwriters' Radio Showcase; served as co-president of the Austin Songwriters Group; and teaches piano at The Austin School of Music. Adam has earned international awards and recognition, including Grand Prize Winner in the ASG 2001 Bare Bones Contest and Finalist in the 2003 USA Songwriting Competition. To learn more about Adam, his new album Naughty Bits, or his awards, visit


Fun To Wear

Written By: Adam Donmoyer

Verse 1:
I looted your closet while you took a cat nap
I wore your bad boy T-shirt and your Boston Red Socks cap
But what made you smile all goofy when you opened up your eyes
Was what I wore underneath, I hope you like my surprise!

Your underwear is fun to wear
I can tell you likey by the way you stare
They're your favorite boxers - but you like to share
It's fun to wear your underwear

Verse 2:
They're fresh from the dryer but that's not why they're hot
And even though they're clean you're thinking really dirty thoughts
They're silky sexy boxers and they are a midnight black
I know you like me in them but feel free to take them back


There's a party in your under pants and of course you are invited
I wanna do my wonder dance and get you all excited



"Naughty Bit's"

I am being played on many college stations. Most recently:

The University of Maryland!! WMUC is among the oldest college radio stations in the world.

They are playing "Big Fat City", "Rugby The Cat", and "TV Hell."

KEOL LaGrande, 91.7 fm, Eastern Oregon University

added "I'm Not Psycho."

Set List

My set list is always entertaining. the band puts on a modern cabaret pop show lik no other. Pluse we cover pop songs fro the 80's as well as TV theme songs.