Adam Giancarlo

Adam Giancarlo

 Buffalo, New York, USA

Adam Giancarlo is a unique and original one-man, mainly acoustic act. His music is fairly simple, yet is multi-layered. The content of his lyrics ranges from political statements to social commentary to personal reflection. Writing is a great emotional and spiritual outlet for him.


Adam Giancarlo is 34 years old and he has been playing music for about 27 of those years. He was born and raised in Buffalo, New York and still lives there. At age seven he started taking piano lessons until age ten when he started drum lessons from Gary Rutkowski at Community Music School. He played drums and percussion in the grade school band at Bennett Park Montessori School and then the Concert Band and Swing Choir Band at St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute (directed by James Deiotte and Marcus Deveso) during the years of 1995 and 1999. They played at Rockwell Hall at Buffalo State College, and they toured Boston, Massachusetts where they played many concerts including Faneuil Hall.

In 1998 he played drums in a jazz band called Jazz Mileage with Sherrie Morris and played several shows at venues including The Langston Hughes Institute, The Festival of Trees at the University at Buffalo, Kleinhans Music Hall, and Shea's Performing Arts Center.

He also played drums for numerous rock bands, including Ocean, Resident Alien, and Shamn (who opened for Siva at New World Record). One of his bands (named Forever) appeared on Channel 7 News on National Night Out. Another was named Trigger Finger, which played out frequently at venues in Buffalo such as The Backstage Pub, The Showplace Theater, The Sideshow, The Funhouse, Buffalo Academy of Visual and Performing Arts, and Club Meltdown. They also opened for Hoobastank and The Lost Prophets at Cloud 9 in Buffalo. Another band he played drums and percussion in was called Urban Underground, which played at Showplace Theater and Stimulance Coffeehouse.

He played for a short period of time with Leah Prentiss as a percussionist, playing bongos and djembe. He performed with her at Nietzsche's.

For the last 11 years he has been mainly concentrating on melodic instruments including piano (with lessons from Joe Brancato), guitar, harmonica, and vocals. He took drum lessons for several years with Buffalo Music Hall of Famer Lou Marino, and has continued to play and practice drums and percussion. He has written about sixty original songs totaling over 4 hours of material.

Between the years of 2004 and 2013 as a solo artist, he has performed at various venues including: Coffee &, Café Allegro, The Coffee Bean, Higher Grounds Coffeehouse, Caz Coffee Café, Goodrich Coffee & Tea, Broadway Joe's, The Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts, The West River Music Festival 2010, Buffalo's City Hall (for the March Against Child Abuse - April 2010 ~ which appeared on YNN - Your News Network), Art Brutale, The Buffalo Infringement Festival (2010-2013: SP@CE 224 Gallery, Buffalo Barfly, El Buen Amigo, Spot Coffee, Allentown Music, The Bend, and Western New York Book Arts Center), The Restoration Society's Empowerment Academy, Club W, Elmwood-Bidwell Farmers’ Market, The Buffalo International Film Festival (at The Screening Room), as well as Spot Coffee for special events given for Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October of 2004 and October of 2010. He also made an appearance on the Greg Sterlace Show on Public Access Television in the Spring of 2006. He has played at several children's birthday parties as well.

He has played guitar, keyboard, and percussion in a jazz fusion duo called Two of a Kind since 2012, which has played at the Garrett Club (for the University at Buffalo School of Social Work Awards Ceremony), Los Tainos Senior Citizens Center, Nietzsche’s, Café Allegro, Elmwood-Bidwell Farmers’ Market, El Buen Amigo, Antique Man, and Buffalo Barfly. They will be releasing an LP in the near future.

His music has innumerable influences, and has been compared to the likes of Cat Stevens, Neil Young, and Jack Johnson. The style is folk rock for the most part with some pop, blues, and ballads. The content of the lyrics ranges from personal struggles and conflicts to social and political commentary to love and desire.

He has been teaching drums, piano, guitar, and voice to children and adults since 2006.

