Adam Sultan

Adam Sultan



Since electrifying the alternative music scene in the 1990s as guitarist for Columbia/Sony recording artists Poi Dog Pondering, Adam Sultan has devoted his talents to a wide range of artists, including New Orleans-tinged singer-songwriter Lisa Mednick, the Brit pop psychedelia of Flying Saucers, and the avant-garde jazz/rock of Golden Arm Trio, for whom he composed a number of classical-style chamber pieces, including a string quartet performed by the Tosca Strings (David Byrne). Prior to his current solo effort, Adam joined forces with former Poi Dog guitarist Ted Cho to form Hollowbody, a sonically rich, dual guitar-driven combo the Austin Chronicle described as “moody yet tuneful…a kind of pop sound that doesn’t get made much anymore.” He has also written critically acclaimed scores for the Austin stage, a fitting move considering the effortless theatricality that infuses his latest CD. With an uncanny sense for both mood and narrative, Sultan’s work is at home in the versatile musical traditions of Bowie, Elvis Costello, and Beck.


Heinous Acts of Love (Pressing Records 2004)

Set List

Sets are apx. 45 minutes to an hour long. A typical setlist may look like this:
1. Introduction
2. You Got the Gin
3. Coming Up Short
4. Nowhere Near New Orleans
5. Swept Aside
6. Elizabeth Auburn
7. Heinous Acts of Love
8. Swinging Chad
9. Limbo
10. Mexican Girls
11. American Pimp
12. Hands
13. Yellow Violet Brown