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Adam Payne / 2ADAM12

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2004 | INDIE

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2004
Solo R&B Acoustic




"Instrumental Learning"

The Arts and Lectures program is striking a chord on campus, with offerings so varied that even those who can’t carry a tune are taking note.

“The appeal is far-reaching, whether you want to learn a new skill or develop an existing skill, or find out how business is very much a part of the art world,” says Adam Payne (pictured above), whose gig as assistant director of student activities includes directing the Arts and Lectures Program and the Bowles Performing Arts Series. “People have the power to choose how they want to enrich themselves and their overall cultural awareness.”

Programming ranges from live music concerts to workshops on songwriting to lectures by experts on topics such as neuroscience and photography.

“Learning about the music business was interesting and made me think about how our Bentley education could be put to use in the industry,” says Rachel Dempsey ’14, an Information Design and Corporate Communication major who attended a presentation by music industry professionals and went on to join guitar and photography workshops.

The diverse bill reflects Payne’s own unconventional path in the arts. A classically trained vocalist, he tracks his early inspiration to Saturday morning cartoons, whose music he mimicked on the family piano. Adding guitar and drums to his repertoire, he developed an eclectic style that fuses funk, R&B, folk and acoustic.

Setting the Stage

An eight-year Bentley veteran, Payne took charge of arts programming in 2011. He built on the Bowles Performing Arts Series, created by his predecessor, Jim Morris, and on the English Department’s Creative Writers Forum.

“Jim is responsible for so much positive change in the area of the arts on this campus,” says Payne, who collaborated with Morris on programs such as Mixed, a one-person play on the multiracial experience.

The Arts and Lectures lineup has grown to include a Friday afternoon Concert Series, Live Music Series, Lectures Program, and Arts Workshop Series. This fall introduced Arts Instructors-in-Residence: a series of weekly campus visits by painters, singers, musicians and others who offer individual and group lessons in their specialty.

Chorus of Benefits

Music seems to have benefits that reverberate beyond personal growth. Research by the Mind– Body Wellness Center at Pennsylvania-based Meadville Medical Center suggests that playing an instrument can improve the American workplace by reducing stress, depression and burnout among employees. The reason? Rhythmic therapy provides an outlet for self-expression.

The resounding impact of the arts comes as no surprise to Payne.

“We live in an extremely complex world, and people rely on the development of transferable skills to help meet demands,” he says. “Exposure to the arts encourages people to think about our world in different ways and be more open to different perspectives. It helps us make connections with others and contribute to something greater than ourselves.” - Bentley Observer

"Adam Payne"

"Come on now, Adam Payne. What are you doing? We’re chuggin’ right along through this here DigCalendar, and then you stroll up all nonchalant and combine a rootsy-acoustic sound with soul-tinged R&B lyricism. F*cks our whole “genre” thing up. Torpedoed by your damn talent-torpedoes with awesome-warheads. Why you gotta be like that? You know, considering how much of an Adam Payne-in-our-neck it was to write this, we’re not even sure we want to go to your show at Precinct tonight. Heh. Little pun there if you didn’t notice. Ahem. See you there."
-Sean Clancy - Dig Boston

"Adam Payne / 2ADAM12"

Tommy Doyle’s // Boston, MA // October 2, 2010

At Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square, 2ADAM12 took the stage to deliver a
hypnotic and engaging live show. Covering a wide range of genres, these musicians
combine R&B, soul, funk, reggae and rock. Leader Adam Payne is truly an
inspirational musician with a unique style that is showcased through his vocals,
exceptional guitar playing and songwriting. The show featured tightly constructed
melodic arrangements accompanied by Payne’s unique mixture of hip-hop and
soulful vocals that kept the audience moving.
Starting off the night with “Be Near Me,” Payne’s voice and richly textured
chords organically set a gentle introduction. The second song “Stop” featured
pulsing beats from bassist George Simon, who adds to the group by playing purely
with the melody and rhythm. On keys, contributing textured arrangements and
harmonic sensibility, sits talented Steve Malinowski. Moving right into “The Way
It Goes” spotlights the groups ability to unleash a vital energy of funky rhythms
that snaps into a killer-swinging groove. Backing everyone up with the steady
beats and interesting fills is Paul Chiasson on drums. Guitarist Adam Dehner feeds
the ensemble with a range of voices and prominent solos. While arpeggiated left-
hand chords support wistful melodies, pianist Steve Malinowski leaves room for
sweeping right hand improvisations in the reggae funk song “Give It”. Additional
bass was provided by Mik Mersha towards the end of the band’s set. Kicking it old
school, they ended with “Electric Relaxation” by A Tribe Called Quest.
Tonight’s show was in support of a great cause, started by Adam in tribute to
his mother Jane. When asked about the benefit, Adam states, “The 4th Annual
Benefit for Jane was a great success. Dealing with the loss of a loved one never
becomes easier with time, but doing something positive is very therapeutic, and
makes it all worthwhile!”
- Performer Magazine - Kristen DeTroia