He is very excited to have the opportunity to present his music to people in any capacity. He feels it is a gift he has been given to share with others


Climb the Ladder

Written By: Adam Giancarlo

1st Verse:

I want what I want
And I want it now
I want what I want
And I want it now
I don't care who, what, where, when, why or how

It's me against you
So whatcha gonna do?
It's me against you
So whatcha gonna do?
I'm gonna teach you a thing or two

1st Bridge:

Step one - it seems like fun
Step two - you see what's true
Step three - you disagree
But still act faithfully

Step four - you're in the door
Step five - they eat you alive
Step six - the same old tricks
You mix with politics

1st Chorus:

Watch your step as you climb the ladder
Each one may be your last
Hold on tight as you climb the ladder
Up so slow, but down so fast

2nd Verse:

We're gonna step on some toes
And nobody will know
We're gonna step on some toes
And nobody will know
We'll perform the most convincing show

We'll be your best friend
Until the very, very end
We'll be your best friend
Until the very, very end
But we'll never, ever make amends

2nd Bridge:

Step seven - no chance at heaven
Step eight - you think you're great
Step nine - you cross that line
Lose touch with space and time

Step ten - do it all again
Step ten - do it all again
Again, again, and again, and again
Again, again, and again, and again

2nd Chorus:

Watch your step as you climb the ladder
Each one may be your last
Hold on tight as you climb the ladder
Up so slow
Up so slow
Up so slow
But down so fast


Written By: Adam Giancarlo

1st Verse:

Why do we stand divided?
We're supposed to be united
Let's end end this segregation
Outright discrimination

Why can't we get together?
Flock like birds of a feather
We've got to take take a stand
Every woman, every man


We must realize we're sisters and brothers
Let go of the lies and learn to love each other
Look beyond the skin, it's only a color
Take a look within the soul of another

1st Bridge:

We were all born color-blind
To return that way sometimes I don't mind
Life often seems unkind
At times I wish I could rewind

2nd Verse:

Well, we can get along
If we don't care who's right or wrong
Let's just finish all this fighting
Punching, kicking, scratching, biting

And we won't get anywhere
If we can't find a way to share
Let's join together now, today
For me I see no other way

Repeat Chorus

2nd Bridge:

I'm looking for some kind of sign
What's mine is yours, not yours is mine
All wounds, they say, will heal in time
There is no reason, there is no rhyme
We were all born color-blind
To return that way sometimes I don't mind

Hold Your Horses

Written By: Adam Giancarlo

“Hold Your Horses”
by Adam Giancarlo

1st Verse: Yeah, the miracle of birth
Slapped me right in the face
Yeah, one in a million
I’m takin’ first place
Like I won the lottery
Stayin’ ahead of all the rest
Neglected all the consequences
Recognized that I’m the best

Chorus: Just hold your horses, man
Sit down and think
Is this what you want to get into?
Take a look at what might happen
Way down the line
Impulsive rash decisions
Disrupt the mind

2nd Verse: Never really took some time to think
Of that scenario
Just felt so proud and honored
I just could not say no
Where will I be in life
When all of this goes down?
What will be doing?
And will I even be around?


Ending: I know today is all I have
Who knows just what tomorrow brings?
Sometimes I feel just like a bird
Now I just need my wings
Now I just need my wings
Who knows what tomorrow brings?
That’s why I need my wings
Yeah, I wanna fly
Way up in the sky
I just wanna fly
And be up so high
Just to feel the wind blow through my hair
Everyone on land looks up and stares
Wond’ring who’s that creature in the air
Wish I could be up there
Why can’t I be up there?
Yeah, I wanna fly
Oh, I don’t know why
I sit back and sigh
Tryin’ not to cry
I just wanna fly
I don’t wanna die
Just let me fly
Don’t ask me why
I wanna fly
Just wanna fly
Let fly
I wanna fly

Watch For the Signs

Written By: Adam Giancarlo

“Watch for the Signs”

1st Verse: I can’t describe
These feelin’s - they’ve got me reelin’, and
I can’t explain
Why I don’t feel no more pain, and it’s
Hard to express
What I like about you best and it
Can’t be put into words
Maybe we’re just a couple of birds tryin’ to
Fly, tryin’ to fly, tryin’ to

Chorus: Walk with me
Down this road of life
See what we can find
Don’t look behind, and
Watch for the signs

Bridge: Well I’ve tried
In the past
Never seemed to last
Well I’ve tried
All my life, but
Words cut like a knife

2nd Verse: God sent you here
To help me cast out all my fears and I
Know we should go with the flow
Take it slow, and
See how it goes
Because we just met
We’re just getting our feet wet, and
Only fools rush in
But no one said that it’s a sin


Chorus (2X)

Watch for the signs (7X)

Turn Around

Written By: Adam Giancarlo

“Turn Around”
by Adam Giancarlo

1st Verse: You hit the dead end street, and everyone you meet
Is lost, confused, don’t know what to do
The moon’s the only light guiding you through the night, oh yeah
And it makes everything alright

