Adam  Torres / Nostra Nova

Adam Torres / Nostra Nova


Nostra Nova is the entire package. Cohesive sound, intelligent lyrics, pleasing vocals and undeniable creative energy all dwell at the heart of the music, all four of which burst from the speakers with the intensity of a lucid dream.


Nostra Nova is a perservering little thing. Song-writer Adam Torres has been writing for years and it shows. All of these songs were written in Switzerland. However, Nostra Nova is from a relatively obscure yet vivacious midwestern town of Athens, Ohio. Nostra Nova has the ability to silence a room in a good way.


LP -- Nostra Nova (2006)

Set List

Anything off of the latest LP Nostra Nova (an 11 track album) plus approximately 10 other unrecorded songs. Covers include such of songwriters like Leonard Cohen, Van Morrison, Karen Dalton, J.D. Hutchison and other great songwriters.