Adam Joseph

Adam Joseph


Sony Music With A Twist Recording Artist Adam Joseph (singer, songwriter, producer) blends soul, R&B and pop to create his own unique sound. His first music video, "Flow With My Soul" reached #4 on MTV's Logo network and his second video "Faggoty Attention" is now airing.


Adam Joseph is a rare find in the world of music today. Not only does he write, produce, engineer, arrange, and play on all of his recordings, but he also managed to release and distribute his first album independently through his self-owned record label, JAH Records (established in 2003). Adam has performed alongside major artists such as Steven Tyler, Cee-Lo (of Gnarles Barkley), Dianne Reeves, Patti Austin, Brenda Russell, and Martha Wash. Last summer, he rocked the main stages at Boston Pride, NYC Pride, Virginia Pride and opened for Martha Wash (It's Raining Men) at Toronto Pride.

His debut music video "Flow With My Soul" was among the first indie label videos to make it into heavy rotation on MTV's new LOGO Network. Adam's new music video "Faggoty Attention" is scheduled to be released in June '07. His recordings have been in movie soundtracks and CD compilations. Adam is anticipating his first Major Label release in March of 2007 on SONY Records newest Label "Twist".

Adam received intense training in Music Production and Engineering, Vocal Performance, and Music Business at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. In 2004 he moved to New York City where he created "Elegant Children Productions", his own production company. Currently, Adam provides beats and songs for an entire downtown culture of rising Hip-Hop, Rock, and Dance Music personalities, all the while continuing to pursue his own career as a recording artist and songwriter. Adam reaches across many genres of music, continuously proving himself as not just a singer, but also a well-rounded musician, songwriter and producer.

"Soul Music is what I do because that is what comes naturally to me". Adam's soul extends deep into his recordings and often amazes listeners at their first impression. Always effortlessly surprising the public by his contrary look to his sound. Adam feels no need to conform to expectation but celebrates his uniqueness in every aspect.

Adam collaborates regularly with many other up-and-coming hot young musicians. His long-time band mate and Elegant Children Productions Co-Founder Nikki Glaspie is now playing drums touring with Grammy Award Winning artist Beyonce. Adam has also recorded and played with many other successful musicians including Mike Feingold (Jay-Z, Queen Latifah), Ruslan Sirota (Brian McKnight, Stanley Clark), Mark Kelly (Mariah Carey, Meshell N'Degeocello), and Davy Nate (Toni Braxton, Brian McKnight). His intimate affiliation with a select group of talented musicians allows Adam to create a sound and style all his own.
In the near future you can look forward to hearing Adam's collaborative efforts with an ever expanding list of talented producers and musicians as he completes his second solo album and continues to write and produce for other recording artists.


Jonny McGovern
Gays Gone Wild!
Producer, Songwriter, Vocals
Gay/Nerd Music 2007

"This is NYC Bitch! The
East Village Mixtape"
Writer, Producer, Vocals
Gay/Nerd Music 2006

CD Compilation
"Claws for a Cause"
Writer, Producer, Vocals
Boston Lobsters 2006

Movie Soundtrack
"Slutty Summer"
Writer, Producer, Vocals
Embrem Ent. 2005

CD Compilation
"Marry Me"
Writer , Producer, Vocals
FigJam Records 2005

Adam Joseph
"How I Seem to Be"
Writer, Producer, Vocals
JAH Records 2004

Cincinnati Pops
"Young at Heart"
Featured Solo Vocalist
Telarc Records 1992

Set List

Sets vary in length depending on requirements but usually run 40 min to 1 hour. He does do covers of many genres again depending on type of gig.
Original songs in set:
Flow With My Soul
Your Mine
Two Brothers
Faggoty Attention
Get It
How I Seem To Be
Need to Be
Take Time