Adam The Poet

Adam The Poet

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Spoken Word at it's best! Adam The Poet explores a'cappella poetry along with poetry with music while keeping his main focus on glorifying Jesus Christ's Name. Out of control, Adam The Poet breaks the boundaries between music and poetry and brings them together.


I have been writing, recording, and performing Spoken Word poetry for a few months now. From the encouragement of a band called The Bypass at a weekend retreat with my church, I have developed quite an ambitious pursuit for writing and performing it. My main purpose is to glorify Jesus Christ, my Saviour and my poetry is my outlet to show people how He has worked in my life and the lives of others around me.

Set List

Poems I have performed:
My Life Is No Longer Mine
I Am A Warrior
A Superficial Stanza
You Are My Wife
Yesterday Is Dead And Gone
For The Love Of Pete
Be Still My Friend