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Adam Rave



In an age of cookie-cutter rock and pop music, and a general sense of apathy among young listeners, Adam Rave challenges the confines of 21st century music.

Born in Canada and raised in Israel, Rave is a Toronto-based artist who focuses on the truths that are overlooked by society; writing about world issues including politics, homelessness, religion and self sacrifice. Songs like ‘Sad Sally’ and ‘Moment Of Truth’ aim to provoke the listener on a fundamental level.

Rave has always been pushing the boundaries of music involving himself in a rap-metal band as a teenager, an industrial/hard rock act before and after his military service, and is now pushing the envelope once again with his Alternative rock/pop sound.

Rave has recently assembled a group of musical warriors, each adding their own flavor to the project. The Adam Rave Band consists of Ethan Pounds on guitar, Matt Fox on bass and Tom Piso on drums. Together they plan on reaching out to as many people as possible at their energetic live shows and through their recorded music, making change one i-pod at a time.


Sad Sally

Written By: Adam (Rave) Van Ameringen

come with me into the the valley, come on sally you should see
all these people got no-body come here lovely you have me.
hard to understand the value of i love you but can you see?
all these flowers cut for you, they cut a little bit of me

sally wake up smell those roses
take a look around its not so bad
life is giving you a way and purpose
maybe sally just likes to be sad

hold my hand these streets are cold, so alone sally you're with me
all these people on the pavement home sweet home is agony
sally lock the doors remember in december the lights all glow
some have given up forever and some forever are alone

Moment Of Truth

Written By: Adam (Rave) Van Ameringen

I think i hear a sound
something unrecognized
It's calling out my name
I can't believe my eyes

like fire in the bush
I'm guided by the sounds
so many things to do
so many people to make proud

for me it's everything
come on now everyone
It's time to dive right in
before we're out of sun

I'm not sure what you're looking for
but i found what seems to be the cure
take the test become alive again
this is your moment of truth

it itches in my bones
I know I'm almost there
the sound it calls me in
I feel it tingle in my hair

so bright now I am blind
this moment is so pure
the search can last forever
but it brought me back to you

Until You Come Home

Written By: Adam (Rave) Van Ameringen

You’re Still There. By Adam Van Ameringen

It's early in the morning
In bed I find no sleep, you’re still there
We find the time to weep
Got promises to keep, and you’re still there
Heaven guides our way
Been waiting for the day, We’ll see you again

mothers and fathers
sisters and brothers
walk towards freedom, singing with pride
the earth is now screaming
it feels what we're feeling
until you come home our arms open wide
Oh oh, oh oh until you come home.

days and years pass by
the sun here is slowly rising, you're still there
even laughter cries
if hope could only fly,
and bring you back home again.

Together, Forever until you are home.  
Our hearts Forever, Together until you are home

Set List

Sad Sally
Moment Of Truth
Almost Like Praying
Bed That I Made
Save Me From My Dreams
When They Eat Us All
How To Lose
Wild Storm