Adam Roth

Adam Roth


Adam Roth's sound is a combination of acoustic soul mixed with a rock edge that will leave any listener thankful for his charm. His vocals embrace your every emotion, as his lyrics touch on topics that we are all able to understand.


Adam Roth is that warm southern breeze that gently says hello on a cloudy day, or perhaps the rainfall on a sunny day. Regardless we are all dancing because we are living. Born in New Orleans and raised in Pensacola, Florida, there is no denying Adam’s dirty south influence. His first real dabble in live music was with the band Suburban Shakedown, whom conceivably developed a warm crowd throughout the South, opening on several occasions with Sugar Ray and Spin Doctors. Also notorious for playing large keg parties and college blowouts that somehow always ending up busted by law enforcement. The band spent a healthy amount of time rocking the Southeast but eventually the group split ways. In 2004 Hurricane Ivan rampaged through Adam’s hometown, which is around the time he headed for Los Angeles to pursue the dream. In 2006, Adam released ‘A Little Voodoo’, with a rock and roll swagger, and a Southern heart. The album featured several notable guests, including Richie Hayward from Little Feat on drums, as well as Stevie Di Stanislao (currently touring with David Gilmour of Pink Floyd). Now 23 years old and anticipating the release of the ‘Hello Beautiful’ EP, produced by Eric Lynn at Shangri-La in Malibu, formerly owned by Bob Dylan. The new album will be available on January 25th, 2008.


Measuring Peace ~ Suburban Shakedown ~ 2001
Evensong ~ Suburban Shakedown ~ 2004
A Little Voodoo ~ Adam Roth (Solo) ~ 2006
Hello Beautiful ~ Adam Roth (Solo) ~ 2008

Set List

Can range anywhere from 45 mins. to 2 hours