Adam Quinn

Adam Quinn

 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Adam Quinn is the future of music, period. Hip Hop and Popular music have always been driven by the young and the young at heart and Adam Quinn is the spokesman for that generation that is now making its mark on the globe. Get in now or miss your opportunity to change how the world hears music.


"Adam Quinn is the epitome of Hip Hop music. Hidden just beyond the lights of the world famous Las Vegas strip waits a force that is on the verge of discovery. Determination and ambition catapulted Adam to the forefront of Hip Hop music at an earlier age than most." Anthony R.

Unlike the city's main attractions, Adam Quinn can't be found on the strip, or anywhere near it for that matter. But if you look just out of the reach of the brightest lights of the BLVD you will find him, where he's been since birth, in the shadows of the city that created him. Where legions of hip hop artists have failed Adam excels. His creativity and ability to make songs have catapulted him in front of other artists who have had the same resources as him. A certain quality sets him apart, maybe it's his lyrics come first mentality, or maybe it's his ability to flow however he wants on his songs. There are very few artists that can grab you the first time you hear them, or at a glance, artists that immediately intrigue you -- only the greats. His storytelling abilities are so descriptive they put you right there in the song with him, gracefully inviting you into his mentality. He writes how he feels and makes you aware of every chink in his armor all while remaining so mysterious. His rhymes can intimidate you but at the same time welcome you in with humor and satire. Since mid 2009 Adam has performed numerous shows and has packed venues with a hybrid of Rock and Hip Hop fans. Since the release of the mixtape The Outcome Volume 2, which sold over 2,000 copies, Adam has been hard at work in the studio on his upcoming release No Place for Heroes. In January of 2010 he released his street tape Sorry Im Late. You can't help but admire Adam Quinn, and that quality he has in song will surely take him further than anyone in his city has gone before. And because of that what happens in Vegas won't stay in Vegas for long.


True Stories Mixtape : Volume One (W/ Stick Up Kid (2010)

Sorry I'm Late (2010)

No Place For Heroes Lp (2010) Yet to be released

The Outcome Vol.2 (2009)
Independant release, sold over two-thousand copies

My Name Is Adam (2008)
Regional radio play of the singels "Leave Me Behind" and "My City"

Set List

When Gods Eyes Close
Lonely At The Top
Theme Music
Bad Dreams
Heart Of A G
Round Here
I Love It
Tell Her
Ain't No God In Vegas
Tell Me In The Morning