Bridge: Runnin’ around all alone
Feel like you’ve lost your home
Diggin’ yourself a hole
‘Cause you’re tired of playin’ your role

2nd Verse: You’ve lost your way again, nine times outta ten, oh yeah
And you don’t even know when
The whole world’s got ya down, you feel like skippin’ town, oh yeah
You need to just turn around

Bridge: Stayin’ stuck in a rut
Keepin’ the doors all shut
Can’t find your way out
Filled with endless doubt

3rd Verse: No direction, think you’ve got an infection
And you’re tired of the rejection
Wand’ring aimlessly, sailing away in the sea
From here to eternity

Bridge: Waitin’ for life to occur
Look back and it’s all a blur
Feel like you’ve lost your mind
Leavin’ it all behind

4th Verse: You’re lost and can’t be found, you scream but don’t make a sound, oh yeah
Why can’t you just turn around?

Bridge: Thoughts racin’ through your brain
Feel like you’re goin’ insane
So tightly you’ve been wound
You better just turn around

Ending: Oh, just turn around, please just turn around, oh yeah
You need to just turn around
Oh just turn around, please just turn around, oh yeah
You need to just turn around

Where'd Ya Go?

Written By: Adam Giancarlo

“Where’d Ya Go?”
by Adam Giancarlo

1st Verse: Where’d ya go?
I feel your breathing
Where’d ya go?
I hear your voice
Can’t change the past, now I’m not with you
But why’d you have to make that choice?

Chorus: Every time I think I’ve got it all under control
Someone always digs down to the bottom of my soul
Takes a piece out of my heart and leaves a great big hole
And where’d ya go?

2nd Verse: Where were you?
You left me stranded
Where were you that cold, lonely day?
Why do I still taste your sweet lips?
When you are light years away?

Repeat Chorus
(Omit “And where’d ya go?”)

Bridge: Sing a long, long goodbye
I won’t let you see me cry
But deep inside, I don’t wanna see you go
Silently, in my dreams
I know you’ll come back to me
Soon as you see the fork that’s in the road
You’ll come back to me I know

3rd Verse: Where you been?
I see your footprints
Where you been?
I smell your scent
Thought it just was temporary
Never thought it’d be permanent

Repeat Chorus

And where’d ya go? (3X)

Let's Invade Iraq

Written By: Adam Giancarlo

“Let’s Invade Iraq”
by Adam Giancarlo

1st Verse: Let’s invade Iraq
Then we’ll have a snack
Let’s invade Iraq
Make it a sneak attack
Let’s invade Iraq, Jack
There’s no turning back
2nd time: (Don’t forget to pack)

2nd Verse: Let’s invade Iran
I could use a tan
Let’s invade Iran
Let’s go without a plan
Let’s invade Iran, Stan
Prove that you’re a man

Bridge: Let’s build our empire far and wide
God’s on our side
No hill too high to conquer, no
valley to low
We’ll force this whole world to be free
Dressed up with lies, cons, and deceit

3rd Verse: Now Afghanistan
And the Taliban
Now Afghanistan
I never was a fan
Now Afghanistan, Jan
Just because we can


1st Verse


Written By: Adam Giancarlo

by Adam Giancarlo

1st Verse: I don’t want to admit
You’ve got a hold on me
When I look in your eyes
This is what I see
I see a helpless lamb
Running with the flock
But you found a place in my heart
And I am just in shock

Chorus: I thought I lost the feeling
So long ago
Threw my heart down by the wayside
I did not know
You rekindled the flame inside me
I forgot about
And now there are so many questions
And so many doubts

2nd Verse: I fall asleep to fleeting thoughts of you
Going through my head
Wake up wishing you were right beside me
In my bed
Haven’t felt this way about someone
In so long
When I am with you, I know I am right where
I belong


Bridge: But I don’t know if we’re meant to be
Or even if you are the best thing for me
I want to let you know exactly how I feel
Find out if this is a game or is this for real



Written By: Adam Giancarlo

by Adam Giancarlo

1st Verse: Your eyes - so enchanting
They hypnotize - singing, dancing
Your smile - so entrancing
I like your style - feel like romancing
Your voice - clear as day
And you are my choice - show me the way
Your face - nestled snug
In my warm embrace - gentle hug

