Adam LoDolce

Adam LoDolce

 Allendale, Michigan, USA

David Coleman is known as The Dating Doctor.™ He has been honored fourteen times as The National Speaker of the Year— including 2013 AND was named the 2011 National Entertainer and Male Performer of the Year!


Program Title and Description: Ultimate Social Freedom

Adam admits that he grew up “socially average,” struggling to connect well with others. Based on his own life experiences and extensive research, he has created a program designed to reach and transform those who struggle with similar social setbacks. He defines his signature concept of Social Freedom as the confidence to be your true self in any social situation without the fear of rejection or criticism. To that end, Adam’s Ultimate Social Freedom program will empower students to strengthen body language, trigger mental preparedness, and solidify personal belief systems to allow them the freedom to be completely comfortable and confident when meeting new people. He inspires students to challenge their social comfort zones in order to live the best college lifestyle possible – for them.

Audience Action Points:

* Teach students how to “trigger” their peak social mental/emotional state

* Move students from socially inept to socially average to socially free

* Educate the audience on the “Caveman Concept” of social fear

* Learn the “Three Step Social Freedom Process”

* Demonstrate the concept of “Exposure Therapy” for conquering social fears

* Practice the “Act as if...” body language technique exercise

* Reinforce each participants personal belief systems

* Students are taught how to handle rejection


Adam LoDolce is a motivational high school and college speaker, a dating coach, and the author of the book Being Alone Sucks! He is also considered to be a thought leader on how to expand something known as social freedom: the ability to feel, speak, and act like your true self in any social situation without fear of rejection, criticism, or failure.

Adam graduated magna cum laude from Bentley University and immediately pursued a lucrative career consulting Fortune 500 companies. Over the years, Adam realized that wealth and professional success didn’t buy happiness or relationships, and he became absolutely determined to study, practice and improve his dating and social techniques. After two years and thousands of hours trying and testing techniques, Adam discovered the secret to building confidence and succeeding in social situations. His discoveries are the foundation of the social freedom motivational college speaking workshops and his Boston dating coaching programs.

Adam is also a writer for Betty Confidential Magazine and is the producer of Socially Free TV.