A Dark December
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A Dark December


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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Review of the song "My Own""

"Solid performance and relatable message."

-Good music in verses

-Intro too long

-Communicates emotion to listener
-Vocal does help to sell the song

"The voice is so nice I wished it got to it faster"

"Great verse, love the vocal tone"

Over all rating:
1 out of 10 (10=Best)

Music 7/10
Lyrics 7/10
Marketabillity 7/10
Arrangement 7/10
Production 6/10
Engineering 6/10

*Review given Feb. 1st, 2007
by Listener ID#211 - A&R Taxi



"The Morrison Street Project EP"
Released: Dec. 17th, 2006
Label: Self release (Rookie Bomb)
1. My Own
2. Fahrenheit
3. Midnight Rain
4. Out of Breath
5. Suit & Tie Reflections
6. From Afar
7. A Song For You


"The 2 songer"
Released: Oct. 4th, 2005
Label: Self release (Rookie Bomb)
1. Fahrenheit
2. Out of Breath

"A Dark December (Dragon Image)"
Released: Jan. 2004
Label: Self release (Rookie Bomb)
1. Out of Breath
2. Suit & Tie Reflections
3. A Song For You
4. Intotheday
5. Phoenix

"Keep Tahoe Rockin"
Released: Oct. 2003
Label: Self release (Rookie Bomb)
1. Phoenix
2. Out of Breath
3. A Song for You

"The 308 Sessions"
Released: June 2003
Label: Self release (Rookie Bomb)
1. Intotheday
2. Phoenix
3. Out of Breath



A DARK DECEMBER is an original rock band from North Hollywood, CA with huge plans and goals for the future. The band has been spinning quite a few heads with a sound so unique and melodic it puts them in a different category all their own. Sounds from all over the United States came together to create historic, intelligent music. Singer/Guitarist Cole Strem ventured from Milwaukee, WI looking to start a great, timeless rock band. He found Lead guitarist Anthony Cavallaro in the same dorm apartments that he stayed in. The two of them knew something incredible was about to be born. After a dorm room get-together, Cole met (soon to be) Bassist Frank Ferguson who too was looking to play in a successful band. Frank then joined A DARK DECEMBER. Later that afternoon, Frank mentioned his roommate (Jason Sears) had played drums and would be more than happy to come to the studio; hear some songs and potentially fill in the drummer position. The three new-comers went to the studio and heard Jason play drums, instantly knowing he was the missing piece to the puzzle. Forming in early March of 2003, A DARK DECEMBER had come a long way and continues to impress to date. Their music flows brilliantly as they mold all of their own individual styles as one. Getting their start in Los Angeles, the band played some shows, wrote songs and grew to know each other musically. After 8 months as a band, they packed up and headed to South Lake Tahoe, CA looking to “Getaway”, write and record. They did just that. Practicing in the living room of the snow covered house in their pajamas, A DARK DECEMBER rehearsed and united into a solid, formed rock band. Vacation was over. It was time to get back to work and promoting. A DARK DECEMBER took the show back to Los Angeles and resides their today. In December of 2006, A DARK DECEMBER self released a 7 song EP titled "The Morrison Street Project EP". The energy from the EP and live shows is a definite reassurance of where REAL rock music ran to over a decade ago. Currently, A DARK DECEMBER is recording a full length LP expected to be released in 2008. The songs are a definite step up and in the right direction to say the least. With each new track on the record, A DARK DECEMBER is confident people won’t know what to think. The tone and vibe of the whole album is an experience that has never been heard by human ears. Keep your eyes and ears open for A DARK DECEMBER, ‘cause “darkness will fall on everyone under the sun...”