"Adam Payne Project Funks It Up In The Pub"

The Vanguard, Waltham MA
Published: Thursday, March 31, 2005

Everyone's favorite Resident Director/musician is shaking things up a bit. The last time that we checked in with Adam Payne he was kicking it solo. Now a full band of fellow funkateers is backing him.

With Adam Dehner on lead guitar, Mark Purrington on drums, Mik Mersha on bass, and Payne wielding the acoustic guitar and covering vocals, the newly-formed Adam Payne Project played their first gig last Thursday in the Pub. Playing before a packed crowd, the act was received very enthusiastically. "These guys really rocked hard," quipped Pub-regular and music fan Haig Berberian.

The Project began when Mark and Adam met at an ill-fated Open Mic night last year. "Adam [Payne] brought more people than even musicians showed up," remembers Dehner. The two clicked and began working together, before finally hooking up with the other two members.

They are a band of diverse musical backgrounds. "I grew up in Ethiopia, so African music has really influenced me," says Mersha. "So I come from a little different place musically." Dehner, who was initially influenced by virtuoso guitar players like Eddie Van Halen, moved on to other styles and actually met Mersha playing in a Cuban Salsa band.

Purrington, still a high school student, considers drummers from across the musical landscape his influences. Though he is still a youngster, you wouldn't know it based on sound alone. He is capable beyond his years behind the set. And then there is Bentley's own Payne, whose songwriting and style, as loyal readers will know, lends itself to everyone from America to Outkast.

Described by Dehner as "soul rock," the band's sound will appeal to fans of jam bands as much as the rock and soul crowd. Part of the wide reaching appeal comes from the foursome's ability to seamlessly combine many different styles of music into their own funky concoction. The band is very proud of this versatility. "We can tour with anybody and be comfortable," says Dehner.

When the guys come together, they accomplish the feat of sounding both original and familiar at once - the "new-old" sound as some call it. They are also as tight as O.J. Simpson's gloves. With Payne's soulful and powerful voice, Dehner's funky and dazzling lead guitar, Mersha's creative bass grooves, and Purrington's tight drumming, the band becomes one mind with eight hands.

Though the group has the lofty goal of being able to support themselves through music alone, they are as easy-going as they come. "We just want to be able to play music," says the reserved Purrington. They seem to be off to a good start. The guys are playing a slew of local venues, including the Skellig on April 13 in Waltham, and Bill's Bar on April 29 on Boston's Lansdowne St.

"We're one member away from a starting five," proclaims Dehner, who thinks that the band is just one step away from competing on the pro-circuit. Though the band is not quite sure what instrument their fifth member will play, they do know what it won't be. In regards to adding a kazoo player, Payne jokes, "If we get a kazoo player I'm quitting the band tomorrow."

- Pat Walsh

"Adam Payne - Groove Central"

There is a new king of cool and his name is Adam Payne. If you tried to group him in a category with other artists you’d be hard pressed because he has created a niche all his own. Ranging from laid back R&B Grooves to stripped down acoustic performances, Adam Payne is sure to bring something to the table that everyone can enjoy.

Payne’s newest album, “The Quelling”, is a vibrant and soulful effort. Many of the songs sound like they belong on the radio and undoubtedly should be. Starting with the neo-soul of “Be Near Me”, with it’s synth intro that sounds like Super Mario in outer space, one can’t help but already feel the good vibes to come. The confident swagger in these songs is characterized by the subtle and simple yet effective beats that get stuck in your head. The atmospheric touches on tracks such as “Over And On Again” help lend a cool ghost funk, making “The Quelling” a unique achievement.

