Adam Knapp

Adam Knapp


High energy country band that performs my original material in addition to traditional and new country music.



Born in Kingston, Ontario, raised on a dairy farm just north of Kingston near a small village named Seeley’s Bay. As a young boy, Adam would sing along with artists such as Ricky Skaggs and Randy Travis while working the fields. It wasn’t until he was 18 that he took his music more seriously and listened to artists such as Alan Jackson and Brooks and Dunn for inspiration. Adam entered a local country singing contest in 1999 and won. One of the judges was a skilled guitar player and gave Adam guitar lessons after the competition ended. Adam picked up on his favorite instrument quickly and began performing locally and across south eastern Ontario. Adam has enjoyed and witnessed many life experiences that have inspired him to write his own material. From triumph and tragedy, Adam writes about what he knows and his music is relatable to many. Adam’s inventory of music can make you laugh, cry or just have a good ol’ time. Adam’s writing has become his focus and has recently completed a new CD with all new original material. You can hear his new music online at, on MySpace at or on CBC radio 3 at

Adam is an active member of SOCAN, S.A.C, NSAI and CCMA.



Written By: Adam Knapp

Lonely - Key of E

Written by: Adam Knapp

Verse 1

I seen an old man on the street the other day
he was clinging to a bottle in a paper bag
he looked lonely
It seemed like his soul was locked in a cage
and I couldn’t help but stop and give him some change
He looked lonely, ooooooohhhh he looked lonely


When you’re traveling down this road of life
It can take you for one hell of a ride
But if it throws you off, it can get lonely.

You’re going ninty miles an hour when you hit a dead end
And it feels like life has done you in but you ain’t alone if you’re feelin’ lonely
No you ain’t alone if you?re lonely.

Verse 2

I called up my buddy to talk last night
I could tell in his voice that he’d been cryin’ cause he’s lonely
He hasn’t been the same since his wife left
He can’t sleep at night and he’s so damn depressed
Cause he’s lonely, ooooohhhhhhh ya he’s lonely.

Repeat chorus

Verse 3

I stopped to see my Grandpa, he was sittin’ in his chair in his overalls
He looked lonely
He just loves to talk about the good ol days
but if you mention grandma tears fill his face
cause he’s lonely, ooooohhhh he looks lonely

Repeat chorus

I seen an old man on the street the other day
He was clinging to a bottle in a paper bag
He looked lonely.

© Adam Knapp


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