Chorus: Circumstances aren’t ideal
So we can’t form something real
1st Chorus: After all, you’re holding up your shield
Passion will remain concealed
2nd Chorus: That don’t change the way I feel
No, you’ve still got your appeal
3rd Chorus: I know that more will be revealed
One more broken heart to heal
Resisting natural inclinations
Sinking into hibernation
That’s just my own interpretation
Just can’t stand this isolation

2nd Verse: So surreal - you look at me
And well, I can feel the energy
And I pray you find yourself
Even though you may have me on the shelf
I don’t know where to draw the line
So you can go draw it - I don’t mind
It’s your turn, it’s your move
Though the wind may burn, you’ve got something to prove

2nd Chorus

Bridge: Acceptance is better than repentance
But I regret that we even met
Just be patient, and don’t get too complacent
Stay alive, and do not take a dive
Take the bitter along with the sweet
And know you don’t need to compete
With everyone you meet
In the rain, the snow, or the sleet (Piano Solo)
3rd Chorus

Love at First Sight

Written By: Adam Giancarlo

“Love at First Sight”
by Adam Giancarlo

1st Verse: I don’t know you
But I think I love you
I just met you
And I’m thinking of you
Don’t wanna mess this up
I know that you can fill my cup
Without you in my life
I don’t know what I’d do

Chorus: Do you believe in love at first sight?
That special person that you know is right
When opportunity knocks
Will you jump out of your box?
When destiny calls
Will you answer at all?
You’ve got me in a trance
Please give me a chance
It’s in your court
I gave you the ball

2nd Verse: I’m the type that shies away
Never reachin’ out
But the way you look at me
I banish all my doubts
Your smile illuminates the room
Sending me to a celestial place
Your sparkling eyes with a spiritual glow
And my eyes gravitate to your face


Ending: Where have you been all my life?
Throughout all of my misery and strife
With a friend like you
I could never be blue
And the best is yet to come
You’re like a novel that I don’t wanna put down
But I can’t pick up
And I think I lost where I left off
I don’t know where you’ve been
Or where your from
All I know is that I love you
And that’s true
This feeling’s brand new
Don’t want to scare you away
But I need to see you today
And I hope you feel the same way too

Enjoy the Ride

Written By: Adam Giancarlo

“Enjoy the Ride”
by Adam Giancarlo

1st Verse: Here I am again
Right back where I started again
Comin’ round the bend
Sad and broken hearted and

Bridge: Then I see the light and it’s
brighter than it’s ever been and
then I see the light and it’s bright

Chorus: Life is a rollercoaster
Up and down, oh
You won’t know where it’s goin’ ‘til
you hit the ground, so
Enjoy the ride
Enjoy the ride

2nd Verse: Goin’ with the flow
Wherever the flow goes
And the light will glow
Even when the cold wind blows, and



Piano Solo
(over verse/bridge)


In the Blink of an Eye

Written By: Adam Giancarlo

“In the Blink of an Eye”
by Adam Giancarlo

1st Verse: In the blink of an eye
From the ground up to the sky
One instant, brand new day
All the progress we have made
Momentary, split-second change
How feelings rearrange
Night ‘til morning
Dusk ‘til dawn
One day you’re here
The next you’re gone

Chorus: In the blink of an eye
Like the water turns its tide
Winds of change comin’ round
Deathly frightened by the sound

2nd Verse: New adventure to be had
No reason to be sad
A blessing in disguise
No more secrets, no more lies
Nothing’s ever for sure anymore
Never certain what’s in store
Nothing’s ever guaranteed
Build a house, plant a seed


Ending: You never know
How far you’ll go
Once you start to grow
Too fast, too slow
Just use the spirit
There’s no need to fear it
The wind may blow
But the light will glow


Written By: Adam Giancarlo

by Adam Giancarlo

1st Verse: We're the haves, and the have mores
We must support the wars
We have no remorse
We must stay the course

1st Bridge: While they die
And they fry
Their loved ones cry
We don't even sigh
Don't bat an eye
Just wave goodbye
Don't ask us why
Because all we'll do is lie

1st Chorus: Well, human life is sacred, yeah
Except the bum that's naked, yeah
His life is not worth living, no
We're taking more than giving, yeah

2nd Verse: If you are homeless on the street
Just get off your worthless, lazy feet
And give praise, give praise to the elite
Even though we will never meet

2nd Bridge: They will rot
And we will not
They'll lay on cots
We'll go sail our yachts
We'll lie a lot
Our senses shot
The blood will clot
We'll say we plum forgot

2nd Chorus: It's your fault you are that way
And that's all we have to say
So don't cry to us about it
Will that help? Oh no, we doubt it

Why's the Sky Blue?

