Adam O'Connor

Adam O'Connor


My sound in this genre is unique in this country and probably the world. I play instrumental acoustic guitar and don't follow any of the rules. I take everything I love about electric guitar and put it to work on acoustic. I write in a wide open range of styles and I'm at home cruising or cookin'.


Adam draws upon funk, jazz, blues and rock and his tunes borrow elements from many other styles. In playing and composing alike, he tries to find the balance between familiar and exotic, rhythm and harmony. Adam takes inspiration from legends of solo guitar players such as Joe Pass, Martin Taylor, Tuck Andress and of course, Tommy Emmanuel. The style of his music is also affected by his simultaneous passion for electric guitar and it’s idols. He cites diverse influences such as ,Mark Knopfler, Stevie-Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, John Scofield, Scott Henderson, Wayne Krantz and many others. Adam has played in Top 40 cover bands, duos, trios and Jazz and Fusion ensembles. He has spent a lot of time doing solo gigs, accompanying vocalists, playing standards and funky tunes and developing the way he wants to play the guitar.


Set List

45 minute sets usually. 2 sets of originals 3-4 more of standards/covers.