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Adam Wedd

Rugby, England, United Kingdom | SELF

Rugby, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Solo Folk Singer/Songwriter


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Home is where your story begins, would you tell us a bit about yours?

I grew up on the outskirts of London in the town of Tolworth, home of Tolworth Tower, Radio Jackie and a whole host of Barber shops. Home for me has always been about laughter, love , arguments, food and lots of music.

How did Music find you?

When I was 7 years old I remember New Years Eve coming to a close that year , after one of the epic parties my parents used to hold at our house I was sitting on the step and I asked if I could have piano lessons. I remember emulating Slash ( of Guns and Roses) on the Keytar as he play for Michael Jackson. So I suppose I could say music found me on the Keytar!

“Words Build Worlds” What is the concept behind this Album?

The power of the spoken and written word is so incredibly powerful. Words can build up , tear town, inspire, encourage and take you to places you could only dream of. I wanted to make an EP that represented this. Our words can leave an imprint on our soul, so it’s important which ones we allow in.

Would you share a story behind one of the songs off the EP?

Around the time Mandela sadly passed away, I remember looking through some of my sketch books and I came across the lyrics to what is now the song ‘Frail Rope Bridge’. I remember thinking ” That’s him, that’s who Mandela was!” . It’s a song about forgiveness being a metaphor to a bridge to a much better land.

Why did you choose to record a Live EP and how was this experience for you?

Studio records are great as you get time and a quality of recording but you also loose something of the live element. I really wanted to capture something of live music, based around the songs and with the main instruments being the voices. It worked out well, a sold out crowd crammed into a basement London venue was great. If you listen closely you can hear a creaky stage. Was such a memorable evening, we’re planning to release a fuller EP from the evening which will include songs from all the other artists who played.

Adam Wedd ll

How do you feel you have you grown as a songwriter since your previous Album?

For the first time, I feel like I’m writing music that I want to write, not just what I think people would want to hear. I’m writing with the harmonica and on a guitar with 3 strings right now that we found at an old market in Bridport, Dorset, so I guess that has had an influence.


Where are you writing this right now?

I’m writing this in two halves, the first half I wrote over breakfast sat in a comfortable leather wing backed arm chair, the best kind of arm chair if you ask me! The second half I’m writing in a fine little tea room ‘ before heading off to record a radio session.

What does a lazy Sunday look like to Adam Wedd?

A roast dinner with the family , with a fine glass of red wine , great conversation . followed by an old man snooze , finishing up with everyone taking a gentle stroll on the common to come back to tea, cake and custard.

Adam Wedd lll

Adam Wedd is hosting a Dinner Party?

Any place in the world, where? I would host a dinner party on my favourite beach in Dorset, a BBQ on the beach if you will.

What three albums are on constant rotation?

Either on the guitar or portable I’d have the Postal Service ‘ Give Up’ , U2 All You Can’t Leave Behind and Ryan Adams’ Heartbreaker. ( though it really depends what mood Im in )

What is on the Menu?

vegetable kebab, sweet chilli chicken with apricot and an ice cold beer.

Four influential people [past or present] are invited, who is on the Guest List?

I’d have Eddie Izzard,he’s bring great humour party vibes

Stephen Fry to bring the intellectual tone up a notch with a bit more comedy

Desmond Tutu , to keep us morally grounded in good humour too.

Russel Brand, to keep it interesting. Infact Can I invite Jonathan Ross too? I recon they’d make a good party clown duo.

What could the world use more of?

The world could always do with more duvet days. Time to stop and reflect and stuff your face with ice-cream. The world can definitely do with more conversation, more of an on going dialogue.

Adam Wedd llll

In your opinion, what is the best book ever written?

The best book is ‘Danny The Champion of The World’ by Roald Dahl. a story about how a father and son get into all sorts of adventures while learning how to fix up cars. That or John Steinbacks’ ‘The Winter of Our Discontent’


Adam Wedd, has always wondered why…

The best moments in life always get you when you least expecting it. That and what buttered toast ALWAYS falls butter side down.

