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In a word, its the s@#$t! These guys are definitely becoming master showmen. Their songwriting is getting more and more sophisticated as well, effortlessly blending (reviews are starting to sound cliched aren't they?) hip-hop, soul, rock, and latin rhythms into a cohesive whole that has all the power of a tsunami, and all the subtlety of a fine wine. Do yourself a favor and go see an A double O show. I can guarantee you won't be dissappointed. And buy this frickin cd while youre at it.

- Glen from customer reviews

"I can't believe this band is not HUGE!"

Maybe it's because they are so forward thinking in their sound. ( is that possible?) They do not sound like any other band I have ever heard, the blend of everything and the kitchen sink comes out sounding the way "Mr Watson, Come here, I want to see you." must have sounded to Bell's assistant. Glorious, new, a glimpse of the future. This band is incredible live and incredible on this CD. Catchy riffs with an innate musical sensibility found in seasoned professionals. I have no doubt that eventually we will get sick of AOO because when they go, the are going to go BIG and we will be hearing their stuff as much as we hear linkin park or Britney Spears. Just remember your roots boys and girl(s).
- Peg from the customer reviews

"Distinctly Different...8 out of 10."

From what I've listened to on this site so far this is by leaps and bounds the most unique sounding band of any band on here. Hurray for originality, I knew somebody around here could do it. And even though this music isn't my normal cup of tea (I despise rap) I can at least appreciate somebody who has a vision that's above and beyond the same redundant sound that I hear every day. I can't tell a lot of these bands apart they all sound so much alike. Seven stars for the music and one for the cute bongo player.
- Review on


TEMPORARY DEATH TOUCH : THE MOVIE (LP) - released September 2004 on Maplehood Rekkids (

ADAM'S OFF OX: Live and Un-Oxed at The Commonspace (EP) - released independantly in 2004, in tandem with Temporary Death Touch: The Movie.

WILL ROCK FOR FOOD (LP)- compilation released June 2004 on Maplehood Rekkids to benefit St. Louis area food pantries. Also included Stendek, The Trip Daddy's, Fance, Resistall, and others.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Adam's Off Ox burst forth from the desolation of St. Louis, MO four years ago like an unholy swarm of musical terror. Instantly memorable for their O-ring blowing live shows and a unique, haphazard, genre-bending approach to songcraft, they were soon signed to a modestly lucrative recording deal with The StL's own Maplehood Rekkids. In September of 2004 they released their debut rekkid, an ambitious full-length work entitled Temporary Death Touch: The Movie.

The sound of Adam's Off Ox mutates, shapeshifts and evolves quicker than Darwinism on crystal meth. With an ever-growing arsenal of percussive and electronic weaponry the soundscapes of the future are melded with the raw styles of the past into an impenetrable phalanx of musical destruction. Such things cannot be accurately described in words.

Adam's Off Ox has been touring frequently around the St. Louis region and beyond, unleashing it's beautiful fury in carefully measured bursts on audiences far and wide. They seek to continue implementing this master plan nonstop through 2005, with numerous shows throughout the midwest and points beyond and work to begin soon on an even more ambitious sophomore album. Destiny awaits...