Adam Ferrick

Adam Ferrick

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Adam Ferrick is an L.A. singer/songwriter who has a unique perspective on life and music and blends his diverse interests and styles into sounds and ideas that are fun, uplifting and thought provoking.


Producer/singer/songwriter Adam Ferrick (Bearcat Clan, All Destroyed Momentarily, Naked Americans) is also the taste maker and Saturday afternoon DJ at L.A. radio station, 88.5 FM He has a new solo album coming out called, "Acoustic Dance music." It has catchy, quirky poetry that draws from his travels and experiences and feature an array of talented musicians from the L.A. scene. His style pulls from Beck, Devandra Banhart, Manu Chao and of course many of the classics, Dylan, Marley, Lennon and Cobain.


The Hollow Men

Written By: T.S. Elliot

T.S. Elliot inspired me while reading his book of poems in Battery Park, at the tip of Manhattan overlooking the harbor. I thought, "wow, this could kinda be like a Rage song!" The rest is history...

Talkin' 'Bout Me

Written By: Adam Ferrick

Talkin' 'Bout Me, has an interesting evolution. It started with its haunting organ and drum pattern on a record of Diamond Jim's from the Rondo Brothers. "There was a part that just kept hooking me, and I knew I wanted to build a song around it," says, Adam Ferrick of All Destroyed Momentarily. This was encouraged by Diamond Jim who licked the catchy-ness of the hook, the verses and bridge were then re-orchestrated by Adam Ferrick with the help of his then assistant Todd Bergman. The song then sat for a while as a lovely experiment that turned a groovy instrumental into a new one now with hook. When the band went into the studio they wanted another trip-hop song to balance the song, "GIve In" also co-written by the Rondo Bros. We added organ in the hook and a loop at the top and filled it out with some effects and still didn't know if we should put it on the record until, Harry The Helpa said we had to, which was not only because he liked it but also had a great video idea as well, coming soon!

Ode To Che (Guevara)

Written By: Adam Ferrick

The song, Ode to Che, is about the revolutionary leader Ernesto Che Guevara. It features guitar work by Jeremy Harrison (Harry the Helpa) and vocals by Adam Ferrick (A-Funk) and Miguel Torres (Site Razon). Theses aspiring Los Angele artists were brought together in the same way the songs protagonist and his commrades were, on a mission to change the landscape forever, theirs a musical/spiritual one. The lead vocals are based on a poem Mr. Ferrick wrote, a take off on a little known poem that Che Guevara wrote while on his famous voyage to Cuba called, "Ode To Fidel." In the same way as Che's poem does the song illustrates, doubt, sadness, optimism and humor all while relaying a serious message. Listen closely to the music, and tell us what you get from the song...

Give In

Written By: Adam Ferrick

Give In, was originally a piano and drum instrumental by Jim Greer from the Rondo Bros. Many have said that the haunting piano is similar to various compositions by German composer Robert Wagner. Later Adam Ferrick wrote the lyrics and melody as an experiment in collaboration. It became a spiritual catharsis. When it was time to make an album, Adam brought the song to producer/engineer Jon St, James and both decided to bring in Rob Mcdonald to play his magical bass and sing backing vocals, they then decided to pull out all the stops and bring in the "Diva", one of the premier singers of rock, gospel, soul and anything thats funky...Merry Clayton.
"What we have here is how to communicate... With oneself."


Written By: Adam Ferrick

I am not a real leader, I'm a revolutionary... pretty much sums it up!
In the chorus we show our true guerilla mentality by being the ultimate Libras, keeping our own form of balance from all around us.


Naked Americans
All Destroyed Momentarily
Straight Outta Commune
Bearcat Clan

Set List

Ride the Spine, San Antonio Railroad, Rhymes of Time, Hold On, Namow, Make it Witchu, Oh Now it Has, LA is Killin' Me, Mulholland Drive, Stirring up Visions of Johanna, I See a Boat, Layzin' on a Sunny Afternoon, Dock a da Bay, Circles