Adam Duncan & Ravi Singh

Adam Duncan & Ravi Singh


We play North Indian Classical music/Indo-Jazz on both the Sitar Guitar and the Tabla.


ADAM DUNCAN, born in 1979, started playing music at a very young age of six. He has explored many musical realms and has continued his exploration with a degree in composition from the University of Ottawa. INDIAN CLASSICAL MUSIC (ICM) Adam Duncan has sat on stage with the greatest living sitarist of our generation. Adam Duncan taught himself to play the sitar in 2002, and then by streak of luck, met Ustad Shahid Parvez. Ustad Shahid Parvez is a world renowned sitarist and is hailed as possibly the greatest sitarist ever. Fortunately enough, Adam has been learning from Ustadji for the past five years and now. Adam has also had the good fortune of performing for Ottawa’s High Commissioner of India. He was also the Sitar School of Toronto’s Ottawa administrator for over 4 years, and has organised workshops with some of the world’s most acclaimed ICM artists through his own Ottawa Guitar and Sitar school.

RAVI S.K. SINGH was born in Trinidad and began his studies in Tabla with Hem Mathur in 1993, at the India School of Dance Music And Theatre in Winnipeg, Canada. Through the school, he participated in events such as Folklorama, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra Children’s Concert Series and the 1999 Pan Am Games.
Ravi moved to Halifax in 2001 to complete his Masters from Dalhousie University. In Nova Scotia he performed for the High Commissioner of India, as well as for the Halifax Multicultural Festival.
In 2003 Ravi Singh was awarded the Senior Arts Fellowship from the Shastri-Indo Canadian Institute to study in India under the guidance of famed tabla maestro, Pundit Kumar Bose. Ravi has performed solo in Assam, India and most recently with Sarod artist Ranajit Sengupta in Winnipeg.

Set List

North Indian Classical Composition consists of 3 parts: 1) an introduction by the sitar; 2) a slow tempo melody with both sitar and tabla, and; 3) a fast closing section with both the sitar and the tabla.
The entire composition is based on one Raga (a particular key signature), and Taal (beat/rhythm cycle). However, each time it is performed, it will be different as there is constant improvisation by the artists around these set rules.
Each section in a composition can be very short or extended. Generally one composition in a particular Raga and Taal can last 1 hour.
The Indo-Jazz pieces that are played on the guitar generally follow the basic rules of Raga and Taal, however they are not as classical, and are considered and more up tempo with many different melodies intertwined with the rhythm of the tabla.