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Adam Snow

washington dc, Washington DC, United States

washington dc, Washington DC, United States
Band EDM Hip Hop


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"Adam Snow – “Thug” beats the odds"

There’s a strange value in simplicity.

I often witness its power but I’m still not sure I understand it.

From the black and white artwork to the beats I heard in Fox, DC producer Adam Snow took his chances with simplicity. He’s not making any fast moves and he’s not fronting a trend. Actually, the budding producer made it harder to make his first impression by letting the music speak for itself.

Snow succeeds. Upon hearing his well placed boom baps and carefully chosen sounds, I was mysteriously compelled to bookmark and download “Thug” as soon as I heard it. It’s something I’m not used to, because as simple as Snow’s presentation is, the music makes my mind want to quiet down also. To simplify.

The mood is infectious. After being drawn back to the high pitched fonk, the descending piano line, the rising, whale call synth and bouncing bass kick of “Thug” for the third time, I wondered if I could keep it simple too. I wanted to come up with a one word description for this producer.

Memorable. - Beekeepersinc

"Adam Snow – God"

I feel overly greedy…I have been hoarding Adam Snow all to myself for the last month.
Not because I am selfish, but because all of his beats are so damn good I didn’t know what to pick.

I sent a few to friends, played a few for co-workers but alas no one could determine his best track. So logically we have made the assumption, all of Adam Snow’s music is great – or beyond great.

Calling it now, he is the next Clams Casino[just a happier version]. - drugsandmirrors

"The Lighthouse and The Whaler – Venice (Adam Snow bootleg)"

This is a beautiful remix from Adam Snow. Perfect way to finish the Thursday off. Check out the ‘Fox’ EP too. - Alfitude


If you didn’t catch The Lighthouse and The Whaler’s hit song “Venice” from last year, this Adam Snow bootleg is definitely a good place to start. DC producer, Snow, gives the song a little more of an edge by adding in some hip-hop drums and pitch shifting the lead vocals. Check it out below. - HillyDilly

"Venice (Adam Snow Bootleg) - The Lighthouse and The Whaler"

DC producer, Adam Snow has taken his skills and put them forward onto The Lighthouse and The Whalers track, "Venice" and to say the least he's completely killed it. Although the track is only two minutes long, trust me when I say that within those two minutes you will fall in love with the track. So without further ado press play below - UpAllNight

"DJ Vadim W/ Natasha Kmeto And Akira"

DJ Vadim

Hardest working man in show business? Trooper? Tireless? However you want to put it, be sure of one thing, when DJ Vadim first heard the phrase "Don't sleep" he obviously took it literally. Over the last decade few people can have put so much time and energy into the culture they love. Founder of Jazz Fudge in early 1995, A&R, producer, DJ, promoter, record collector, radio presenter, occasional painter, writer, and in-house producer/dj and cohort of Latin Grammy nominees, Spanish hip hop super group 7 Notas 7 Colorez, Vadim has certainly been keeping himself busy. And that's before we even mention his DJing itself which has seen him perform in virtually every country in Europe(east and west), all over North America, Australia, New Zealand. Japan, Israel, Turkey, South America and South East Asia in just the last year. He has also performed with the likes of DJ Krush, Company Flow, The Roots, Pharcyde, Public Enemy, Beat Junkies, Dilated Peoples, Kraftwerk, Ed Rush, Morcheeba and Paul Weller as well as at events like Glastonbury and the Moscow Street Ball festival (to over 40,000 people!). To describe the man as an internationalist almost seems to sell him short.
Natasha Kmeto

Natasha Kmeto (pronounced "kuh-meh-toe") is an electro hip-hop, singer-producer based in Portland, OR. With a rich musical background in jazz, r&b, electronic and hip-hop she likes to describe her music as "futuristic soul." Kmeto was born and raised in California, playing and touring with bands of all genres since the age of 15. She completed the Keyboard Performance program at Musician's Institute in Hollywood and soon thereafter relocated to Portland in 2007. The move helped rekindle Natasha's creativity and passion for music which got lost in the bustle and industry of LA. Here, Kmeto was able to explore and take inspiration from her biggest influences, ranging from the cutting edge sounds of Flying Lotus to the classic soul hits of Carole King. As the Portland Mercury writes, "Kmeto's found a trance-ready spot that tugs at the sleeves of hip hop, IDM, and maybe even a tinge of goth, with a singing voice that keeps the digital zeroes and ones imbued with flesh and blood." -Ned Lannamann, The Portland Mercury, April '10 Kmeto released her debut EP, "9'' and supplemental remix EP "v9'' in 2009 and began playing live regionally in early 2010. Currently, Natasha is set to release her first full-length album, "Expressor", which finds Kmeto delving further into experimental electronic music while staying rooted in hip-hop and R&B. "Expressor" shows a marked progression in Kmeto's production and songwriting. Natasha is currently at work on her next release and continues to tour. She has started off the new year with bang, playing such events and venues as Low End Theory, Flux and The Roseland Theater while sharing the stage with such artists as Morcheeba, Meat Beat Manifesto, Daddy Kev, Nobody, Gaslamp Killer, D-Styles, Baths, Shlohmo, Shigeto and Austin Peralta.

