Adam Foster

Adam Foster


Classic Country, Classic Rock - mix these two styles together and you get Adam Foster!


Nashville, Tennessee - Classic Country, Classic Rock - mix these two styles together and you get Adam Foster. It’s nice to hear the harmonica, acoustic with electric guitars, electric piano, so perfectly blended that you can’t help but just sway to the music. And that electric guitar, really, really nice to listen to. So full of soul. The darn thing just talks to you. I almost answered back!

Everything about Adam Foster’s music is perfectly blended. His voice is so suited for this style of music. It’s a relief to me to hear such a pleasant voice with great harmony backing him up.

Adam has lived and performed in New York City, Los Angeles and now Nashville.

His new single, “Little Secrets”, reflects the intimacy that exists between lovers. He’s received such positive responses to his music. Songs are positive, which is definitely one reason why they are listened to as much as they are.

There has been 2 albums before this new single. “Adam Foster “ in 2004 and “Dreamer’s Escape” in 2006. He has opened for Richie Havens at the Nor-East Music and Art Festival in Michigan and also named Best Local Songwriter by Metroland Newspaper in Albany, NY. He has many shows booked in Nashville and does plan to tour.

Bravo to Adam Foster for resurrecting this Neil Young style of music. It was about time someone did. It’s great easy listening.

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We Don't Need to be in Love

Written By: Adam Foster

“We Don’t Need to Be in Love”
(words and music by Adam Foster; &copy2006)

There’s so much in life, that doesn’t really matter;
pointless fears that run around our brains and shred our souls into tatters.
The current of fear used to knock me over,
but then I realized everyone is unsure of their futures.

We don’t need to be in love, I don’t need that at all.
Just please whenever you get lonely, give me a call.

I’ve been single and I’ve been tied, but we won’t need a title to feel satisfied.


Yesterday is gone, so don’t let it speak too loud.
Tomorrow may never arrive, the time is now.


When You Let Your Dreams Die

Written By: Adam Foster

“When You Let Your Dreams Die”
(words and music by Adam Foster; &copy2006)

Life was a hard battle, so many hurdles to clear,
mistakes were made, but that wasn’t something to fear,now was it? No, it was not.
You got back on the saddle, wiped away those tears,
let yesterday fade, kicked it up a couple of gears, and gave it, another shot.

Somebody used to live here, but they’re gone.
A soothsayer who taught me right from wrong,
taught me honest songs but now she’s gone.

I picked up a toy, that lay on the ground,
a red fire engine that used to make a sound, a siren, but now all’s quiet.
I looked at that picture of you mobbed by the crowd, a true living legend,
standing so proud, next to your airplane, and girl you sure could fly it.

Strange powers of mystery helped me go on.
Family members from history they carried me along,
to see another dawn, but now they’re gone.

It is only to yourself that you have something to prove.
So, when you let your dreams die, you’ll die too.

Take out the trash and take in your bike. It’s quarter past and there ain’t much light.
Buckle up fast, buckle up tight. Let’s go shoot for the stars tonight.


Little Secrets

Written By: Adam Foster

I’ll meet you in Amsterdam, at the Alfa Plantage Hotel.
A little room we can share. Little secrets we can tell.

I’ll bring you breakfast in bed, on a bike with a broken bell.
Red wine will go to our heads. Little secrets we can tell.

I promise to remember, as old as I get,
your innocent touch and the place where we first met.

But, if by chance, our paths don’t cross. Doomed to wander the night alone.
I’ll pretend that all is well. Little secrets we can tell.

Like No Tomorrow

Written By: Adam Foster/Dean Chance

You didn’t feel that spark anymore. I’d be lying if I felt it myself.
What’d we work all of our lives for, if when we finished we had nothing left?
We climbed that invisible ladder. We did better than our parents did.
But, what does it all really matter if we sold out to the highest bid?

I understand if you want me gone. You probably should just kick me to the curb.
But, this old lamp can still burn strong.
For the hard times, there just are no words, except maybe absurd, but…

Aren’t you tired of sorrow? Why don’t we work to make things right?
I’m going to love you like there’s no tomorrow.
I’m going to thrill you if it takes all night.

You read the papers, I watched the news.
We poured silence and booze all over our blues.
A picture taken of us was framed in grey in black.
Once a carefree young couple-I want that feeling back.

Time can replace the face with a mask; a mask that doesn’t recognize the past.
Why don’t we take our troubles to task? It’s not too late to live it real fast, it’ll be a blast.


Tell me what you want and consider it done. Let’s keep this running on the run.


Ol' Pawn Shop Guitar

Written By: Adam Foster

“Ol’ Pawn Shop Guitar”
Words and Music by Adam Foster
©2009 Adam Foster

Ol’ pawn shop guitar, next to a dusty old tv.
Ol’ pawn shop guitar, where will your next home be?
Did your owner sell you cheaply when he got in trouble deeply,
or just trade you for a Wii?

Ol’ pawn shop guitar, you ever bust out this cage?
Ol’ pawn shop guitar, you ever shine once on the stage?
Ever play a big arena, up where everyone could see you,
getting strummed by Jimmy Page?
Ol’ pawn shop guitar!

With a little help from my parents one day, I brought you home. You were mine to play.
I learned a few chords and dreamt where it would take me,
Driving fast ladies in a gold Mercedes!

Ol’ pawn shop guitar, I ask the clerk to let you down.
Ol’ pawn shop guitar, I love your rusty, scratchy sound.
But, they want four hundred bucks and that seems rather high,
The season starts for ducks and there’s a shotgun caught my eye,
And a brand new rider-mower that I always wanted to buy
But, really, I should get that diamond ring,
show my girl she ain’t no fling,
but for that I’ll need a loan!


2004- "Adam Foster" (Debut CD)
2006- "Dreamer's Escape" (2nd studio CD)

*Certain tracks can be found streaming on the following websites:
MySpace,CD Baby, XFMonline, Hooka, Mp3Unsigned, PromoFM, PureVolume, Soundclick, and on official
*Also had much radio play in the NY, LA, and Nashville markets.

Set List

Typical Set list can range from 15 minutes to 2 hours.
Songs include:
Oh! Pawn Shop Guitar
Scooter Girl
Little Secrets
The Middle Lane
Old and Grey
We Don't Need to be in Love
Without Love
Trailing Behind
All My Years of Living
Bullet Train
Where the Blood Flows
Seeking Salvation from the Blind
She Goes into the Woods
Dreamer's World
No Losing Sides

Covers include:
The Man in Me
On the Road Again
Folsom Prison Blues