Adam Smith

Adam Smith

 Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Adam’s music was recently described as, “a synthesis of Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and James Taylor of 30-years ago, with a today sound.” He is young and charming, capturing audiences with his innocent appearance, unique vocals and brilliant lyrics.


"Adam's debut album, 'Another Way to Get to Heaven,' is heartbreakingly beautiful.... I find myself both wanting to hear through the entirety of this album in the same heated rush, and also not wanting to finish listening, forever..."
~ Lorelei Loveride

Singer-Songwriter Adam Smith is a natural. Born in Big Stone Gap, Virginia, raised in Cloverlick, Kentucky, and discovered on the streets of Nashville, Tennessee, Adam is self-taught and naturally inspired to create his moving, original music.

He discovered the piano on his own as a 7-year-old in the sanctuary of the old Baptist church deep in the woods of Cloverlick. Soon he was playing whenever he could, composing tunes by earand by sight.

It was a visual thing for me, Adam says. I would see a pattern on the keyboard and play it. I could see shapes in the keys, and the shapes would make music. It was a fun game to me. It still is.

A visual artist as well as musician, Adam easily combines the two forms. ?To most people, visuals are just visual things, and sounds are just sound things. Ive been painting and drawing as long as Ive been making music. I think it runs on the same current. It all comes from the same place.

It wasnt until Adam heard Joni Mitchells Blue album that he began to put lyrics to his songs. It changed my life and the way I think about and hear music.

Picking up the guitar and teaching himself to play around the age of 18, he eventually began performing regularly at open mic nights in Knoxville, TN, all the while eking out a living working odd jobs. Following his dreams, he soon made his way to the sidewalks of Nashville, singing for passersby and peddling a 5-song CD hed manage to record some months earlier. That was a formative time of my life, when ?I gained so much experience and confidence playing in front of an audience. I was horribly nervous, but it wasnt long before someone noticed me and took me under their wing.

Adams continuing journey led him to the inspiring state of Arizona. Beautiful landscapes and a connection with the artistic and spiritual nature of communities like Sedona and Jerome, as well as major progressive metropolitan markets with tremendous support for the arts like Phoenix, fueled him towards new creative heights and allowed him to expose his music to the masses.

His debut album Another Way To Get To Heaven was released in the spring of 2010 to rave reviews, an autobiographical soundscape of songs representing his continuing desire to create and connect with the world around him. Now preparing to release his second album, Around The Bend, Adam continues to take his sound in new and inspiring directions. This record is about a turning point. I wanted to document some things that are shifting in me personally, and some of the changes that are happening to us as a world.

From his home base in Arizona, Smith has toured and performed for audiences all across the nation, sharing his music at events where he interacts with all his fans directly. I really love meeting new people and playing my music for them, notes Smith with a smile. In addition to catching one of his captivating live shows (where he signs CDs for all of his fans), Adam Smiths music is available on iTunes,, and other online retailers. He also continues to create visual art, and several pieces and paintings have been on display in galleries throughout the southwest.

Adams passion for helping others is a driving force, as he also lends his creative and performing talents to numerous charitable and community organizations, most notably the Teen Lifeline peer-to-peer suicide prevention hotline in Arizona. Adam donated all the proceeds from his single A Friend Is A Stranger to Teen Lifeline, and continues to appear at events and shows benefiting this organization.

A remarkable way to make music, with uniquely emotive results. This is Adam Smith, a musical visionary, in a very



Written By: Adam Smith

Cupid - written by Adam Smith

Cupid don’t you know you need a license in this town
You been spendin your time huntin and shootin innocent people down
Cupid your arrows are poison and they don’t do what they should
So why don’t you just find another hobby
Or try to do something good


Cupid are you a orphan god
Wondering around trying to find a home
Did your mother abandon you
And leave you on a doorstep in a blanket all alone
Did a little sparrow find you adopt you
Take you to a tree and put you in a nest
And teach you how to fly O why cupid
I’m trying to make you know
This isn’t for the best

Cupid I sure hate to see the monster that you grow up to be
You been reaking havoc and terrorizing ever since you was three
Cupid the world is a free fraw and everyone’s fair game
That’s why the world is blue my dear Cupid
And you’re the one to blame


I remember cupid the first time I ever felt your sting
Now I pray to ST’ Valentine to stop you and all the pain you bring
I wish that I could find you myself and catch you in a net
Make you fall in love and get your heart broken now how would you like that


Some say love is sweet like heart shaped candy in a box
Some have been made bitter by the sweet love the used to love a lot
Me I look for ove in everyone and everything I see
A new love to medicate this unnamed incurable disease

I’ll name it after you, I’ll name it after you, I’ll name it after you
Cupid, O you’re a broken heart
I’ll name it after you, I’ll name it after you, I’ll name it after you
CUPID, o you’re a broken heart
I’ll name it after you, I’ll name it after you, I’ll name it after you
I’ll mount you on my wall
I’m comin after you, I’m comin after you stupid Cupid
Before you cause me to break my heart again

The Ways of Love

Written By: Adam Smith

he Ways of Love - by Adam Smith

Sometimes I don't understand the ways of love
Love can get you so high
Get you so low
And before you know you don’t feel anything at all

And I walk the wilderness alone
The cold wind blows and it chills my bones
And after all that I've been through I still have hope
for the ways of love

