Alernative rock band featuring catchy hooks in a plethora of original songs. Ranging from slow and melodic anthems to upbeat in-your-face radio hits.


Calling Central Jersey home, Adam Binder is the type of artist who writes from his life experiences as well as his heart. Adam’s musical story embodies the struggles he has lived through. Each of his songs can be interpreted in a variety of ways by the audience. As an artist who wishes to reach and relate to as many people as possible, Adam strives to put his music in the hands of those who listen to it by allowing them to derive their own meaning of each song.

Adam began his musical journey at age 12 when he convinced his parents to let him buy a beat up used electric guitar. By age 14 he was recruited to play in a band with members who were 4-7 years his senior.

In 2004 Adam joined forces with a new group of rockers to become vocalist and guitarist in Jeta Grove. The band achieved air-play in the tri-state area as well as on internet radio stations and received several positive reviews from different publications. Making the semi-finals in competitions such as Ratfest, Emergenza and MTV2 Rock Battle NYC were some of the band’s finest moments.

From 2006 to 2007 Adam served a brief stint as the drummer in the band Charlie In The Box. The band would often open up for Jeta Grove, and Adam would play music all night.

Recently Adam teamed up with producer Mike Fevola to create his debut solo CD “On This Road”. This project has only enhanced Adams creativity, being that Adam plays a good deal of the instruments on the album. Assisted by Fevola the disc takes a shift toward a more radio-friendly sound.

Adams growth to this point is matched by his willingness to always work harder at achieving his dream.


1.On This Road EP- Produced by Mike Fevola. Radio released tracks include "On This Road" and "Stars Collide".
2.Jeta Grove-Faint Young Sun Paradox EP (2008)- Produced by Joe Pizarro (JoDell). Radio released songs include "Razorblades and Bandaids", "Get Out", and "Under the Faultline".

Set List

There is no typical set list. We often play 50 minute sets in shows with other bands, occasionally we will headline a show and play for an hour and a half or more. Sometimes a bar will book us as their only entertainment for the night and we will do 3 forty minute sets. We do mostly originals, and one cover. Our repetoire of originals is always expanding so this is just a partial list.

1.On This Road
2.Stars Collide
5.Fight Song
6.One Of These Days
7.Silent Violence
8.Stars Collide
9.Get Out
10.Back Together
11.Under the Faultline
12.Just a Waste
14.Razorblades and Bandaids
15.Secret Garden
17.War is a Crime
20.Simple Man (cover of Lynyrd Skynrd)