Adam Michael Allison

Adam Michael Allison

 Orlando, Florida, USA

AMA’s music takes an eclectic mix of pop/soul/rock with hooks that within seconds of listening will have you singing along. His passion for making music is simply irresistible always drawing people into singing his melodies. Take a listen, sing along.


After spending 8 years hiding behind a guitar touring in the industry Adam sat down with some musicians one day and began to unveil the songs he had been writing and collecting over the past 10 years. The melodies took over the room and each one of the players looked Adam in the eyes and told him “you’ve got something to say and you need to let others hear these songs.” Adam took on the challenge teaming up with Luke Fredrickson, Dan Ostebo (bass player for The Afters) and Josh Robbinson ( drummer for Dave Barnes, Andy Davis, Ed Cash, Matt Wertz, and David Ryan Harris just to name a few) to record the Nomad EP. With each note played the album became more and more special. Adam’s been playing in front of crowds since the age of 16 and immediately grabs a crowd without even trying. His heart bleeds out through his music, his humor draws the crowd and makes them feel at home, his relentless pursuit of thanking his listeners never fails to win over their hearts. Adam loves music but he loves the people that listen even more!


Adam Michael Allison- Nomad EP

Set List

Set List:

Love Hear Me
California Bound
Lonely Heart
Head Over Heals
Band introductions: With A Little Help From My Friends
The Pursuit