Sometimes I don't understand what life's about
Some people have so much and some people keep doing without
I been trying to find happiness somewhere in between
And if we want things to turn around
There's only one way that I see
And that's the way of love

Sometimes I don’t even know what I should believe
Some people keep asking and some people keep telling me
You can follow whatever you want on the road you choose
And if you take my advice and follow this I'm sure you'll never loose
Take the path of love

Another Way to Get to Heaven

Written By: Adam Smith

Another Way to Get to Heaven
(c) 2010 Adam Smith

Everybody's talking about working their way up to the top
As if there's some kind path in the sky
Everyone’s complaining about how it's made up to be something that it's not
But I'm still gonna give it a try

Show me another way to get to heaven
Show me another place to rest my soul
I been counting down the days until I get there
But I should not have to wait until I'm dead

I ain't gonna waist my time worrying about what might be
‘Cause you know it gets me down so low
"The grass is greener on the other side" and there’s another life waiting for me
But I won’t know until I go

Repeat chorus

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Earth to heaven
You know there must be an easier way to go
Everybody's talkin but I still know
There it's anything left here to fear
And if you want a better answer my dear
Show me the way

Repeat chorus

Fallen Angel

Written By: Adam Smith

Fallen Angel (c) 2010 Adam Smith

I never felt like them
and I don't want to
but you're something special
and I could never pretend I don't want you

I fell so far
and you fell from so high
but there's a reason that we try...

you said you'd be back again
my fallen angel
while you're doing what you gotta do
I’ll be right here waiting

and if all else fails descend
know my fallen angel
I’ll be right here waiting
to catch you

you could take it all away
or take a chance now
that door is open
and even if you stay
it could turn around

I won't let you down
and I won't say goodbye
I’ve got my own wings to fly

you said you'd be back again
my fallen angel
while you're doing what you gotta do
I’ll be right here waiting

and if all else fails descend
know my fallen angel
I’ll be right here waiting
to catch you

and if I should fall
I’ll fall right into your arms
and come to no harm

you said you'd be back again
my fallen angel
you're just doing what you gotta do
it's not always what you wanted

and if all else fails descend
know my fallen angel
I’ll catch you

I’ll be right here waiting...

Come Back to Me

Written By: Adam Smith

Come Back to Me (c) 2010 Adam Smith

oh my love come back to me
I’m so lonely can’t you see
oh my love come back to me
I’m nothing without you can’t you see

oh my love I need you so
I should never have let you go
oh my love I need you so
you’re the piece that makes me whole

and I try and I try
and I try and I try
and I try and I try
but I just can’t get over you

oh my love

A Friend is a Stranger

Written By: Adam Smith

A Friend is a Stranger (c) 2010 Adam Smith
[A song written for Teen Lifeline, Phoenix, AZ]

I'm dying
and nobody knows it
It's so dark inside
and I can no longer hide

I'm trying
to reach out my hand to you
Is there a reason to live?

Sometimes a friend is a stranger
to tell your problems to
when there's no one else to turn to
and life is so cruel

I've been searching
in religion
and the faces
of everyone I know
for the pieces
the pieces of myself
that got lost somehow
I feel I'm slipping away

And I'm calling
calling all angels
are you out there
can you hear me?

Sometimes a friend is a stranger
to poor your heart out to
when there's nowhere else to run
and people so cruel

And life ain't always lonely
even in a moment of doubt
and when you just want to escape
there's another way out......


Written By: Adam Smith

Poets by Adam Smith (c) 2011

The poets that I love, are somewhere getting stoned
I recite them so well, some may never know me
So I'm sending my regards, And havin no regrets
Life ain't always what you think and the best is yet to come

Oh, the best is yet to come, and still we never know
How to make it last, It comes and then it goes

It comes and then it goes
Like a ship sailing in and sailing out
It comes and then it goes
Like the tide or a butterfly

I was talking to a friend, and he said to me
Boy you look like a ghost, I said "sometimes I feel alive"
Go waltzin in the moonlight, in a garden of roses
The season of the rose, comes and it goes

It comes and then it goes
Like a ship sailin in and sailing out
It comes and then it goes
Like a dark train in the night


It comes and then it goes
It goes
It goes....

Something Beautiful

Written By: Adam Smith

Something Beautiful by Adam Smith (c) 2012

it snowed and snowed and snowed
cause it wanted to do something different
and the leaves changed color
cause they wanted to be something different

I wanted to make something beautiful for you
I wanted to write something beautiful for you

oooh na na na
oooh na na na na

the flowers poked through the soil
cause it was time to wake them up
and the balloons floated away in the sky
deflated and then fell right back down again

and I wanted to write something beautiful for you
I wanted to be something beautiful for you

oooh na na na
oooh na na na na

something beautiful


Another Way to Get to Heaven - debut CD, released January 2010

A Friend is a Stranger - single release, released November 2010

Something Beautiful - single release, scheduled release September 2012

Around the Bend - full-length CD, scheduled advance release October 2012

Around the Bend - full-length CD, scheduled release January 2012

Cupid - single release, scheduled February 2013

Set List

Adam's sets range from 30-minutes to 60-minutes and contain mostly original songs but he supports each set with covers appropriate to the audience.

Typical set list:
Another Way to Get to Heaven
Fallen Angel
Around the Bend
Landslide (cover - Stevie Nicks)
Songbird (cover - Fleetwood Mac)
The Peace Song
Do You Feel The Same?
Ways of Love