adam fallon

adam fallon


high energy live show that pulls you in from the first breath. you find yourself believing him as if he's telling you your own life story. honest storytelling at it's best.


his energetic live show and emotional connection with his audience has been gaining him recognition all across North America. his latest release Love Within a Storm is a perfect example of how he can tap directly into your heart and have you loving every second of it.
this charismatic canuck has been performing live and recording for well over ten years. with five albums to his credit already he shows no signs of losing his creative edge. his new LP Love Within a Storm is a raw stripped down form of songwriting. choosing only to use grand piano, acoustic guitars and vocals as his primary weapons he still find a way to give you everything you are looking for.

Adam fallon is a songwriter on the verge and those lucky enough to find him early enough will find themselves clinging to his every word for years to come.


The Power of The Voice of One Vol. 1 - EP - 2002

The Sessions (with band Pickseed) - LP - 2003

The Power of The Voice of One Vol. 2 - LP - 2004

Slightly Used - LP - 2006

Love Within a Storm - LP - 2008