Adam Howard

Adam Howard


Traditional song subjects and traditional styles with slightly off the wall lyrics and an almost classic rock feel. Maybe like if Paul Simon had been writing for The Eagles after listening to Beck and James Taylor all the time. Catchy stuff, and definitely singalongable.

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Beautiful City Day

Written By: Adam Day Howard

Well my voice is getting tired
from drinking a few too many down
and it's still a little warm outside
but a few leaves are already on the ground

It's hard to know what happens now
to stay or just go running home
but no matter what I do
I'll have to do it on my own

and it's a Beautiful City Day
and I feel inclined to say it won't rain
and if I get my pay
I'm gonna make my own way someday

my mind is on a long, long road
four lanes, divided 65
and even when I'm sitting still
that road in me is staying alive

there's a pain in my bones sometimes
that makes me want to swim across the sea
and if I'm stuck here long enough
my mind will break out and set me free

we never really had a plan
we just knew where we wanted to be
and though we might not understand
the light makes it easy to see


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Mostly originals, with a few unexpected covers thrown in.