Adam Lieber

Adam Lieber

 New York City, New York, USA

Adam Lieber is a singer/songwriter and jazz pianist way beyond his years musically. His music is passionate, from the heart and inspired by many diverse artists. Catchy melodies, incisive lyrics & powerful vocals drive the music.


Adam Lieber is a singer/songwriter and jazz pianist who has written, recorded and produced about 25 pop/rock songs. His music is passionate and from the heart.

With talent and experience way beyond his years, Adam performed one of his original songs "Imagine a World" at the age of 12 before almost 20,000 people during the halftime show at the Knick game at Madison Square Garden, self-accompanied on keyboard. He had been selected to perform after competing in a tri-state talent search. Adam was humbled by the experience, as any young artist would be, and by the words of the VP of Event Planning at MSG who remarked that "We were honored to have Adam on our stage...his innate professionalism was obvious."

Faced with the dilemma of deciding where to go after having played Madison Square Garden before he was even a teenager, Adam took his show downtown to the legendary Bitter End in NYC, where he performed a set of his original music on piano and guitar before a packed house of fans. After this performance, host Larry Oakes, founder of the "Singer/Songwriter Sessions NYC" remarked: "Adam Lieber has it all--a powerful voice, catchy songs, excellent musicianship and the stage presence of a seasoned pro. I look forward to watching his career unfold. Adam is definitely a rising star."

Tough words to live up to, indeed. But Robert Small, Creator of "MTV Unplugged", who also attended Adam's Bitter End show was equally impressed. He noted: "In addition to having produced and created MTV Unplugged, I have been involved with hundreds of musical artists of all genres. One thing the truly great artists have in common is a genuine love for the music. When I watch Adam Lieber perform, that love is right in your face. He is on track to becoming one of the best. His stage presence and songwriting ability are unpretentious and heartfelt."

Adam recently was excited to have received some local media exposure when he was brought to the attention of WOR710 radio in New York City. Adam was interviewed live to discuss his music and his original song "Stay" was aired, thus garnering thousands of new listeners.

Adam has performed in many other places including Dillon's Lounge, NYC; the Beach Bakery Cafe, Westhampton, NY; Wetter or Not, Westhampton, NY; Eastenders Coffee Shop, Riverhead, NY; the Radisson Hotel in Pennsylvania; Rodeph Sholom Synagogue, NYC; the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty Low Income Senior Residence, NYC; the Sun Harbor Senior Residence, Roslyn, NY; Anderson Middle School; Stuyvesant High School and Creative Arts Camp, NYC.

Adam is currently a member of the Stuyvesant High School Jazz Band and Jazz Combo.

One of Adam's greatest experiences was when he had the opportunity to perform for, and with, country star Rosanne Cash and the noted jazz singer and pianist Peter Cincotti. After listening to Adam perform for her and hundreds of others, Ms. Cash told the crowd, with tears in her eyes, that "Adam's rendition of my song, Black Cadillac [about the death of her father Johnny Cash] brought new meaning to the song for me." This was a performance that Adam will remember for the rest of his life.

Adam is just starting to have his music professionally recorded, so all the songs in this EPK have been self-produced by Adam himself , with the exception of "A Million Dollars" and "Stay" which were professionally produced.

As Adam matures, his music will no doubt continue to evolve and take him and his fans in new and unexpected directions.


Million Dollars

Written By: Adam Lieber

A MILLION DOLLARS, by Adam Lieber (2007)

Verse 1
You live in your four story mansion,
You got your BMW and Escalade too.
You’re a successful business man,
Twenty-four/seven is all that you’ve learned.
But let me tell you something, something you ought to know.

A million dollars isn’t gonna buy you happiness.
A million dollars won’t buy you a wife.
A million dollars won’t buy you emotions.
A million dollars won’t buy you love.

Verse 2
You come home to your house of silver and gold,
But that’s just the surface.
On the inside everything is blue, A living hell it is true.

Verse 3
You ignore the fact that you’re starving,
Hungry for excitement to speed up your pulse.
You know what your kitchen is missing, Someone to butter your toast.

Repeat Chorus (twice)

Bridge (twice)
You got to realize, What’s going on.
This may be the turning point in your life, You gotta take a shot.

Repeat Chorus (twice)

It isn’t gonna buy you love.

Turn My Back

Written By: Adam Lieber

Turn My Back, Copyright 2009 Adam Lieber

Verse 1
They once said, “when it comes take a chance”
Comfort in the short term, doesn’t have a lasting effect
When you settle for the comfort, you end up so lonely
Well I could’ve taken the other ride

Verse 2
I thought I had, I thought I had it under control
I thought I had it figured out, the way through the maze
Damn, I’m only 14, I can’t hold my own
The other path was there

But I turned my back on you, and you turned your back on me
And what I was expecting didn’t go as planned
So I, had to go

Verse 3
There came a time, when I just wanted to fall away
Forget about life, let the waves make me sway
In the back of my mind though, it was like I was wasting my time
Gotta be productive

Verse 4
So here’s the game plan, I could fight for what I missed
But sometimes, it’s so hard,
So I’ll just try to start all over again
Wait for the spark

Repeat Chorus

Altered Chorus
And next time I won’t turn my back on you
And you won’t turn your back on me
And what I am expecting will, go as planned
So I won’t have to go

What it Takes

Written By: Adam Lieber

What it Takes, by Adam Lieber Copyright 2009
Verse 1
You sit in the chair,
Wondering why, I’m still there.
I, wanna be your shield,
But you keep pushing me away,
And it kills.
But I don’t understand,
What it takes to be your guy,
And I can’t comprehend the truth.
Verse 2
He knocks on her door,
And her mother says,
She isn’t home.
She sits in her room,
Her face immersed in her book
Second Chorus (2x)
He doesn’t understand what it takes to be her man
He can’t comprehend the truth
And she won’t budge at all
Ever since the last time
Her heart is closed


Adam's song "Stay" was showcased on WOR710 AM in New York.

His songs "Million Dollars" and "What it Takes" are available for sale on iTunes.

These are all of Adam's songs:

Imagine a World
A Living Paradise
I Told a Lie
Just Call You
Something New
Gift to the World
Second Chance
Lost to Someone Else
A Million Dollars
Things Come Back
People Said
All Night Long
Find My Way to You
Turn My Back
Page Starts to Turn
Running from You
To Find Out
We Can Still Shine
What it Takes

Set List

A typical set for Adam would be about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes.

The set would consist of some or all of Adam's 23 original compositions: Imagine a World, Sometimes, A Living Paradise, I Told a Lie, Just Call You, Something New, Gift to the World, Second Chance, Lost to Someone Else, Lullaby, A Million Dollars, Stay, Photograph, People Said, All Night Long, Find My Way to You, Turn My Back, Page Starts to Turn, Running from You, To Find Out, What it Takes and We Can Still Shine.

Adam might also cover songs such as I'm Yours and You and I Both (Jason Mraz); Waiting on the World to Change and No Such Thing (John Mayer); The Riddle and Superman (Five for Fighting); Flake and Banana Pancakes (Jack Johnson); Collide (Howie Day); Living on a Prayer (Bon Jovi)