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Cortnei Adara: "Funk'a'Stetics" (single)
BRYCE/SAGE: "Detroit Kings" (single)
BRYCE: "It's Like That" (single)



Cortnei Adara-
"Being formally exposed to music at an early age, was life transforming. The first instrument I played was the violin, taught to me the Suzuki method” from there I took on the clarinet, & for many years was happy, but at the end of the day, something was still missing. I loved learning about music, learning the lines and spaces of the staff, the value of the notes, how rhythm and melody coincide. But my instrument, per my insistence must be voice. I had a new burning passion & it was ever clear ever present ever growing. I had a passion for voice.

The first time I actually went to a formal voice class I was terrified, the mere thought of how I sounded singing overwhelmed me. How did I sound? How would I sound?

Playing an instrument is one thing, but when that instrument is your voice, well that is a different story. I was nervous, embarrassed, down right afraid. I learned the basics, of course, breathing, sight singing. But all I could concentrate on was how I sounded.

The basic principles of classical voice were continually reinforced, more so on the collegiate level. Terms like Bel Canto & methods such as those introduced by Nicola Vaccai. Composers such as Bizet & lyricists such as Bryce & SAGE to this day bring warmth to my soul.
What is there to not love about music written for the voice? The composition, the lyric, the sheer magnificence of the fusion, the final result being the most beloved~the song.

To music, noble art I bow in adoration. I look forward most to sharing my knowledge & passion through the works released by Adara Records & by my undying commitment to being the best musician that I can be."

BRYCE hails from the place where Black Popular Music- as we know it- was born; Detroit, MI. Endowed with the musical essence and creative spirit of Motown's founding fathers (Barry Gordy, Smokie Robinson, & Paul Riser) BRYCE has mastered the ability to create what he has assertingly coined "Black Music". BRYCE's "Black Music" transports you into his vividly-detailed world artfully colored using immaculate rhythmic form and brilliant moral fuction.

"As a rapper [signing hand quotes], I strive to paint as vivid a picture as I possibly can, to allow the audience to literally see what I'm saying. This technique's been mastered by Hip Hop's greatest artists so it's only fitting that I master this as well. Not to mention, most humbly of course, I got impeccable style, from the 'popped-collar Lacoste to the Gucci Loafers in butter suede'- Detroit raised me this way!"

"It's all in the Mind" the response from Detroit's newly emerged lyrical Lion. The new breed of true hip hop lyricist are mounting the plans of the music industry and one of the names that comes to mind when thinking of leaders is SAGE, Born and raised on the westside of Detroit SAGE as a youth awaiting for the moment when he knew his influence would change not only hip-hop as an industry but hip-hop as a culture. Combining a keen street savvy and a heneriditied entrepreneur spirit SAGE bore his own style of rhyme he so eloquently calls reality rhyme. “That kid is on to something" was the response of label owner Cortnei Adara. I know he is what the people have been waiting for True Leadership. Currently SAGE is completing his eagerly anticipated solo debut Album entitled D.O.E (Diary of Evolution). SAGE and label mate BRYCE joined together to create the instant Hip-Hop Classic the series which is an array of harmonious rhythms coupled intricately with reality rhymes. The first single " Detroit Kings" from BRYCE and SAGE instantaneously became the DETROIT street anthem capturing the attention of regional and national not only label executives but also distribution company representatives and radio stations Slowly grinded his way to the top of the music industry SAGE has maintained his foundation in Detroit with projects in the working with verbal giant SUPER SAHN and veteran producers BRYCE of AEETECH EDUTAINMENT and CAL MENDOZA of LEGACY SOUNDSCAPE. “The D.O.E album is nearly complete I got to shave a couple of tracks, production is understood AEETECH and I got DOZA to bless me with a couple hot ones accompanied with BRYCE and C we can't lose. Utilizing a hardworking attitude instilled in him by his father SAGE has set his sights on takeover. “Me, Bryce my dudes and Detroit we gone blaze the trail ourselves bring back the home of black music."

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