Adam's Castle

Adam's Castle


Piano and Rhodes driven progressive instrumental music. One part heavy rock. One part psychedelic. One part soundtrack elements. Electronic, world music, and jazz flourishes also pop up from time to time. Someone once said we are "SoundtRock" music.


In 1999 Sami Jano and Zach Eichenhorn tended the landscape of a place called Adam's Castle in Metro-Detroit. While meticulously crafting gardens and re-routing streams in the backyard of the castle, they began to joke about starting a "heavy metal piano" band named after the gorgeous structure. As it turns out, after a couple of rehearsals, the music was actually kinda good.
Needing some low end, they found a bassist named Eric Adams. Thats right; Adams. They knew that it was meant to be.
Soon after that they were playing shows, recording albums, going on tours, and developing a loving, yet rabid cult following. In 2004 the band was put on hiatus as Sami moved to New York to compose music for films and television. By September 2008 Eric and Zach had moved to New York to reconvene with Sami and continue what was started. After two killer shows the band was quickly picked up by Brooklyn label, Triple Down Records.

The sound? Well...
The songs are often complex and hard-hitting, yet palatable to listeners of varied genres. Adams' bass consistently creates the head-nodding groove, perfectly complementing Jano's dissonant piano that drives the primary structure and melody of the songs. Eichenhorn’s drumming acts as a third lead instrument, effortlessly accenting the myriad of notes, yet still allowing the bass and piano to sit out front when the songs need room to breathe. Recently the band has added a Fender Rhodes and a slew of haunting samples to their sound, bringing the musical assault to an all-time, bone-crushing high.

There is music that requires a particular mood of its listener, and there is music that presents itself as a pure expression with no intent upon the listener. Adam's Castle falls into the latter category, with the only intent being to present a mood that the listener can accept in his or her own way. Herein lies the beauty of the Castle. The same song can be listened to and made to enhance any occasion; whether it be the impetus for a dance party, the background of a rainy Sunday afternoon, or music to listen to while killing your lover. It's your landscape. Listen carefully.



Written By: Adam's Castle


Vowel Movement

Written By: Adam's Castle

Hey! You! I! See! OOOOOOHHHH!


- Self-Titled EP
- One-Year LP
- Home Recordings Vol. 1 compilation from Suburban Sprawl Records (3 exclusive songs), including Santa Maria.
- Deathless LP (soon)

Set List

Set lists vary show to show. We have over 35 songs, and depending on the show / venue / mood of the evening / other bands on the bill, we adapt our set. No covers.