Adam Wedd Book

What does true love mean to you?

True love means Loving the hell outa each other, literally .

What can fans look forward to from Adam Wedd in the coming season?

I’ve got my 3rd EP out in November 2014 . It was recorded at the seaside and is to be called ‘Cathedrals EP’. It’s my proudest work to date, can’t wait to share it! - Fresh Independence - Exclusive Interview

Back in July of last year, we introduced our readers to folk singer-songwriter Adam Wedd. With the upcoming release of his Cathedrals EP (out December 1st via Pensive Pop), Adam goes on a UK Tour this Autumn and will be hitting up Coventry, Romford, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow , Guildford, and York. Be sure to keep your eyes on his socials as it’s going to be an exciting winter for him; Adam’s been recording and producing other Pensive Pop artists whose EPs will be out by the end of this year as well. Ahead of Cathedrals’ release, we’re excited to premiere his new video for The Light Always Wins. Enjoy: - A Music Blog Yea

Adam Wedd - Cathedrals EP

If you’re looking for something outdoorsy to play in the home straight of summer then ‘Cathedrals’ could be right up your street. Adam Wedd takes you straight to the woods with his latest EP, bringing all the light and shade of August in this short but sweet 4-track collection (how is it already August?!). Pound for pound, ‘Cathedrals’ offers up a more restrained vibe than his previous work, but with his trademark poetry and free flowing melodies, Adam presents something full of heart and unafraid of silence. Take a listen to the opening track ‘ARK’: - We Like The Music Blog

Adam Wedd is a singer-songwriter from the outskirts of Kingston Upon Thames, South London. He has shared stages and music videos with artists including Ed Sheeran, Luke Sital Singh and Thomas J Speight. He’s no rookie in the music business and has been making music for 10 years in and out of various different bands.
2013 saw Adam’s music picked up by BBC6’s Tom Robinson as part of his New Music Mixtape, along with live sessions on Phoenix FM, Cardiff FM, Premier Radio, Coventry FM and BBC Kent & Dorset. While ‘Sons & Daughters’ from his début ‘People, Places & Things’ EP reached #3 on the National Student Radio, along with featuring on Channel 4’s Hollyoaks. The EP was recorded over four days with Dave Lynch (Duke Special, Foreign Slippers, Jake Bugg, Luke Sital Singh) featuring Nizlopi’s John Parker on double bass. Some of his music also features Bastille’s Chris Wood on drums.
‘The Light Always Wins’ is a fragile and poignant account of a relationship breakup, it’s taken from Adam’s most recent work ‘Cathedrals EP’ which is set for release November 2014 through Pensive Pop.

Read more at - Right Chord Music

Remember when we featured British singer/songwriter Adam Wedd and his song ‘Temptation of Nothingness’ back last November in our Stray Plectrums feature? Well, Adam’s been busy, and is gearing up to release his new EP ‘Cathedrals’ on November 24. Pre-orders open in September, and he’s given For The Country Record an exclusive first stream of one of the tracks, ‘Ark’.

Combining elements of folk and Americana, the key selling point for this song is the incredible harmonies between him and Kat Moore, a songwriter from Eureka, California. That laid delicately on top of acoustic picking and smooth, effortlessly gliding strings plus a brief push of power and dynamics on the refrain make for a truly beautiful love song, one that isn’t afraid to break out of its cage occasionally and growl a little.

You can check out the song below, and stay tuned to the follow Adam Wedd social media pages to keep track of when the EP goes up for pre-order. - For The Country Record

One of the finest music discoveries of the year is singer-songwriter Adam Wedd, remember the epic Daybreak? "The Light Always Wins" is from his upcoming Cathedrals EP, set for release in November. I've heard it already and it's incredibly fine, this song showcases his amazing voice and talent for beautiful songs, the EP does just the same, but more powerfull, while lasting longer. Keep an eye out for this release! - Plug In Baby

am Wedd has a voice that effortlessly flows with emotion and his deep, personal connection with his lyrics is obvious right from the get-go on his People Places & Things EP. With a crisp production that vaguely reminiscent of Laura Marling’s debut solo album, Wedd doesn’t try to over-complicate things and his use of many standard ballad timbres and chord progressions make this EP an expertly crafted product.

