Adaptive Reaction

Adaptive Reaction

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Adaptive Reaction is a raw and sonic blender of driving distortion, punk rock anthem fury, and anarchist analog algorithms. Music that speeds your heartbeat and swallows your mind! Their live show is in the good old fashioned spirit of stand and deliver!


Adaptive Reaction are a Canadian electro punk rock band


Radio Darkness - LP (coming 2015)
Carjack/Safeword/Do You Wanna Touch Me? - 7"
Family Entertainment - CD
Scream The First Few Bars - 7"
Terminal Hate - 7"
Split w/ Promonium Jesters - 7"
Sex, Drugs, and 808s - CD single
The Dumb Leading The Blind - CD single
Irrelevant Music - CD
Salvation - CD

Set List

I Don't Give A Fuck
Rock N Roll Is Doomed
Drop Your Bombs
Skin Suit
New Guns
Radio Darkness

All original material in 30 minutes or less!