Adam Lee

Adam Lee


Adam Lee is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, with deep influences in American roots music like bluegrass, country, folk and rock. His baritone voice brings to life Top 40 pop, country and rock, as well as his own compositions.


To step on stage, guitar slung around his neck, pick in hand, that is Adam Lee's utopia. As he strums that first chord he is transported into the world of music and it is Adam's desire to take his audience with him into the magical world of notes, beats,melodies and lyrics.
Adam's God given powerful baritone voice connects with his listeners and whether he is singing country, pop, soul or even hip hop, the bond grows between him and the audience with each song he performs. Raised in a musical family and having been involved in music for most of his life, has taught Adam to be musically self-sufficient. It has been said, "Adam makes a solo performance sound like a band is backing him up." On the flip side Adam loves to play with artist that have mastered the craft of music.
Ladies call Adam charming with an awesome voice, men are mesmerized by his guitar playing and venues love Adam Lee for making their patrons happy.



Written By: Adam Richardson

Rainy day
And I felt like taking a walk
Something strange
And I sure should have know what it was
It lives inside of me
It's part of my soul

The clouds in the sky
See how they fly away
If I could do that
Where would I be today
If I could just fly
I'd spread my wings and I'd fly away
The clouds in the sky are much like the clouds in her eyes today

Last night I took a walk
And I felt a breeze
Well it made me wonder
Is this life a disease
or is it just like thunder
How can I comprehend the vast and complete way of life
Not a care in the world
So maybe I'll just take my time


The clouds in the sky are much like the clouds in her eyes today

Southern Drawl

Written By: Adam Richardson

Well I grew up about a half a mile from a man named Hicks
He fought like an old bulldog and he lived out in the sticks
But when he pulled out his guitar and sang those country songs
You’d see a smile on every face and the people just sang along

Cause we’re going down to Tulsa with a whiskey in our hands
He taught me how to live my life and he gave me a brand new plan
But there’s two things he showed me that matter most of all
Always thank the Lord about and don’t lose that southern draw

He was raised in Oklahoma and he was 75 years old
He dreamed of writing Nashville songs like he heard on the radio
He played an old box guitar with duct tape on the side
And I got that old box guitar on the day that he died


When I pulled out that old guitar I found me a note
Boy was I sure surprised when I read what he’d wrote
He said take this old here guitar and them words in your hand
And go on down to Nashville and find you a country band

Well I did exactly what he said and I learned it note for note
So me and that old box guitar rolled down that dirt road
I think he’d roll in his grave cause he knew those words so long
Now they’re on the radio as a number one country song


Cup of Coffee

Written By: Adam Richardson

I know you’ve seen pain
I know you’ve seen your share of trouble
I know you got a lot on your brain
Well baby, baby don’t you worry
Cause we can’t add a single day and we don’t know about tomorrow
Right now I’m gonna stay right here beside you

So come in from the rain
Lay your head upon my shoulder
Right now it’s all about
Me and you
And a cup of coffee

Cause I’ve been waiting here all day
Thinking about when I get to see ya
Can I get you anything
Here’s a chair you can put your feet up
Throw your shoes across the room
Let me sing you a little love song
Cause right now it’s all about
Me and you
And a cup of coffee
The sun is shining, the coffee is brewing
There ain’t nothing I’d rather be doing
Than to be here with you


Right now it’s all about me and you…..


Southern Draw
Unless You Let Me
Cup of Coffee
God Sent You To Me
Marriage Song
Jefferson Road
Temp. Service
See The Light