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Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
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"The Top 20 Bands in Boston Right Now"

1. Adam Ezra Group - After a clean sweep at the 2012 New England Music Awards and a Best Band award at the 2013 ceremonies, it's obvious how the music fans in Boston feel about The Adam Ezra Group. They scooped up the awards for Best Band, Best Album and Best Song. But this band is not just a force in Boston, they sell out shows from coast to coast with relative ease. Ezra's music centers in on the human condition; provoking their audience to think and motivating them to feel what they're feeling. The band is an absolute monster, combining jazz, rock, roots, funk and soul into marathon concerts that leave the crowd drenched in sweat and filled with passion. Through The RallySound Foundation, the Adam Ezra Group contributes 25% of their earnings on tour to community and global charities. Hands down the best roots rock band to come out of Boston since the Del Fuegos. The Adam Ezra Group was accidentally left off of our Top 50 Roots Bands List where they would have ranked comfortably in the Top 5. - The Alternate Root

"Boston Phoenix"

Boston's new voice in acoustic rock. - Boston Phoenix

"Boston Phoenix"

"Boston's new voice in acoustic rock." - Boston Phoenix

"Boston Phoenix"

"Boston's new voice in acoustic rock." - Boston Phoenix

"Alternate Root Magazine"

You immediately get two things out of Adam Ezra's music. One, He's a damn good songwriter surrounded by a formidable cast of players. Two, he's thinking about things on a different level...brilliant singer/songwriter - Reb Landers

"Sold Out At The Middle East"

During their sold out performance at The Middle East on November
10, the Adam Ezra group rocked the house. Deceptively easing into the
show with the fine introspective "Small Town City", the band then
kicked into high gear with the great "Kill Like This." They continued
to display their eclectic mix of mostly originals (with a couple of
covers), as they presented themselves as an extremely tight musical
unit during a 16 song set that was a lot of fun, as well as edgy and
thought provoking. The influences of their music were clearly all over
the place, however, they also forged a sound of their own that made
everything fit together, not mention make it feel fresh and original. I
don't know how you would categorize them, except to say that they were

Ezra drove the band throughout the evening with his excellent
guitar playing & terrific lead vocals. As the group's front man his
voice grabbed your attention and made you listen throughout the
performance. He was also charming and funny, often projecting the sense
that he was speaking directly to you in the audience during his banter
between songs.

The rest of the band responded by taking the already strong
material to greater heights. Front and center was the collaboration
between percussionist Jeff "The Turtle" Goulart and Dan Berglund.
During the slower numbers they efficiently provided sympathetic rhythms
that added to those songs. On the heavier or faster numbers, they
proved to be an intense force that could not help but mesmerize
everyone in the audience. This was most notable during the explosive
percussion jam that followed "Things You Know Best". Bassist Justin
Panariello also contributed to the hypnotic feel of the bands
instrumental passages with his bass playing that was (at times all at
once) melodic, funky, and steady. Keyboardist Josh Gold proved himself
to be the secret weapon of the band offering an amazing range of
different sounds that varied, depending on what the different songs
called for. On some songs he added colors, on others played lead, then
on others rhythm - his contributions and styles so different it often
took me a bit to realize the great sounds I was hearing were coming
from him. Last, but definitely not least, was the wonderful vocalist
Abbie Barrett, who sang background on several of the songs and even
took lead on the excellent "Judas" as well as a fun cover of Def
Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me".

