Adam Minor

Adam Minor


Raw passion. It reminds you of why you fell in love with music in the first place. It's like all your favorite artists came together to create a new generation of musicians that truely remember why they love playing. The passion.


After toiling away for years as a Blues/Rock band in Memphis, Adam Minor soared to the top of the rock scene in 2006 with his debut album, "Detroit Blues". The band's latest album, "Seattle", weaves Adam Minor's melodramatic vocal work with uncorked riffs to evoke an album highlighting rock and roll at its finest. With standout tracks like "Glitter & Gold," already making its impact in Europe, Adam Minor can count on loads of future success.


Highway 98-the flipside
Adam Minor-Detroit Blues

Set List

Depending on venue size and audience: 12 originals :48 (detroit blues), 3-4 originals :14+-(hwy 98-the flipside), 8-10 originals :45 (seattle-upcoming) 300+ covers rock, country, limited hip-hop.