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Adam LoDolce

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Adam LoDolce was featured on the show MTV MADE (planned airing date in August 2013) and has been featured in literally hundreds of magazines across the nation as being one of the nations hottest and youngest dating coaches. His "sexy confidence" programs inspire students to love their dating life.


Adam LoDolce is known as “The Dating Confidence Coach” and he travels all across the country speaking to students about dating, confidence and alcohol awareness. He also has a national dating coaching practice based out of Boston Mass where he coaches both men and women on advanced social dynamics and dating.

His two college student focused programs are "Sexy Confidence" and "Be the Life of the Party...ALCOHOL FREE!".

His last book titled “Being Alone Sucks!” has recently soared to the top of Amazon’s romance and love book list. He also recently produced a short film for men entitled “Go Talk to Her”.

Adam spoke at over a hundred universities across the country. Here are a few of the universities on Adam’s client list from 2012

• University of Notre Dame
• University of Alabama
• University of Texas Arlington
• Colorado Mountain College
• Salisbury University
• Endicott College
• St. Josephs College
• Virginia Tech
• Wayne State College

Lastly, Adam was recently a coach on MTV’s emmi award winning show “MADE” as a “Ladies Man Dating Coach”. Adam is also a national media consultant working with major publishers such as Glamour, CNN and New York Magazine.

Here are descriptions of his two programs he offers to college students:

"Sexy Confidence"

LoDolce’s revolutionary program is designed to provide students with the confidence to leave unhealthy relationships and/or seek new fulfilling relationships. As one of the nation’s leading dating coaches, Adam reinforces a critical message that confidence IS sexy! Adam has been featured on MTV, Glamour, Men’s Health, Cosmo and many more as the leading dating confidence coach because of his unique approach to succeeding in today’s dating scene. Both men and women (of all sexual orientations) will learn the specific techniques on how to love their mind, their body and how to exude confidence in any social situation to attract the right type of person into their lives.

Be the Life of the Party…ALCOHOL FREE!

Why do college students go out and get wasted every night? Because alcohol is considered the acceptable, sure-fire way to become socially outgoing, accepted, and accountability-free. Imagine if students learned the truth: that in order to meet the highest quality people (both romantically and platonically) they need to learn to connect with people without the booze. Adam’s Be the Life of the Party…ALCOHOL FREE program teaches students how to avoid the “pregame party necessity,” build up their social value, and hold effective conversations—without being drunk. Audiences learn directly from one of America’s top dating coaches how to be the most popular person at any party…sober!