Adam Z

Adam Z


I have just turned 15 years old and music is my life. I love music and want to make a career out of it. My music is high energy and its got bite!!! (in a good way) At times its got lots of feel and at times it rips. Listen and let me know what you think. What can be bad about it...Its ROCK N ROLL


I have just turned 15 years old, I have been playing for about 4 years. I am influenced by Slash, Randy Rhoads, Van Halen, Jeff Beck, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, to name a few. As well as all of classic rock, hard rock and a lot more. I want to make a career in music. My music is high energy, crazy and gets you excited. But it can also have feeling in it. My music is everything I am and more.

again...Its ROCK N ROLL!!!!!

Set List

as far as covers...I will play anything from a Ten Years After tune, to a Guns n Roses tune to a Jeff Beck tune, to a Zeppelin tune, to an Ozzy tune, But I mainly play originals. Its different depending on which band I'm with.