It is such a rare thing to have the pleasure of hearing a band
for the first time that is this much fun and mind blowing at the same
time. If you like having a really good time, get off on music that is
varied, and enjoy awe inspiring musical interplay then you will love
this band. Definitely check them out!
- Greater Media Boston


"Adam Ezra is one of the most promising songwriters to come along in years... with the craftsmanship and insight to become a major voice in American music." - Ben Tishler


"Adam Ezra is one of the most promising songwriters to come along in years... with the craftsmanship and insight to become a major voice in American music." - Ben Tishler

"Album Review: Adam Ezra Group – View from the Root"

Based on the hit single "Basement Song," Adam Ezra can write a power ballad. But after listening to the newly re-released View from the Root it's evident the boy can write 'em all: power ballads, soft love songs, funky seventies inspired rock songs or even clever instrumental pieces. View from the Root is a well thought out, complete rock album with a uniquely Boston sound.
The band, from Somerville, embraces the fervor and revolutionary spirit of 1776 with the fourth track off the album, "Basement Tapes." When interviewed in 2009, Adam Ezra said it was kind of a meta experience: "Writing a song in a basement about writing a song in a basement." The song observes an unnamed city as it wakes up in the morning; here, "the weather will be overcast/then it'll turn to rain/and people will be secretly be happy for an excuse to complain." Ezra notes his excitement at something as mundane as rain, and this excitement and hope weave their way throughout the song. Ezra doesn't just notice his immediate surroundings, or even just Boston—he comments on the culture at large: "Americans dig our sitcoms/ballgames and French-fries/but our teachers they need raises/and our schools they need supplies."
Despite the catchiness of this particular track, The Adam Ezra Group is confident enough to stray and try out different rhythms, styles and tempos. "Katie" and "Have We Met" sound like the rise and fall of relationship. "Katie" is the love song every girl wants sung to her where her partner admits all of their own faults. "They say I am weak/I am weak/ I am told" and bows down to her "I'm waiting for you to shake your demons down/because I will turn your eyes around/somehow."
But the light longing of "Katie" is quickly trampled upon by the mournful "Have We Met." This track has similar instrumentation (with slightly more finger-picking) as "Katie," but is slightly angry and nostalgic. "Have We Met" also leaves the listener wondering what "Katie" did to poor Adam Ezra: "You look through me like you knew me/can you taste my poison mind?"
View From the Root spends very little time wallowing and instead picks up the beat with the funky-sounding "Souls For." There's some '70s inspired wah-wah guitar and Ezra sings in a call and response fashion with the rest of the band. The song really picks up during the harmonica and electric piano solos towards the middle.
-By Kassandra Sundt
- WERS 88.9


Adam writes with haunting ballads that stay with you. He's a rich musical storyteller. - Donald Bull

"Local Band Plays for Haiti"

Until last Tuesday, the CD release party for local band Adam Ezra Group (AEG) was scheduled to be just that: a release party. But when disaster struck in Haiti, the Boston-based musicians changed their plans.
“Our thoughts are down there with the folks in the midst of the crisis,” said Adam Ezra of Somerville (guitar, vocals, lyrics, and of course, the band's namesake). “We thought we should share our big night with them.”
The band – Ezra, Josh Gold (keys), Robin Vincent Soper (bass), and the enigmatic Turtle (percussion) – agreed to send all proceeds from last Saturday night’s show at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, presented by WERS 88.9, to victims of the recent earthquake in Haiti via Partners in Health.
Like AEG, Partners in Health is based in Boston. Paul Farmer, hero of Tracy Kidder’s book “Mountains Beyond Mountains,” began the organization 20 years ago. The web of hospitals he planted is still up and running in spite of the crisis.
This kind of social activism isn’t a first for AEG. In fact, the day after the release party/benefit show, Ezra planned to play and volunteer at a Boston homeless shelter, the Pine Street Inn.
Ezra is armed with used copies of the band’s last album, “View from the Root” (2008), which they’ve invited fans to trade in for the revamped version being released (or, more exactly, re-released) this week. “It’s like Cash for Clunkers,” said Ezra.
The new album, also called “View from the Root,” is technically a re-release since it features all the same songs as the last album, which AEG’s new management company was eager to promote.
“But we had to make a couple tweaks [first],” said Ezra. “Even though it’s still called View from the Root, it feels like a new project.”
The new “View” features three new tracks – “Scandal,” “She’s just a girl,” and “Wagon Wheel” – as well as several electric guitar remixes. Ezra had to bring the more political lyrics up to date, too.
The folk rock group has been doling out good songs and good vibes at every show since their birth in 2002, regardless of line-up shuffling. Ezra and Turtle have been playing together even longer than that.
Ezra’s lyrics often thrust societal issues into the limelight. Other times, he’s just singing stories. But according to Ezra, one thing never changes.
“We’re about inspiring people and being inspired by people,” said Ezra. “We’re not musicians playing at an audience. We’re all making music together.”
After seeing AEG live, spinning their CD is like sitting in the living room talking with a good friend, and that’s exactly how the band wants it. They see their fans as an ever-growing family, which over the past year has taken root all over New England, down the east coast, out to the Midwest and as far as California.
But Ezra knows there’s no place like home. That’s why he was excited the release party was at the Paradise.
“Every Boston band dreams of selling out the Paradise,” said Ezra. “But this night is about more than just ourselves.” -