It is when Payne takes away the synths and extra layers and just plays acoustically on his album “Just Me” that the yearning in his lyrics take center stage, revealing a deeper level in his songwriting. The honest lyrics cut through and help give the songs substantial ground, such as on the track “Just Let Me In”:“I would die for you/I’d provide for you/I’d do anything to pull in the tide for you”. It is this vulnerability that Payne reveals with his acoustic strapped around his shoulder that is a crucial element in his ability to allow the listener to relate. While these songs are longer and more drawn out than those on “The Quelling“, they also show another side to him.

When Payne isn’t flying solo, he lets loose with his band 2ADAM12. Just when you think you have him pegged, Payne surprises you with a formidable and tight band that delivers a whole other kind of strut. Moving away from the groove wave of “The Quelling” to the poppy funk of 2ADAM12, Payne gets into full on jam mode. The reggae-slink of “Give It” comes out of left field and is an impressive display that is completely different from all his other songs. What is also a noticeable difference with 2DAM12 is the electric guitar solos that seamlessly guide through with a funky wah, helping give more of an edge on songs like “Ride”, which has a full on jam tacked on at the end for good measure.

Let’s not forget the single “Chiclets In My Pocket”, a tongue-in-cheek ode to the bite size gum. The humor in this tune would be right at home as a Saturday Night Live digital short (check out the video on YouTube), and that speaks to its mainstream potential.

Unlike so many of today’s artists, Adam Payne is a true individual who does what he wants to do and that is something to be respected. A well rounded musician and singer/songwriter, be sure to remember the name Adam Payne.

- LORE Music Group (written by Jason Savio)

"The Profusion Initiative"

There’s something special about Adam Payne, even before he picks up a guitar. His personality and individual flair seem to light up a room as he walks in, and this mystical sort of magnetism tends to turn all heads in the area towards him, without his even saying a word. He’s the kind of person, just on his own, that all the ladies want to be with and all the guys want to hang out with… but that’s nothing compared to what happens when he gets onstage.

I’ve seen a lot of performers come and go, including many amazingly talented musicians and songwriters, but Adam is definitely one of the best and most unique I’ve ever had the good fortune to experience.

His songwriting during his time in Charlotte grew with leaps and bounds, as his technical proficiency on the guitar increased as well. His vocal range and personal tastes can take his sets from old school folk and classic rock to hard-core acoustic hip hop like you’ve never heard, and then veer into penetrating originals with a depth and a focus that will stop you in your tracks.

His jazzy voicing on the guitar brings a breath of fresh air, even to an often stale I-IV-V format, and his uncanny ability to freestyle and improvise at the drop of a hat often has the audience rolling with laughter (if they are able to stop and catch their breath from so much dancing). And just when you thought he’d expended his array of talents, he’ll bring out the keyboard and rock the house with that as well in a completely different way.

While here in Charlotte, Adam performed with three different projects: a four-piece electric project with him fronting on the acoustic guitar, a three piece acoustic project (guitar, djhembe, and a beat-boxer) that had more sound than most full five pieces, and his solo gig. Every one of them was phenomenal (to my tastes, the three-piece was by far the most unique and attention grabbing), and each one rapidly developed the same aura and power that Adam himself tends to ooze. In other words, this performer is a front-man from the cradle and it’s only a matter of time before he settles into a comfortable combination of location and surrounding musicians before the world will have to take notice.

While briefly walking around the campus of UNC Charlotte the other day to visit some friends in the music department I still saw three students walking around in Adam Payne t-shirts, though it’s been months since he’d moved to Boston and I was on campus for all of fifteen minutes. All I could do was laugh.

This is a musician that touches people, and he’s a performer not to be missed.

- E.S. Guthrie

"Get to Know: 2ADAM12"

Each week, we take a look through our Sonicbids dropbox and let a band tell us about themselves. This week, get to know Adam Payne and his band 2ADAM12.

