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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Folk Acoustic


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"Are You Listening"- Single 2011 (NEW!)

"You Knew Me When" 2009

Not Sorry Anymore
2009 (Re-mix)

"Covers" 2008

"Crossing Fingers" 2007

"This Is Your Life" Single



In 2007. Adam Dunstan recorded his first album CROSSING FINGERS to sell at shows, shot his first music video, acted in a few films including his first feature film DEATH PERCEPTION, went on tour to promote the album, and then left his home in Los Angeles for New York City....and was just getting started.

His first memorable single; "This Is Your Life" is a love letter to all of his friends who are feeling they are stuck in second gear: "You've got to be who you already are." Dunstan's endless energy is the effort of a lot of friends, and family that have supported him through the years of growing as an artist. And this isn't just another story of a boy and a dream, Dunstan holds onto the inward self of hope that all of us feel.

Dunstan has spent the last 2 years playing sometimes five shows a week, gaining a following among the many talented musicians that come from all over the world to New York City. His many varied fans range from adoring young ladies to suburban folk who are not exposed to enough current music and refreshingly find it in his plain delivery. The lack of a big break has allowed Dunstan to fly under the radar for years, all the while learning how to stay true to his passion as an artist. "Adam is someone that sings your own song back to you when you have forgotten the words."

Dunstan didn't start out wanting to be a musician. He grew up in Cleveland, OH, the first of four children to a Lighting Salesman father and Orthodontist Tech mother. He always dreamed of moving back to the warm air of his birthplace in Tucson, AZ. Dunstan worked for a few years in factories, and odd jobs after high school, before attending the University of Arizona. Dunstan began as a Psychology major, minoring in Theater, but half way through knew that he wanted to move to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

"I moved to California on September 11th, 2001....and although it took some time to get through that first year, I only got stronger in my conviction to become a true artist," he says with a furrowed brow.

While Dunstan did manage to get booked for a few television shows (That 80's Show, 20 Something), and even a few independent films, he felt...inauthentic. "I just used to see guys get up on stage with a guitar, and sing things THEY wrote and felt, instead of someone telling you what to say." Upon hearing John Mayer's debut album "NO SUCH THING," Adam knew what he had to do. "I had never even held a guitar before, but I knew I needed to start focusing on music." After discovering the stylings of Jason Mraz, and Josh Rouse, Dunstan got serious, and began with professional lessons. It took many years of practice, as well as a lot of trial/error at many local open mics in Hollywood, but eventually Dunstan started to find his sound.

Producer Bruce Lawrence heard him at a show, and offered him a 5 track album. The two spent a year, and nurtured the songs that they felt best showcased Adam's style. With a finished album, Adam went on a tour of 20 US/Canadian cities all by Amtrack, playing at such famous venues as Eddie's Attic in Atlanta, GA, High Dive in Seattle, WA, and Hotel Congress in his hometown of Tucson,AZ.

He decided to call the album CROSSING FINGERS in homage to a friend that always told him to silently cross his fingers when anything of importance happened to him. "She always knew how to make sure I wasn't sitting too still.... not realizing how fortunate I am.

"The album created a buzz among singers/songwriters around the country yielding two separate producers to have Dunstan come into their studios to record with them. Rapper/Producer Nehemiah Haynes had him come to Ohio to cut the track "Intuition" as a solo acoustic song, and then as a remixed version, a track originally recorded by Feist. Singer/Songwriter/Producer Dion Roy recently asked Dunstan to his studio in Manhatten in New York to re-record the hit "Not Sorry Anymore" a track originally on CROSSING FINGERS, in a more upbeat version.

Dunstan is a regular at Arctica Bar, and National Underground, both on the East side of Manhattan. Dunstan recorded the 2009 album "You Knew Me When" with Producer David Pearsall, an inside joke to all the many people and places he has lived through the years. The TOO FAR GONE NOW 09 summer tour to promote the album, pushed Adam to a new level and since back in New York has been working on fresh material.

*** Are You Listening is going viral worldwide as of August 2011," prepping the song for an accompanying music video, making appearances on local radio programs, forming a new band, writing songs, and heading to Austin to explore the music scene there for a while before returning to New York.

***Look for "This Is Your Life" on as the theme song for the new Web-Series "Triangles of Women."

"When people come to a show, anyone's....they just want to hear something good and that the