Though I’m not particularly a fan of heart-wrenching ballads and the like, I find it easy to appreciate Wedd’s natural talent and the delicacy with which he has gone about putting this project together. Sure, there are several lyrical clichés on offer yet they do not deter the listener from a voice that pours every drop of soul into each soothing note. It’s hard to pick one track as being a personal favourite as they are all much for muchness in terms of quality but ‘Sons and Daughters‘ just about edges it in my eyes as I found myself left hanging on for more as the track drew to a close.

The presence of strings on a project such as this is always a welcome decision as they are always able to provoke an added level of emotional depth that can be provided by no other instrument. Wedd’s voice is excellently supported by his tuneful, lullaby-like acoustic guitar and it would be easy to feel yourself drifting off on a cloud as you’re serenaded by this honest, heartfelt singer-songwriter. The lyrics range from motivational speeches to stories of broken hearts and it would be easy to imagine any one of these songs featuring at a particularly poignant moment in any TV drama or film – though closing track ‘Temptation Of Nothingness‘ is significantly more upbeat than its 3 predecessors with hints of skiffle, guiding the EP to a satisfying, toe-tapping end.

The final track helps to really complete the Adam Wedd package as it shows that he’s a man capable of creating multiple moods with his music and isn’t trapped in a world of melancholy. Though at time his voice may be slightly strained this seems to be because of his deep connection with his art and it’s very hard to separate this man’s spirit from his music - We Close Tonight Blog

Hello my name is Adam Wedd and I’m a song writing singer. I love writing songs about the people I meet and the community in which I’m part of.

2013 has been an amazing start to year for me with the music. Mainly because I’ve taken a few calculated risks! A friend once said to me life’s not just about taking care, it’s about taking risks.

Since stepping out and inviting people to pledge towards recording of my EP my songs have been featured on national radio as well as reaching #3 in the national student radio chart- which is nice!

So if you’re going to listen to my music, maybe I should give something away of myself too. Here are some interesting random facts about me and my music career thus far.

1) I once did a bungee jump from a crane into a swimming pool

2) My music seems to make people cry.

3) Ed Sheeran famously makes a cameo in one of my videos on YouTube

4) My dad saved me from being called Leroy. Great name, not for a blonde man

5) I love coffee, cooking , chess , conversation and alliteration

6) I’ve recorded a few songs at the home of Status Quo frontman Francis Rossi

7) I often start sentences and don’t finish them and I once got an award for this.

8) Bastille’s drummer Chris ‘Woody’ Wood is playing on a few of my old school tracks. All available for free download at

9) I used to get called Wedrikson when playing basketball at school.

My first ever EP has just been released via my own label ‘Pensive Pop’ and is available on CD and Vinyl from or from iTunes, Amazon etc. - A Music Blog Yea