"National Recording Artist"

Adam Ezra writes with the heart of a troubadour and sings like a rock star. He's a truly fresh voice in the singer/songwriter scene. - Catie Curtis

"The David Adler Review"

“-engaging and thought provoking with a modern edge, yet thoroughly grounded in the acoustic folk tradition,”
- David Adler

"Adam Ezra Group Rocks Salisbury Beach"

Malden — Driving up Route 95 to the ocean on Saturday night, Labor Day weekend 2009, and off the exit to the road to Salisbury Beach, it was hard not to notice the big yellow neon sign that read, “Adam Ezra Group,” followed by another glowing post with the group’s name in lights as you headed onto Broadway and the beach area.
And rock the beach this group did with frontman Adam Ezra on guitar and vocals, Malden’s own Josh Gold on keyboards, Robin Vincent Soper on bass and the mysterious “Turtle” on percussion.
There was quite a crowd as the band played many titles from their page, and when a tune like “Basement Song” has 27,784 spins you know there’s something special happening with this hard-working touring ensemble.
Live on the ocean’s edge — quite literally as the fellows were on a stage with canopy that was directly on the main entrance to the water — Ezra’s appearance coincided with the reinvention of Salisbury Beach, a conscious effort by the town and its business community to bring to the area year-round entertainment. And why not? The town’s official Web site notes that the area, located “about 45 miles north of Boston on what is commonly known as the North Shore, is home to 7,800 year-round residents, many of whom work in local shops and businesses.”
So as Adam Ezra performed tunes like “Western Man” (with 32,627 plays on the MySpace as of this writing), I looked around and took “inventory” (to quote a line from the song) of Joe’s Playland and the exquisite club, The Upper Deck, which overlooks Broadway, the beach and the live entertainment staging area. If you were on the second floor at The Upper Deck you’d have a superb view of Adam Ezra Group...many a folk artist having performed on the deck itself during summer days at the beach.
The night was perfect for an outdoor rock concert, the percussive sounds and driving keyboards of the musicians like a contemporary Doobie Brothers meets Steely Dan, only with a bit more of an uptempo folksy punch. The group might not appreciate that summation, Dan Fogelberg-gone-hip in the new millennium with talented side mates helping bring the message across, but it is an honest assessment and is meant to be high praise for this hard working and more than competent crew.
The Adam Ezra group is at its best when it is experimental and though “Home Again Soon” borrows much from The Beatles’ keyboards on “I Am The Walrus” and even more from the melody of Christine McVie’s lost classic “Wish You Were Here” (from Fleetwood Mac’s Mirage disc), it veers off in the right places and has that superior pop elegance that this ensemble is so capable of. With over 175,000 spins of eight songs on the MySpace it is obvious they have the potential to reach a wide audience beyond the underground and smack dab onto the mainstream. - Wicked Local Malden

"Providence Journal"

"Adam Ezra ... made an impact with his muscular voice and his sharp lyrics." - Rick Massimo


