Adam Pringle

Adam Pringle


Toe Tappin' Rhythms with Meaty Hooks and Skilled Musicianship


Adam's relationship with music was ingrained in him at a young age, with his parents opening a music store in St. Louis, Michigan when he was four years old. Being exposed to old blues and ragtime, in addition to artists like Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis, only helped to encourage his piano playing at a young age. It was after his first performance in a talent show, when hearing the roar of the crowd, that he realized that music was to be his calling.

While studying music in college, Adam met drummer Brian V. in the school's jazz band, where they recognized a love of music in one another. After many performances together in Minnesota, Brian decided to join the Army. This prompted Adam to begin a flourishing solo career, performing with a rock band all over Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan for four years.

In January of 2006, Adam and Brian reunited, and were joined by guitarist Chase Jackson and bassist Ian Flaherty. They fused their musical backgrounds to create a fresh new sound, and have since been performing locally in Grand Rapids and Michigan, most recently performing with the Gin Blossoms at the Intersection. They have tentative plans to rock faces off during a Midwest college tour.

Adam also takes the stage every week in Grand Rapids and throughout the country, garnering a loyal fan base along the way that is cultivated through not just his stage show, but also various podcasts, radio play, and the world wide web, with his most notable onstage performance featuring jazz veteran Maynard Ferguson.

Presently Adam is releasing a new studio album, Just Like It's Always Been. Bringing his mix of retro and modern pop music with jazz and boogie frills to the table, this album is ten years in the making, allowing listeners to fully identify with his passion for music and connect with him emotionally. Combing toe-tapping rhythms, catchy melodies, and a hearty helping of silliness, Adam has the uncanny ability of taking serious subjects and putting a light twist to them. However, whether or not the song is serious, or ridiculous, it does not lack passion. "Passion is the basis for each of my songs," Adam says, "but I'm not afraid of having fun with the music I write."



Written By: Words and Music by Adam Pringle


V1 It’s so beautiful the irony of it all
The missing pieces of the puzzle
Bring me back to where it all started.

Great lakes; great times, fill the air
How simple life use to be there
And I find it hard to remember way back when.

Coming back around
Coming back around

V2 Back here where it all began
And I never had to deal with them
Never had to worry about what’s right

Stayed up late and drank till dawn
I never had to right what was wrong
Oh I just can’t wait to go back

Coming back around
Coming back around
Back to Michigan

V3 So let’s install the car’s bug shield
For now I’ll keep the whiskey sealed
We can hide the good bud in the trunk

When it’s time for me to go back
I’ll be driving like a maniac
When I hit the state line I’ll kiss the ground

Coming back around
Coming back around
Back to Michigan

Wait for me in Saginaw,
Let’s take a trip to Mackinaw
Drink some wine down in Paw Paw
I might just jog to Canada.

Back again to Michigan
I’m coming back around


Standing Through Wednesday - 2007 - Not Half Records
Just Like It's Always Been EP - 2005 - Not Half Records

Set List


Me Against Myself
Titleless Song (Adolf Hitler)
Love This Man
Seattle Sky
Mr Brown
Can't Stop Thinking About You
Luanne (My World)
Wake Up With the Sun
Eddie's Never Coming Back
Get Out of My Head
One Horse Town
Dont' Start
Thursday Girl
10 Q

Who Are You?

Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead
Southern Cross - Crosby, Still and Nash
Salisbury Hill - Peter Gabriel
Got You Where I Want You - The Flys
Farmhouse - Phish
Harvest Moon - Neil Young
Before You Accuse Me - Eric Clapton
Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
Green Onions - Booker T and the MG's
She Talks to Angels - The Black Crowes