Band Name: Adam Payne / 2ADAM12

Members (with roles and hometowns):
Mik Mersha (Lynn, MA) – Bass
Adam Dehner (Dartmouth, MA) - Lead Guitar
Adam Payne (Lynn, MA) - Lead Vocals / Acoustic Guitar
Mark Purrington (Dartmouth, MA) - Drums

Releases: 2ADAM12 (2007)

Website: WWW.2ADAM12.COM

How did you form?

Payne met Dehner at an open mic in J.P. in 2005. They started working on Payne's originals, and then added Mik and Mark to the mix later on in the year. The band debuted as the Adam Payne Project at Bentley College in March of 2005 and have been going strong ever since.

Who are some of your influences?

Our influences are varied, as is evident in the music we play. Anyone from America to A Tribe Called Quest, to Jeff Beck and Phish, all the way back around to the Godfather, Mr. James Brown. And of course, The Meters.

Finish the sentence, someone would like your band if they like…

The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jamiroquai, Gym Class Heroes, the sound of warm, tasty bread...

What has your most memorable moment as a band been?

There are so many memorable moments... If we had to pick one of them, it would have to be when we played the Keene Music Festival in NH this past fall. After our set, it was incredible to see the wide variety of people who bought our CD. Little kids, teenagers, grown folks. It's a nice feeling to know that your music has the ability to reach such a wide audience.

Walk us through your songwriting process…

Payne is like Barry Manilow. He writes the songs, mostly on acoustic guitar. Usually the next step involves getting together with Mik and/or Adam to hash out the changes and add in any new ideas. The last step is when we put all of the ideas together and jam on the song until we feel good about what's going on. Then we release it to the world.

Who is the best musician in your band?

Dehner would no doubt argue that he is, but it's pretty clear that everyone brings a fierce talent to their respective place at the table. Mik's funky bass lines, Payne's killer vocals, and Mark's unmatched chops, as well as Dehner's catchy riffs all complement each other very well. As a band, the sense of musicianship is not something you see and hear everyday.

What is your favorite local venue?

We've played just about every place in the Greater Boston area, and all of them are tight.

What separates you from other local bands?

Each individual member of 2ADAM12 is a master of their craft, so when we all get together, it's kind of like summoning Captain Planet, or the power of Greyskull. The main thing that separates us from other bands is our willingness to experiment with different styles, thereby making each facet of the music interesting.

What do you have coming up that people should know about?

We have some great Boston shows coming up. On April 17th, Payne is hosting a Kidney Cancer Benefit in honor of his late mother Jane at the Skellig in Waltham. Some of Boston's best will be on that one, so you should make sure you attend!

Convince our readers to see your next show…

2ADAM12 is a band whose music you need inside your ears. The live show is great, and always different. Eclectic covers, freestyles, dance-offs...Whatever you need, we bring it. If you dig the feeling of coming home after a long night of dancing and saying to yourself, "Man, I'm glad I went out," insert 2ADAM12 into the equation. You'll be glad you did.

- Boston Music Spotlight

"The Wine Vault, Charlotte, NC"

Adam Payne is truly an outstanding artist and by far the best I’ve
worked with. Hiring him to play at The Wine Vault was one of the best decisions we could have made. He is nothing less than professional and his work
ethic is unmatched. We’ve asked him last minute to fill-in and he’s been
there and set-up within 15 minutes with a smile and eager to play. I’ve seen him start a set at 5:00 and not break until 11:00, just to
please the dozens of fans that want to hear ‘just one more song.’ Adam has
a really unique way of putting people at ease by pulling them into his
show and talking with the crowd; especially when he does his on-the-spot
ad-lib songs. He’ll ask the fans to yell out random words and he
incorporates them into the song that he’s literally making up at that moment. He
creates a very unique atmosphere; it’s almost a ‘hanging out in his
living room jamming with friends’ quality.

