Adam Howell

Adam Howell

 Griffin, Georgia, USA

Heart felt lyrics and melodies that stick with you from an annointed Christian singer-songwriter.


The guys of Adam Howell are from Griffin,GA. This music varies from slow easy listening worship to upbeat praise. All original music. Seeing this music touch all people for the Kingdom of God is the vision and goal for this artist and having fun doing the Lord's work.


A Work In Progress

Written By: Adam Howell

A work in progress:_______
By, Adam C Howell 3-4-2009

Not much of a building

Just something simple

Through sweat, tears, and sacrifice

This will become a Holy temple


Putting our hands to the plow

Accomplishing that, that was a vow

It may seem to you a mess

But it’s a work in progress

It’s a work in progress (REPEAT LINE)


Not much of a man

Just someone simple

Through love, test, and trials

The Lord will build a Holy temple

Chorus 2:

Putting his hands to the mold

Accomplishing what His Word spoke

For he may seem a mess

But he’s a work in progress

He’s a work in progress (REPEAT LINE)


He pulled us up from the clay

Bending and breaking us everyway

Not giving up on a mess

Because we’re a work in progress

Chorus 3:

Putting His hands to the mold

Accomplishing what His Word spoke

For we may all seem a mess

But we’re a work in progress

We’re a work in progress

I’m a work in progress


A work in Progress
Just Because
Self Exam
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Set List

A work in Progress
Just because
My Jesus
The Lord's Love
I want to do more
Self Exam
Spiritually alone
(approx. 30 minute set with above 8 songs)
covers can be done acoustic :