Adam Richardson Music

Adam Richardson Music


Aggressive Acoustic with an emotional roller coaster ride of energy, sadness, and spirit to blend together the perfect cocktail that will all enlighten, strengthen, enrich, and just be a great listening experience. Adam Richardson Music, its definitely worth a listen.


A single word to describe just what one feels when you are invited to hear Adam play is nothing short of AMAZING. He is anything but an ordinary performer. Adam will take you on a roller coaster ride through a plethora of emotion: laughter, anger, joy, struggle, compassion, melancholy to just plain funk. His throaty vibrato accompanied by the aggressive guitar rhythms compliment each other like a symphony of rain pounding notes into an old tin roof.
Adam has been involved in the music industry for over 14 years. Sharing his love of music at local concerts and venue’s with admiring fans and followers to an impromptu gathering with friends and family is Adam’s very persona. Adam shares emotions with his fans by working meticulously through each note of his voice and chords on his guitar to infuse together a very distinct composition of his own. To know Adam is to know he is the music. Sit and listen to him for a bit and you too are part of his music. The range of emotion one is introduced to by his guitar melodies and lyrics draw you in as his captive audience wanting to know more.
His goals for music are simple and if you ask him he would say that he needs to “Sing and make sure they can hear it”. It’s not a performance for Adam anymore but an opportunity to create a perfect moment for someone and everyone.


I released a single as an Indie Artist in 99 but have not released anything since then. I sell self produced CD's at my shows. I also have tracks for sale on CD baby, and streaming on and

Set List

My sets can range from 15 minutes to over 2 hours of original material. I can also do covers ranging from 1965 to current tunes, renditions and just fun rock and pop songs.