His musical style is soothing and fun, and at times brutally honest.
With the talent of Jimmy Hendrix, the smooth sound of Al Green, the grace of
Alicia Keys, and at the heart of it all- the funk of James Brown, Adam’s
popularity has exploded into a cult-like following here in Charlotte.
He has a beautiful voice and an incredible talent for writing the most
intimate, multi-faceted lyrics that can only lead me to believe I’ve
been blessed with a peek into his inspiring journey through this life. He is
a most honorable man to work with and someone that I am glad to know.
- Jacki Forrest

"2ADAM12's Self-Titled Debut Album Sizzles"

"Don't stand still when you can move and dance," 2Adam12 lead singer Adam Payne sings on the group's debut album. After giving the quartet's music a listen, it should not be very difficult to put these words to action.

For those ignorant of the Bentley music scene over the past several years, 2Adam12 is the band of the Multicultural Center's Assistant Director Adam Payne. Formed just two years ago, Payne (vocals, guitar), Adam Dehner (guitar), Mik Mersha (bass), and Mark Purrington's (drums) blend of R&B, funk and rock has been a staple of the Boston music scene. While the band's sound has evolved from its humble beginnings as Payne's sparse acoustic tunes, it's only now that the quartet has been able to hit the studio and commemorate their hard work.

The self-titled debut is a musical manifesto for the band's huge sound. Though many of the tracks have been standards on Payne's acoustic sets for years, they have never been played on such a grand scale. The album features a slew of embellishments that brings each track to its highest level. From the chilling Hammond organ on "Passive Aggression" to the ultra-funky horn ensembles on the "If You Want to Love Me," the album utilizes every available tool to heighten the band's sound. While many tracks features guest spots from outside musicians, most of the band's complexity comes from its core.

Dehner concocts fantastic leads by channeling classic blues playing with a contemporary twist, Purrington never misses a beat on the skins, and Mik Mersha heightens each song with his simple, crisp bass tone. And then there is Payne who loses none of his patented vocal exuberance in the studio. Whether singing falsetto on "I Will Wait for You" or delivering hip-hop lines on "Totally Hands-Free Man," Payne takes charge of each track.

None of this is to suggest that this is only a group of musical technicians. At the heart of the album, underneath all of the instrumentation, are Payne's soulful songs about life, love, and relationships. Though many of his lyrics are rather deep, he also has a knack for ironic humor. On "The Way it Goes" he sings, "You see every day is a little bit different whether you are eating caviar or a basket of chicken."

2Adam12 can be proud of their first album, which they will be promoting during their upcoming gigs. Though the group isn't for the musically meek, there is plenty here for most music fans to appreciate. Clearly this is a band that is in control of their gifts. It was Stevie Wonder who once famously said, "Ya gots to work with what you gots to work with." In the case 2Adam12 there seems to be no shortage of these musical tools.

-Patrick Walsh - The Vanguard

"A breath of fresh air in a drowning world"

Have you ever smiled so hard it feels like your face will split in half? Or wrapped yourself with warm towels fresh out of the dryer? Maybe even found a $20 in your coat from last winter? Yeah, 2 Adam 12 sounds a lot like that.

The venue was Max's, a classy, upscale Italian restaurant/bar on the first floor of a building full of banking offices and law firms. The crowd was about what you'd expect from such a place: young, talented entrepreneurs who had slaved tirelessly through the week and ultimately, their lives, to be where they were; exactly the kind of audience that needed to hear Adam's message.

Armed with an afro and a guitar, Adam Payne (lead singer) encouraged his audience to stop their incessant worrying and throw some color into their lives. Lyrics like "Don't worry/ 'cause the world keeps on turnin'/ don't you carry all your burdens."

Normally, people really don't enjoy being lectured or given life lessons from someone they've never met. It's a hard pill to swallow, however, Adam's medicinal words took the crowd to an unearthly place that solved life's problems and turn pumpkins into coaches.

These positive messages were reinforced by face-melting jams that would put the Allman Brothers to shame. If Seismographs could paint pictures, Dehner, on electric guitar, painted Munich's Scream with the quaking and wailing of his wah-pedal. Mersha, on bass, skated around the fret board like a dreadlocked Michelle Kwan. And Purrington, on drums, rollicked with his hi-hat more than Seuss' cat.

The band was three songs into their performance when the once reserved and unresponsive crowd erupted. People started dancing, drinks started flowing, warm towels were worn and $20 bills found. How many bands out there can evoke this kind of cheer in 15 degree weather?

