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Q&A: Adam Heart
A sight for the eyes and the ears
By Katie Stevenson
May 26, 2009

Adam Heart, who calls his artistry "the culmination of musical interest and chemical imbalance," is a sight for the eyes and the ears. Dressed in platform shoes and rainbow knee-high socks, Adam is sure to grab the attention of everyone in the room. With an ever-changing line-up of songs and his costumed backing band "Children of Light," Adam is sure to have something up his sleeve to please all musical tastes. Look for a new record coming out on Halloween.

You have traveled all over the world, what makes Cleveland special?
Well, it's where I eventually ended up. It's not too bad. I like the country side of things in Ohio. Cleveland is the Mecca if you live in Ohio and you need to find some good music. Cleveland is the place to be. I moved to the states with my parents and then ended up in Cleveland through the music.

Where was your first performance in Cleveland?
The Beachland Ballroom and Tavern

Where is your favorite place to perform in Cleveland?
The Beachland of course!

You have an upcoming album. What can fans expect from that?
It's going to be an orgasm of sight and sound. It's going to be released on Halloween—appropriate. There are going to be lots of little extras. There is going to be a big show. I am gonna bring in a lot of actors and back-up people. It's going to be a big production.
Where is you favorite spot to visit in Cleveland? I am kind of a homebody. I visit the Beachland occasionally; I have been to the Grog a couple of times. I go to a lot of shows to see friends of mine, so wherever they are performing.

- Metromix


A Sad Day on Pluto (2007)



Just who is this Adam Heart? He’s a teen idol, club kid, psychedelic folk hero, glam rock sweetheart and fame-obsessed cult leader, a once-upon-a-time drama major and Jekyll-n-Hyde two-in-one who may or may not wear a dress onstage (the reports have been mixed, and hotly contested). Lovable, incorrigible, pompous and proud of it, Adam Heart is the guiding light of a generation, out to make fools of his enemies and pretty much take over the world.

Born in Frankfurt, Germany, to a large family of supermodels, the precocious Adam Heart moved to South Africa at a young age, where he learned to tame alligators and dance classical ballet. As a child he frequented the dark underbellies of burlesque theatres and risqué cabarets, and listened to The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust, religiously, each day before afternoon tea. He later spent time in and around the United States, quietly amassing an army of teenage believers and covertly plotting his grand entrance onto the music scene.

Adam Heart, who calls his artistry “the culmination of musical interest and chemical imbalance”, draws inspiration from glam legends David Bowie, T. Rex and Roxy Music and the experimental Syd Barrett, as well as modern indie acts Of Montreal, Ariel Pink and Grizzly Bear, and the plays of Jean Genet. His aim: “fun music” that provides a truly egalitarian “something for everyone” -- a mix of retro glam and modern pop with a distinctly underground flair.

Onstage he’s flanked by a costumed live backing band, unassumingly christened the Children of Light. The ever-changing lineup includes Heart’s baby brother Phoenix Rainbow on bass and Dom Vercillo on lead guitar, though the mysterious Heart never plays with the same Children for very long. There’s no typical live show, but rumors hint at a boisterous circus of glitter, make-up, feathers, knee-socks, pantomime, kick lines, chants, strip-teases, rubber chickens, and plenty of audience partici-- well, you get the idea. “I try to make things colorful,” Heart admits demurely. “It depends how drunk I am, really.”

Heart is currently in the studio laying down tracks for his upcoming record, including “Queen of Bizarre”, an ode to weird, entrancing girls everywhere, “Most Dangerous Beast” and “Strictly Ballroom Baby”. The latter, described by Heart as “a masochistic love song”, mixes sweet-and-sour lyrics with a poppy sing-along chorus and good old fashioned swing. “It’s about a guy who’s kicked around by a girl and he’s depressed about it, but in a way he wouldn’t know what to do without it,” explains Heart, who is quick to nix any possibility of autobiography. Asked about his current love life, Heart snorts, “I’m ambisexual, and involved with many, many people.” He adds, “I’m a very promiscuous lad.”

Heart's full-length not-quite-a-concept album, sure to be imbibed and embraced by the masses, enters the atmosphere this summer. Expect ambient melodies, eclectic electronics, dark themes, sunshiney pop, weird noises and moonbeam guitars, for a full mind-bending cosmic experience. A word of caution to the soon-to-be initiated: Best to steer clear of any Kool-Aid after your first listen.

What’s next for Adam Heart? Wilder stage shows, cooler costumes, weirder props? “Whatever it takes to win you over,” promises the enigmatic showman, letting a little of his softer side shine through. At the end of the day, even cult-minded teen prophets need love. Just don’t try to break his heart.