"After 2 hours of almost nonstop playing... Adam Ezra gives everything he has to the audience. Not since Springsteen and Bono have I seen a lead singer with his talent and Charisma." - Jack Casey, General Manager

"Phil Simon"

"I don't know that I have seen a room explode as it did when the Adam Ezra Group came out. Superb!" - Simon Says Booking


"If Bruce Springsteen, Dave Matthews, James Taylor, and Jack Johnson had a baby, this would be it. Lyrics are unique. A melding of sounds, all enjoyable. This must be heard!" - Music Conference

"Tupelo Music Hall"

"Adam Ezra has the uncanny ability to attract and hold the attention of concertgoers of all ages. As a songwriter, his words connect with his audience on many levels. As a performer, Adam gives all of his energy, attention, and emotion to every show. It's difficult not to get caught up in what he's doing onstage, a fact proven by his quickly growing audience." - Scott Hayward


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“After 2 hours of almost nonstop playing, Adam Ezra gives everything he has to the audience. Not since Springsteen and Bono have I seen a lead singer with his talent and charisma.”
-- Jack Casey, General Manager WERS radio in Boston

"They are one of the few bands out right now whose music is deep and real. It was an honor to tour with them."
--Michael Glabicki, Rusted Root

"Band of the Year" - 2013 New England Music Awards

"Best Band in Boston" - Alternate Root Magazine

"Album of the Year" - Ragtop Angel - 2012 New England Music Awards

"Song of the Year" - Takin' Off - 2012 New England Music Awards

this is our band. we are from boston. we are lovely, happy people...

The Adam Ezra Group (AEG) is not just a band; they are a force to be reckoned with musically, personally and socially. Selling records and tickets is important to AEG, but they are committed to changing the world with their songs and their actions along the way. Ezra and his band are activists and community leaders as much as they are musicians and songwriters. Ezra has spent time living out of a van, farming in Canada, volunteering for the relief effort in Kosovo, and practicing environmental geography in South Africa. Whether as a kitchen hand or carpenter, teacher, athlete, or traveler, Ezra crams it all into the music, always challenging our perspective and often teetering somewhere between the ballsy rocker and sensitive poet. Through their non profit organization, RallySound, AEG currently contributes 25% of their touring to benefit causes in communities across the country and worldwide.

The group’s live performances, sweaty, passionate affairs that have been compared to those of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, attracted the attention of Royal Avenue Records in 2010. Ezra immediately signed with Royal Avenue and began working on the album that eventually became Ragtop Angel. Royal Avenue paired the group with multiplatinum producer Aaron Johnson (best known for his work with The Fray) who has helped hone Adam’s ramblings into finely tuned songs that still retain the power and conviction developed from Ezra’s years of “do it yourself,” grassroots work ethic.

In 2011, The Adam Ezra Group released "Ragtop Angel," the group's debut recording on Royal Avenue Records. Upon it's release, "Ragtop Angel" shot to the top of the Amazon charts (peaking at #4 behind John Mayer and Sarah Bareilles) and was featured on iTunes "New and Noteworthy Rock Albums" in December of 2011. Soon after, Ragtop Angel won "Album of the Year" and "Takin' Off" won "Song of the Year" at the New England Music Awards.

Over the course of the last few years the group found themselves with a handful of acoustic songs that we loved but didn't seem to fit in the context of other albums or live shows.... What to do? They decided to put them on all on one acoustic album. The group locked themselves in a cabin in the Catskills, set up instruments and hit record. The result is the newly released "Daniel The Brave."

Having toured with Rusted Root, The Avett Brothers, Jason Mraz, Corey Smith, Deer Tick, The Goo Goo Dolls, Blues Traveler, Los Lobos, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Dwight Yoakam, Gin Blossoms, and many more, the Adam Ezra Group has graduated from the local Boston scene to the national level with a momentum that is catapulting them towards being one of the country’s most talked about bands.