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The best kept secret in music


":: Burning Country's Paul Lawrence reviews Adam's album"

Artist: Adam Marshall
Album: The Last Marshall
Ratings: ****
Label: Rotan Records

Adam Marshall a former United States Marine and a new up-coming country artist has released an album titled, “The Last Marshall.” During his tour in Iraq Adam use to keep a note book strapped to his leg where he would write down random words. When he returned home a little over a year ago he took those words and created what is known as, “The Last Marshall.”

“Come Home As Fast As You Can,” is his debut hit single off his first album. It’s a touching track that is about a mother writing a letter to her son or daughter who is away at war. Adam Marshall performed this song at an Event called, “Salute The Troops” which was sponsored by a Portland radio station, powerhouse KWJJ. There is also a bonus track on this album with the same song using Presidential Speeches.

When Adam was back in Iraq one night he sat down with his unit and got them to write a country song to ease the tension. Adam and his unit decided to write a song about the hardest thing for a man to do, admit that he was wrong. This song is called, “Honest Man.”

The song, “Memories Of You” is base on a true story about a man with a broken heart who is trying to drink the past away. As he hopes the memories of her won’t last. But, eventually he finally gets over her.

There is an additional six more songs on this album including a bonus track.

The album contains not only heartfelt Patriotic lyrics, but emotional thoughts from a young man who has experienced war at first hand. In my opinion, “Adam Marshall is a sizzling hot new country artist who will be around in the music industry for a long time to come.”

Paul Lawrence
Burning Country

" Reviews The Last Marshall"

Oftentimes artists find inspiration to write from their daily experiences. For Adam Marshall daily life consisted of sand and salutations. Adam was an active duty Marine fighting in the Middle East. Every song on “The Last Marshall” was written while Adam was stationed in Iraq.

Vocally similar to Charlie Robison; Adam’s brand of country music falls somewhere in between the music produced by Chris LeDoux and Tim McGraw. While lyrically strong throughout the 10 track album, one song truly stands out head and shoulders above what the other 8 songs say. “Come Home As Fast As You Can” is so good that it is included on the CD twice, once with presidential speeches tacked on at the end. “Original Cowboy” features a rocking melody wrapped around a lyric that proclaims what Adam’s all about. “Cowboy Hat” finds Adam singing about the every day man who finds the woman of his dreams wearing a cowboy hat. “The Last Marshall” is a strong song about a man who professes to love a woman as much as possible, even if he’s the last Marshall. “Memories Of You” is a tough lyrical song that mines traditional country themes.

With 9 strong songs, “The Last Marshall” is a promising debut release from a young man who’s both vocally and lyrically talented (the music is written by Kevin McCarthy). With a bit more seasoning, I have no doubts that Adam can become a star.
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The Last Marshall - Full Album - Store Release Date May 31st

Cowboy Hat - Released to over 2200 radio stations

Come Home as Fast as You Can - receiving airplay


Feeling a bit camera shy


Adam Marshall…

Breaking country artist and recent sensation as a top winner at Country Thunder USA’s “Young Guns” national finals competition, ADAM MARSHALL had more than the usual challenges facing a young artist writing songs for his debut CD, The Last Marshall..

All of the nine songs that are today launching the 26 year old Oregon born singer towards his dreams of superstardom started life in a dug-out hole in the sands of Iraq—random words and hopeful hooks scrawled on a tattered notebook a young Marine kept strapped to his leg. Adam Marshall just a few short months ago was that young Marine who volunteered to be one of the first members of the U.S. military to hit ground in America’s most recent conflict to free Iraq. Along with 55 of his fellow Marines, Adam, assigned to a heavy equipment operations unit, left the U.S. on January 3, 2003 to land twenty-eight miles south of the border of Iraq with a mission of building a base camp “Operation Snakepit” in the shifting sands of a desolate war torn landscape that surrounded them on all sides.

“I had a front seat that I will always remember—even if I wanted to forget,” he said in a recent interview. “I told myself over there ‘God, if I make it out of here, I’ll never ask you for another thing!’ I wanted to get back home and live my dream of being a country singer, and I realized in Iraq that life is too short not to go for the dreams you really want.”

Now a little over a year since arriving back on U.S. soil, Adam Marshall is beginning to live that hard fought dream. This spring, thousands of online voters in the nationwide talent search, “Young Guns,” sponsored by one of country music’s top live annual events, Country Thunder USA in Phoenix, unanimously named Adam a winner among the thousand of entries submitted. The win put him onstage to open for artists of the caliber of Reba McEntire and Neal McCoy, and brought his original music to the attention of scores of news fans. More importantly, the national spotlight fell on a new bred of young American hero.

Being proud to be a Marine is part of legacy Adam Marshall rightfully inherited. His paternal grandfather had served proudly and filled his young grandson with the dedication and pride of service to his country that became guideposts to Adam’s growth as a young man determined to follow those footsteps. He enlisted at 20, determined to temporary set aside his dreams of a career in country music to serve his country.

Shortly before being sent off to war, Adam had the opportunity of meeting one of his country idols, Brad Paisley. During the long, sleepless nights at his post in Iraq, Adam reflected on the kindness and the encouragement to pursue his music that Paisley had imparted to him during their brief encounter.

Between Adam and his music now stood only the stress of staying alive and dodging enemies that were too often unseen. “We were always watching our backs. Muzzle flashes, Iraqis with hidden weapons—there wasn’t a second you could drop your guard during the day.”

“At night I’d close my eyes—often just one eye—and imagine myself back home doing simple things that I’d taken for granted, like washing my truck. I’d feel the cool water splash against my face, feel the sponge in my hand. There was no place to hide physically, so you just learn to hide for a minute or two mentality to get through the night. I did a lot of my songwriting at night—just little fragments of thoughts here and there that I hoped I’d one day get back home to record.”

“Incoming gas attacks were one of the biggest threats. It was a lot of stress as every 15 minutes or so the shout, “Gas!” would be heard and we’d have to get down and clear—or take the risk of being dead within 30 seconds. For the first 26 days we were in camp we were in plastic suits in 128 degree temperatures in the desert so mentality it really freaked a lot of guys out.”

After close to six months of active duty, Adam came home on May 26th, of 2003.
With him came the tattered notebook and scraps of paper that were to become the songs now being released on The Last Marshall.

With the money he had saved from his tour of active duty, Adam went into the studio back home in Portland. As the project was unfolding, country artist Jeff Bates came to the Northwest on a “Salute The Troops” event being sponsored by Portland radio powerhouse KWJJ. As fate had already pre-destined, friends suggested Adam be included in the event to sing his song, “Come Home As Fast As You Can” for the soldiers being deployed. Local television and radio made the handsome young ex-Marine the centerpoint of their coverage—and “the rest,” they will one day say in writing about Adam Marshall’s career—“is country music history.”

Fittingly, “Come Home As Fast As You Can,” is his debut single off his debut album.
“It’s a song that seems to know no time limits,” says Adam. “Ladies have come up to me crying after they hear the song and say th