Adam McGill

Adam McGill


Look what Terry Stewart President & CEO of The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame said recently: “Every so often you hear a new voice that has something to say musically. Adam McGill is certainly one of these. The freshness and energy of his songwriting, playing and singing made me a fan on the spot.”


In a time when melodies have grown dull and originality seems far-fetched, Canadian born singer-songwriter Adam McGill’s music excites and re-energizes. With a voice like James Taylor and writing styles reminiscent of John Mayer and Maroon 5, his music is drawing larger crowds than ever.

So as the next pieces fall into place, the melodies of Adam McGill are poised to infect much more than just North America. Get ready to fall in love with the music of Adam McGill.


As of December 2005, Adam has 3 songs that have been recorded, mixed, and mastered. 12 additional songs are completed awaiting production. Interested Labels, Producers, Booking Agents, & Publishers should contact:

Legal / Eric Doney, Donahue Gallagher Woods

Management / Marty Marmor
512-249-6822 cell
866-211-9369 toll free

Set List

The Sun Shines Down
Baby I Should
Rock n Roll
Stop Pop
It's Killing Me
Baby Shine Down
Can't Get Away From You
Everything To Me
I Cherish You.