It is a bright and crisp afternoon and Adam Wedd is sitting across from me, leant over his piano.
He fumbles with his straggly blonde hair for a moment, kicks back in his chair and with a playful smile awaits my first question. Outside his wife Rachel attends to their baby daughter Maisy, who burbles and cheerfully wants to contribute. Adam was born in Kingston and he is now content to have settled in the leafy green village of Bookham.
Adam explains that his discovery of music came at a very early age, ‘When I was seven I used to really like Michael Jackson and I pretended to be like Slash. I was a little bit unsure if I wanted to learn the guitar or piano and I ended up asking my parents for piano lessons. I started to write songs when I was about twelve. For me that is what captured my attention the fact that you could not just play other people’s songs but also write your own.’
Kingston has been the platform for many unsigned acts that would later find their place in the wider alternative music scene. Local icons Hell is for Heroes and Hundred Reasons have both adorned the sound system at legendary venue The Peel. Fighting Cocks, Cricketers and The Grey Horse were the other venues Adam and his rebellious teenage friends would congregate and aspire to become superstars. As Adam Wedd and the Independents, these ambitions came into fruition as he and his band toured the UK passing through Manchester, Southampton and Oxford.
Adam’s recent project operates under the guise of Mr Boat. Saxophonist Simpson Waichulles and Adam are the main song writing force behind the band and on drums is Pete Barker with Brian Roberts on the bass. His cellist Alex Priest is currently playing with Union Sound Set who are on tour with Charlie Simpson, of Busted and Fightstar fame. Mr Boat has been fortunate to record with renowned producer Greg Jackman, who has worked with Seal and Prince. They have also had the chance to record in Frances Rossi's home studio. When asked to describe their genre Adam gives the lively response of, ‘Pensive pop!’
Barn in the Farm is an underground music festival in Cheltenham. Given its modest size it manages to refrain from corporate sponsorship and maintains the purity of contemporary independent music. Many of the acts that have played there, such as Ed Sheeran, have consequently become signed by major record labels. For Adam, playing the festival last year was one of his performing highlights. ‘In 2009 I think I played something like 150 gigs, which is quite a lot. But last year I played just four gigs. When I played at Barn in the Farm I felt a bit out of practice but I loved playing there,’ he exclaims.
Anyone who has ever met Adam will be humbled by the caring personae and selfless nature that he exudes. Faith and spirituality are important in his personal life and in his music. ‘Language is always interesting because I could say that I am a Christian but there are so many connotations that come with that. There are many people who are a part of the wide spectrum of the faith that I have. For me it is about looking at the life of Christ and how he served people. He laid his life down so that other people could live,’ he comments. ‘Community is a key element to my faith. To have an amazing community around you is the best way to live.’
Youth work is an area of Adam’s life that complements his musical endeavours. Over the years he has given his time and energy to many projects and he is now employed by Bookham Baptist Church to lead the youth work in the local community. Adam tells me that no aspects of his work are mutually exclusive, ‘I love song writing and there was a time when I tried to just concentrate on music. Then I realised that youth work and the community work I do actually infuses my writing. For me it is the people that I meet and the work that I do that inspires me to write. The most important thing with youth work is to ask questions. No matter how old you are if you ask a young person about themselves they will respond because you are showing an interest.’ Adam also describes the other aspects about working with children that he cherishes, ‘It has helped me view the world through a child’s eyes again, a time when everything is fresh and anything is possible. As we get older we all develop a bit of cynicism and I feel working with young people helps me to battle this.’ - Time & Leisure Magazine

Singer songwriter Adam Wedd talks dad dancing, Mohammed Ali and all about his debut EP
So this week we had a chinwag with the charming Adam Wedd, a musician from Kent.
HI ADAM! How are you?
I’m very well thank you!
What are the best 3 words to sum you up?
Probably… A bad dancer. I’m a really bad dancer. Total dad dancing.
So, what’s your favourite dance move?
Probably the robot. The robot song from Flight of the Concords really helped me perfect my dad dancing.
Can you give me a song that describes a day with you…
It’s a little bit sad but I’m gonna say Billy Bragg’s new song ‘Handyman Blues’, it pretty much sums me up, I can’t hang up shelves or do anything useful like that so that’s why I write songs!
You’re currently working on your debut EP, hows it all going?
Really well thank you! I’ve felt like it’s been a long time coming. I’ve written songs for many years but none I’ve really had the confidence to push, but this group of songs I’m really excited about.
So The EP is titled ‘People, Places and Things’.
So who’s your favourite person?
Mohammed Ali
What is your favourite place?
Any coffee shop
Favourite thing?
Probably my oven… as I really love food
Why should people buy your EP?
I’m not much of a salesman but I really believe in these songs. I didn’t used to see myself as a singer, so for me to record songs and think they are of a high enough standard to put out there, hopefully means they are good! There’s also something for every person and every occasion on there, there’s slow and upbeat songs, there’s even ones to clean your windows to.
Another reason to definitely buy it is we have John Parker playing on it, who used to be in Nizlopi. Remember they did the JCB song a few years ago? He’s an amazing double bassist!
Where can people find out more about your music?
I’m on Twitter (@Wedrikkson). I’m on Facebook as well. If people ever wanna chat they are always more than welcome to get in touch.
— - We Like the Music Blog

