Adam Pate

Adam Pate

 Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Adam draws more people per hour than anyone in the world! He can draw up to 200 people in b/w on paper at a 3 hour event sitting or strolling while people watch, talk and laugh with him! A sketch takes 45-60 seconds. Adam also projects digital iPad sketches to entertain an entire roomful of people!!


Adam the Speed Sketcher is the fastest caricature artist in the world! Because of his unique background, Adam is comfortable in situations that would inhibit other artists and entertainers from performing. He usually books by the amount of guests expected and is committed to draw and entertain every single one of them.

For extremely large events, or if Adam is already booked, several additional artists are available that Adam has trained and they can ALMOST keep up with him. Only the fastest, friendliest and most talented artists in the country are on Adams backup list. Just 2 artists should be able to draw over 100 people per hour! Adam is also fully insured.

Adam can draw at smaller events as well. He will come set up an easel and draw more detailed drawings with bodies and color them if you like. He also does digital caricatures that can be projected onto a screen, has a camera that can live stream the entire event online and he does coloring projects at parties as well! Lots of extra options to make the experience even more special!

For more entertainment ideas, check out his agency, Something Fun and Different Entertainment! There you'll find lots of fabulous artistic entertainment options that you've never seen before!


Adam has been drawing for over 20 years professionally and has many, many, many references available.

Videos, flicker, twitter, blog, samples of his work, several facebook fan pages, online portfolios and many other ways to connect on his website,

Set List

Other than colleges and Universities, Adam mostly draws at weddings, trade shows, crowded promotional events, including nightclub and restaurant promotions.