Written By: Adam Giancarlo

“Why’s the Sky Blue?”

Chorus: Why’s the sky blue?
The same reason I can’t be with you
Why’s the grass green?
The same reason I don’t know what you mean
When you say you’re taken
I know you must be mistaken
Because you were meant for me
In my arms is where you were meant to be

1st Verse: Lying here, wandering, waiting
Pondering which road to be taking
When I’m not in your plans
But it feels so right when you take my hand
Why can’t you answer this question?
I’d like to make a suggestion
But it’s not my place
And that pill would leave such an awful taste


2nd Verse: Sitting here, lost in a daydream
I wish that things weren’t the way they seem
You’re unattainable
Tragic - my love is sustainable
I walk for miles
Then take a break to enjoy your smiles
So typical - my love is not so reciprocal


It was supposed to be you and me
In my arms is where you were meant to be
Because you were meant for me
In my arms is where you were meant to be

Part of Me

Written By: Adam Giancarlo

“Part of Me”
by Adam Giancarlo

1st Verse: It all started with a faded memory, and the inability to wait patiently
Not ready for the consequences
Of pleasures of the senses
No longer strattling fences
Just shattering all pretenses
It’s not that easy, it’s just not that easy
Ended up with a new inductee, don’t know if it is a he or a she
Gambling with God’s creation
Are you ready for elimination?
Instant gratification
Then permanent termination
It’s not that easy, it’s just not that easy

Chorus: I’ve lost a little part of me
A part that I will never see
I’m sure that it will never be
I’ve lost a little part of me (Go to 2nd Verse)
2nd Chorus: I’ve lost a little part of me
And now I’m down on my knees
Keep this lock - I’ll throw away the key
I’ve lost a little part of me

2nd Verse: Truth staring you in the face, and the ever-growing human race
Unprepared and unexpected
Invincible, unprotected
For once you’re not rejected
Your number’s being selected
Innocent and not suspected
Evidence is being collected
But you’re disconnected, yeah, you’re disconnected

Bridge: Well I hope, and I pray
It will come back to me someday
All the tears, all the fears
Are sure to return throughout the years
Up in heaven, down in hell
Seeing that face you know so well
Along the ocean, across the sea
I have lost a little part of me


Stop the Violence

Written By: Adam Giancarlo

“Stop the Violence”
by Adam Giancarlo

1st Verse: Let’s stop the hate
Before it’s too late
Well, peace can’t wait
Let’s celebrate

Chorus: We won’t be silenced
Let’s stop the violence
Nobody wins a war
And no one’s keepin’ score

2nd Verse: There’s no good fight
When you know wrong from right
Step into the light
We must unite


Bridge: Put down your fists of rage
And turn the page
I feel like a bird in a cage
Why won’t you act your age?


An Eye For An Eye

Written By: Adam Giancarlo

An Eye for an Eye
by Adam Giancarlo

Chorus: An eye for an eye
A tooth for a tooth
Look at what we’re teaching to our youth
An eye for an eye
A tooth for a tooth
As long as it’s not me, it’s you

1st Verse: Well it’s ok
To put our values on lay-away
Because that jerk has got to pay
We don’t see no other way
Well, two wrongs make one right
At least this morning and tonight
There’s only black, only white
There’s only darkness, only light

Bridge: I’ll be a super hero
Beat the bad guy tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight
Good triumphs over evil
And everything’s alright, alright, alright, alright
Cage up the enemies
They can’t put up a fight, a fight, a fight, a fight
Wait for a time of weakness
Strike with all our might, our might, our might, our might


2nd Verse: Revenge is always super sweet
It just makes you feel complete
From your head down to your feet
A feelin’ that love just beat

Bridge: When will this all be over?
There’s no end in sight, in sight, in sight, in sight
Now there’s eternal darkness
Cannot see the light, the light, the light, the light
Defy the rules of logic
Two wrongs make one right, one right, one right, one right
Now there is no more daytime
It is always night, it’s night, it’s night, it’s night


Not Right For You

Written By: Adam Giancarlo

“Not Right For You”
by Adam Giancarlo

1st Verse: I dial your number again and again
I don’t wanna hear the recording
And I’m sorting through thoughts in my head
In the morning some light may be shed
But nobody gave me a warning
But nobody gave me a warning

Chorus: I don’t know if I’m ready for this
What did I get myself into?
Could it be eternal bliss
Or am I not right for you?