Adam Wedd – People Places Things – Live
A musician we like to support, and have had the pleasure to work together on various projects for other up & coming musicians.
Adam Wedd has taken the time out finally to concentrate on his own material which is sounding very real and personal to his life and perspective.
Instruments, Adam can play any, self taught from an early age, and has a lot of experience within being a performer, working previously alongside Ed Sheeran, and being blessed to support Ed on the gig circuit.
The current project is ‘People+Places+Things EP’ Adam says;
“The EP is my offering to articulate some of the stories of people I’ve met. Teacher, Blogger & Author Kester Brewin says “everyone’s’ life is worthy of the greatest novel ever written, if told well”.
The EP is sold independently on ‘Pledge Music’ in good faith that Adam is donating, 25% of all profits to + 5% of all pledges.
Adam Say’s; “It’s shocking that in 2012 there are still 1 billion people who lack access to clean water. I want to make an EP that puts my music where my mouth is“. - Nik Squared Media

Earlier in the year Adam Wedd released his People, Places and Things EP on Pensive Pop. The EP is full of pressing, emotionally-wrought melodies which are held together by Adam’s equally alert voice.
‘Monster Park’ features on the EP alongside three additional songs dealing with relationships and purpose, among other things. ‘Monster Park’ itself embodies the darker, longing side of the EP, something signified by the line “Why are you holding back but you don’t know why/fear it comes every time in the night“. The song progresses in a wonderful way, climaxing with a chorus of creepy, spine-tingling strings that open up to a contrasting possibility, by way of Adam’s claim that, “We’re gonna be remade“. - The Leftover Sessions

Adam Wedd mines that most classic of genres, one heartfelt voice with an acoustic guitar, although he’s got collaborators that help make a more expansive string sound. He dubs himself ‘Pensive Pop’, and there’s certainly a popular element to his work, and there is melancholy and reflection but no boring naval gazing. His debut EP ‘People. Places, Things’ is out June 20th.
- Superjam

Despite his modesty, Adam Wedd is an incredibly talented. His ability to write and play songs from all areas of music makes him an extremely diverse musician.

His debut EP; People, Places & Things is the definition of feel good music, beautifully blending acoustic poetry with pop perfect melodies.
For his next EP Words Build Worlds Adam is joining with The People’s Choir in what promises to be another great record.

This is the 3rd track from; People, Places & Things - KS Live Sessions


'melting heart' for the Upcoming artists 'Rise' Album released on 86th Floor Music

'People, Places & Things EP' June 2013 released on Pensive Pop

Words Build Worlds LIVE EP' feat the Peoples Choir. Recorded at the Betsey Trotwood. March 2014 Pensive Pop

Cathedrals EP Out December 1st 2014



Adam Wedd is a songwriting singer from the outskirts of Kingston Upon Thames, South London. He is part of an amazing community of other creatives who long to tell the stories of the beautiful broken communities in which they live.

After writing music & playing in many bands, now seems to be the time his own songs are reaching more peoples’ hearts and ears. Recently reaching #3 on the National Student Radio Chart and being picked up by Tom Robinsons BBC6 Music New Music Podcast, 2013 seems to have bounced into favour.

2013 sees the very much long awaited Debut EP ‘People, Places, Things’ released on his own label ‘Pensive Pop . Recorded recently with producer Dave Lynch ( Duke Special, Luke Sital Singh ) at Batbox Studios in Lewes , featuring JP of Nizlopi on Double Bass and Alex Priest (Union Sound Set) on cello. His music has been used in TV adverts, short films and played on radio.

Adams’ vision is for more music and art to be created and shaped by ,with and for the communities in which we live.

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