Akira is a group created by producers and musicians, Adam Boulesbaa and Adam Clark while they both attended the University of Denver. Akira is a unique blend of hip/hop and drum and bass/dubstep that contains and exemplifies an atmospheric feel. Separately Adam Clark and Adam Boulesbaa have different backgrounds and styles that greatly compliment each other. Adam Boulesbaa is a Hip Hop producer from the Washington DC area who moved out to Colorado last year. Out in DC he has played at a number of shows and beat battles. In addition to this, his music has been featured on notable hip hop sites such as 2dopeboyz and NahRight. Stylistically, a lot of Adam Boulesbaa’s music is reminiscent of 90's golden era hip/hop but it also carries many influences from bands like M83 and ThreeSixMafia. As far as producing goes, Adam has been fortunate enough to work with a number of underground acts including (Talib Kweli, Tayyib Ali, GLC , and Nickelus F). Adam Clark is a drum and bass/dubstep producer out of Minneapolis, Minnesota who migrated to Denver a year ago also, where he met Adam Boulesbaa. His music contains a unique blend of his classical piano background and guitar background. A symphony like atmospheric sound is much of what Adam’s electronic production includes, along with the grit of the mid 2000's dubstep and drum and bass. In Minnesota, Adam Clark has played many acoustic live shows in local venu - Boston Magazine

"Tight Remixes"

Aight today im coming atcha with a couple of fresh remixes courtesy of an old friend of mine, Adam Boulesbaa, a.k.a. Akira. He’s a very talented producer currently attending Denver and based outta my hometown of D.C. The “Forever” remix has an awesome trill, but laid back feel to it and the Lil’ Wayne rework has a suuuper chill california boardwalk feel which is a truly fresh take on a hyphy gangsta track. Give em a spin and download them, they truly breathe new life into some classic jams. His production style is extremely versatile and has all kinds of different flavors, so if you’re looking for a producer, definitely hit his soundcloud link at the bottom of the post and sample some of his stuff. As for me, I’ll be back shortly with a longer post with more schweet music for ya ears. - Camelback Music

"Akira - Remixes"

Two awesome remixes by Akira, which are super chill. The first one is a acoustic remix of Stuntin’ Like My Daddy, and the added guitar with the piano makes it a chill, beach day song. The second one is a more hip hop version of the song Forever by Drake. Akira turns the song from a heavy rap song, to a chill hip hop tune. Hopefully Akira posts more of this in the future.
- Basstoyourfacemusic

"Sweet Seduction"

This is a track produced by Bright & Shiny longtime friend and collaborator Adam Boulesbaa with MF Doom vocals are laid over top to deter all you punk-ass, biters out there. Adam may or may not have a track coming out with CyHi (for those of you in the hip-hop game, you know how it is...) so we'll be sure to keep you updated. - Bright & Shiny Music

"Two Days ‘Til Leap Year"

Post-RJ and TM, DU’s own Adam Boulesbaa’s jam beats on Soundcloud. Very bass-y and up-beat his song Amy is. I wonder if any lucky lady inspired it. She definitely must have been a great muse. Second song of his, a remix of Vomit by DOOM. Metal Face Doom that is. Or Metal Finger. No one knows! Very sick remix though, funky latin crusin’ in the car head bobbin is happenin’ at the moment. Gotta dig the flow of DOOM. - KXDU College Radio


Still working on that hot first release.



Adam Snow is an American producer and DJ from Washington, DC. His influences come from a variety of genres ranging from early R&B/Hip-Hop to experimental electronic music.

He released his Fox EP in June 2013.