Adam Ray Funktet

Adam Ray Funktet


The 70's was a musical renassaince! folk, rock, jazz, and funk! The Funktet is a funk/jazz jam band come together out of a love for that same type of musical growth and evolution. The Funktet loves a good groove, but will take the listener a little deeper into music through our compositions.


There was a musical renaissance in the 70’s: rock, folk, jazz, and especially funk. The Adam Ray Funktet is a funk/jazz jam band, come together out of love for this type of musical growth and evolution. Growing up in the south, with a strong tradition of blues/gospel music, each member of the Funktet grew to have musical brains that have evolved and expanded through the years by listening to and playing great music.

Currently, the Funktet is playing around Oklahoma and Texas in clubs friendly to jazz, blues, and jam acts. Last year, the Funktet drew about 60-80 people to each show, and their fan base is faithfully growing. The members, Adam Ray, Brandon McManus, Jordan Kiener, and Michael Capehart have each been successful in their own studio and live concert careers for several years and are excited to be creating music together.

Like other jam bands, the Funktet loves a good groove, but seeks to take the listener a little deeper into music through their compositions. With a shared love for electronics and their role in music, the Funktet seeks to bring a creative revolution of funky jazz and electronic fusion to the forefront of music today.

The Funktet has recently played at venues in the OKC and Tulsa metro areas including:
The Blue Door
Maker’s Cigar and Piano Lounge
The Blue Note
The Red Piano at the Skirvin Hotel
The UCO Jazz Lab
And the band is a regular performer at the annual Oklahoma Arts Festival


Live at the Jazz Lab (EP)
tracks can be found on our myspace:

Set List

We usually play 3 or 4 one hour long sets a night. Mostly original, with some great funk covers. Some of our original tunes are entitled: Robin Hill, Road Trip, One Hit Shit, and Morris the Moog.
We cover some George Duke, Funkadelic, Joshua Redman, Herbie Hancock, and Jeff Coffin.