2nd Verse: What is it that brought us together?
Is there a reason for this?
I’ve been prayin’ for someone like you
And now I don’t know what to do
But I think I’ll start with a kiss
But I think I’ll start with a kiss


Bridge: Your image comes up to the surface
Once blurry, but now becomes clear
Faded to bright, in just one night
And I wanna hold you dear
Wanna pull you near
There’s no need to fear
Come on and dry your tears
And know I’m always here
Ready to lend an ear


Not right for you (4X)

Good Grief

Written By: Adam Giancarlo

“Good Grief”
by Adam Giancarlo

1st Verse: One less body here on earth
One more spirit for rebirth
The flesh is weak, the soul is strong
The mind can only last so long
I feel you presence everywhere
Though physically you are not there
You’re in my heart forever more
A love that I just can’t ignore

Chorus: Good grief
It’s a relief
Still sane
In spite all the pain
You can go
We’re letting you know
Our souls are at peace

2nd Verse: Now you’re out of misery
And you can be completely free
Your love penetrates right through
Shows in everything I do
And your spirit will live on
Throughout my lifetime and beyond
You’ve been with us through thick and thin
Time for your new life to begin


Bridge: You’ll be right here throughout the years and
You’ll be right here to dry the tears and
You’ll be right here to quell the fear
I don’t need to worry
I know that you’ll always be right here (4X)


Say Goodbye

Written By: Adam Giancarlo

“Say Goodbye”
by Adam Giancarlo

1st Verse: Take it easy, can’t you see?
The door is locked for now, but you hold the key
Not all is lost, although it may seem grim
I’ll shine the light for you when things are looking dim

Chorus: When you feel you’ve reached the end
Close your eyes and count to ten
Just say goodbye
When you think you’ve had enough
And you’re tired of being tough (and this world is looking rough)
Just close your eyes
Just say goodbye

2nd Verse: Just show your weakness, you don’t have to prove you’re strong
You’re not always right, no sometimes you’re wrong
Reachin’ out for help in so many words
You spoke so softly that your voice could not be heard


Bridge: And I don’t know how you can look at me square in the eyes and lie, and lie
You are not there with me to see the tears I cry
I don’t understand exactly why you do the things ya do, you do
The only thing I know is something mighty grabbed a hold of you, grabbed of you

3rd Verse: When you’re eyes are filled with tears
And you’re overwhelmed by fear
Just dry your eyes
Just say goodbye
There’s no need to cry
Just say goodbye
Tell the truth, don’t lie
Just say goodbye
Don’t ask yourself why
Just say goodbye (3X)


His first LP is entitled "One is too many... a thousand is never enough," released in 2006.

His second LP is entitled "Life is a roller coaster... enjoy the ride," released in 2008.

His first EP is entitled "Strong Kids: Y Songs by Adam Giancarlo & Friends," which was released in 2011 and is dedicated to donors of the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign.

His second EP is entitled "The Family Album," and consists of songs he wrote for various family members; dedicated to his grandmother. This was released in 2011 as well.

Set List

I typically do one set on acoustic guitar and another set on electric guitar, splicing in keyboards tunes.

My typical acoustic set list:

1. Color-Blind (3:30)
2. Disparity (4:00)
3. Good Grief (4:00)
4. Stop the Violence (4:00)
5. Why's the Sky Blue? (3:30)
6. Where'd Ya Go? (4:30)
7. Say Goodbye (4:00)
8. Watch for the Signs (4:30)
9. If I Had My Way (3:00)
10. Enjoy the Ride (4:30)


My typical electric set list:

11. Climb the Ladder (4:00)
12. Part of Me (4:00)
13. In the Blink of an Eye (3:30)
14. An Eye for an Eye (4:30)
15. Not Right for You (4:00)
16. Love at First Sight (5:30)
17. Rekindled (5:30)
18. Hold Your Horses (6:00)
19. The Oil Slick Blues (3:00)
20. Goodnight Kiss (3:30)

The rest of my songs are entitled:

21. The Light (5:30)
22. Defense Mechanism (4:00)
23. Tunnel Vision (4:30)
24. Think Twice (5:30)
25. Chance Encounter (6:00)
26. Alone in a Crowd (4:00)
27. Unwanted Stepchild (4:30)
28. Filter (4:00)
29. Turtle