As midnight approached, the Cinderellas began to leave for home. Adam took the time to thank each one for coming out to see his band play. As some people left there was still a slow trickle of people coming in. Not wanting to miss out on a moment of interaction he continued to banter with the remaining crowd as well as newcomers throughout the night.

I would dare to say that this is THE feel-good band of the year. Their efficacious stage presence coupled with potent lyrics, will leave you with a smile that'd make Steven Tyler jealous. Honestly, this review doesn't do justice to how good the band really is. Check them out for yourselves at

-Sung (Johnny) Noh

Sung Noh is part of a team of college students blogging Millennium Music Conference for Go!
-, The Patriot News

"Adam Payne and the Chiclets in his Pocket"

Meet Adam Payne. He's one of a kind. Kind of...

Zack Teibloom

Adam Payne is the kind of artist who forges connections with bigger artists like Adam Payne to further his career. No, that’s not a typo. Adam Payne and Adam Payne share a bill a few times a year. Adam Payne Squared. (Note: they are NOT the same dude).

“It doesn’t get old,” Payne says of the “Who’s on First” like routine of telling fans and journalists about the Adam Payne squared collaboration. If you listen to both Adam Payne’s, they’re easy to tell apart, says Adam Payne

“We’re pretty much like polar opposites,” Payne says. “He’s a very talented dude. He’s more folk with a little more rock side of it.”

Payne seems drawn to guys named Adam. Specifically, Adam Payne. When he travels, Payne usually plays solo, but his band for local gigs in Boston is 2Adam12, a full band project.

Payne met Adam at an open mic, got together and worked out a lot of the songs that are band-worthy. The songs brought in a lot of other band members from the area.

If you’re wondering where the 12 at the end of 2Adam12 comes from, you’re not alone.

“There was a really cheesy cop show called Adam 12,” Payne says. “We just put a 2 in front of it and rolled with it.”

As far as the sound of the band is concerned, 2Adam12 is pretty funky and has a jam band vibe to it as well. By contrast, Payne’s solo stuff is more soulful, and he often tours with Adrian Reed, who is a beat boxer.

Payne just released a solo, electronic sounding album he produced called The Quelling. It was released in May and Payne says it is, “doing pretty well”. The album is currently available on iTunes and Napster.

And, if that activity weren’t enough, Payne will be back in September in the studio to record new material.

“I think I’ve done pretty well at establishing myself here.

With any luck both Adam Payne’s will establish themselves further with future releases. In the meantime, check out Payne with his Afro in his video,” title="“Chiclets in My Pocket.">“Chiclets in My Pocket.”

Also, you can also visit the right Adam Payne’s MySpace at

- | written by Zack Teibloom

"Adam Payne on CBS Channel 4 Boston"

Sundays with Liz Walker featured the acoustic stylings of Mr. Adam Payne. The show centered around the prospects to re-image South Boston, and his song "The Way it Goes' was the perfect way to sum everything up. Please view the performance at the link below.


Please cut and paste url into your browser. - CBS Channel 4

"Keene Music Festival"


Keene: Future music capital of the country? If it doesn’t happen, it won’t be for lack of effort. Weekly music performances in downtown Keene started in June, and now comes the biggie — the Keene Music Festival, on Saturday, Sept. 1.

Last year the Keene Downtown Group started a monthly music series on Railroad Square, and this summer it became a weekly gig. The aim of the 2007 festival, which inspired extending live music downtown throughout this summer, is to cultivate an environment of street musicians.

Originality abounds at the festival, and this year will be no different.

Eli Rivera, event manager at Keene’s Washington St. Cafe, a hotbed of young music talent, scheduled bands for the City Tire stage. That’s the place for music that’s a bit heavier than folk.

His real coup, he said, is 2Adam12 from Boston. Led by Adam Payne, who has performed on the CBS television program “Sunday with Liz Walker,” the band counts Al Green, A Tribe Called Quest and Stereolab among musical heroes.

“It’s a funky, jazzy-type rock that’s very catchy,” Rivera said of the band’s style.

