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Adam Woodall Band



With 6 years of live shows, in and around Vancouver, BC, a TON of songwriting, lots of great new friends and fans along the way, the ADAM WOODALL BAND want you to hear what they've been up to.

Enter SILVER RING, the brand new independent release from the Adam Woodall Band. The new record finds the band moving forward musically while still honouring their rock,
folk, and pop roots. All of the album's 12 songs - penned by Woodall - showcase each band member's signature sound.

The opening track, "Let You Go", shows the band's ability to pair a great groove with their natural pop/rock sensibilities. Acoustic tracks such as "Song For You" and "I.L.Y.", though quieter, prove to be no less powerful. The album's epic rock songs, "On My Way Home" and "Runaway" give the listener a sense of what the band does live. This all leads up to "Break A Broken Heart", the most passionate and moving piece included in this group of great songs.

Strong melodies, great guitar hooks, and emotional lyrics make this record a must have for new and old fans of the band.


Silver Ring
(full length album, independent release Mar. 2006)

Set List

Let You Go
Coming Home Soon
Song For You
On My Way Home
Girl Before The Girl
In That Way, Missunderstood
Silver Ring
Dream On
Break A Broken Heart