- Keene Sentinel, August 23, 2007


Formalities (2012)
Loose Ends (2011)
The Quelling (2009)
2ADAM12 (2007)
Just Me (2006)

Supernova (2013)
Coexist (2010)
Colder Now (2010)
Chiclets in My Pocket (2009)




The problem with rising acoustic talents is that a lot of them sound the same; but there is no mistaking the sultry sounds of Adam Payne. With a smile and sound as big as his afro, Adam entertains full crowds with his fusion of Funk, R&B, Folk, and Acoustic. Theres no denying his musical talentsso the question is, who is he?

Adam is about as eclectic as his sound. He was born in Lynn, Massachusetts to an Italian mother and African American father. In the late 80s, Adam and his family moved to Sarasota, Florida. By the age of 8, Adam drew his musical inspiration not from haughty music teachers, such as Mozart or Beethoven, but from Saturday morning cartoons, Sonic the hedgehog and Mario. Adam picked up the piano as he mimicked the music from cartoons and video games. During his senior year of High School he took on the guitar and the drums.

Although music is a major part of who he is, theres much more to him than that. Adam earned a B.A. in Psychology with a Minor in Statistics and was a founding father of the Eta Psi Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi at the University of Central Florida. He continued on to earn a M.A. in Industrial Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Payne has shared the show-bill with artists ranging from Ben Harper and The Avett Brothers to The Pharcyde and members of the Wu-Tang Clan. He has collaborated with Artists all over the globe, and lends his writing, production and vocal talents to projects of all kinds, including producing and composing the music for a documentary film about the Rwandan Genocide entitled 'Coexist.'

Adam is also active in the community, and supports a myriad of causes. Payne is the founder of the Benefit for Jane, a cause which raises funds and awareness of Kidney Cancer in honor of his late mother and is sponsored by the Kidney Cancer Association.

On three separate occasions, Adam was featured on CBS Channel 4 Boston's 'Sundays with Liz Walker' and he was also generously recognized in the Boston Globe. Payne was also featured in Sonicbids' 'SonicBlog,' in which he speaks about his success in utilizing Sonicbids as an effective tool for his music career. In addition, Payne recently attended the MIDEM Music Conference in France on behalf of Sonicbids where he spoke on a panel about brands and their interest in independent artists.

Delta Airlines featured Adam's song "The Way it Goes" on their in-flight radio station and in 'Sky Magazine.'

These days, Adam can be found vibing out solo, or with the full band, 2Adam12.

So who is Adam Payne? Hell make you dance, make you smile, and help you with your homework all in one day. Hes the Northeasts resident father of Soul Rock and hes coming to a venue near you. -Amanda Crump

2ADAM12 (Pronounced 'Two Adam Twelve')

"If the Meters and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers squared off in a petrie dish with Sam Cooke and Ben Harper as referees, they would form the multicellular organism known as 2ADAM12."

"At the border which separates Funk from Rock, there sit 4 gents who come together and deliver a cross-section of something exciting, fresh, and nourishing to the ears. Their name is 2ADAM12..."
R.E. Cheshire, CT

"...2Adam12 brings the same kind of expertise to their music as the Neville Brothers. Which is to say, everything is focused around the groove, which is the paramount ingredient that makes all the other elements work, no matter how disparate they may appear to be"
-Jay Miller, The Patriot Ledger

"The self-titled debut is a musical manifesto for the band's huge sound... The album features a slew of embellishments that brings each track to its highest level. From the chilling Hammond organ on "Passive Aggression" to the ultra-funky horn ensembles on the "If You Want to Love Me," the album utilizes every available tool to heighten the band's sound. While many tracks features guest spots from outside musicians, most of the band's complexity comes from its core."
-Patrick Walsh, The Vanguard

2ADAM12 represents the full band version of Adam Payne's songs with a backdrop of some of the Boston area's best musicians.
2ADAM12 was formed when Adam Payne crossed paths with guitarist Adam Dehner at an open mic in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. The two struck up a friendship, and began experimenting with some of Payne's songs. Once the other members were added to the mix, the ease in which it all came together suprised everyone. They mastered Payne's repertoire of originals and a select mix of eclectic covers in no time... Obviously the chemistry was working. Their debut was well received by a large crowd and immediately garnered press. Every show since has seen larger and larger crowds as their fanbase grows and they continue their quest to bring music to the people.